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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2011, Collection 4

Abstracts of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) meeting
28-30 July 2010, University of Manchester

Abstracts of oral presentations

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Page 1: C Murray-Dunning, SL McArthur, AJ Ryan, JW Haycock
Improving nerve guidance conduits with biodegradable aligned microfibers

Page 2: L Bosworth, S Downes
Regenerating tendons using scaffolds of appropriate biomimicry

Page 3: E East, JP Golding, JB Phillips
Development of an integrated collagen gel system for studying cellular interfaces following spinal cord injury

Page 4: P Deshpande1, R McKean, KA Blackwood, RA Senior, A Ogunbanjo, AJ Ryan, S MacNeil
Development of an alternative to the amniotic membrane for delivering cultured epithelial cells to the cornea using poly(lactide-co-glycolide) electrospun scaffolds

Page 5: U Cheema, E Hadjipanayi, V Mudera, D Deng, W Liu, RA Brown
Endothelial cell migration and aggregation in response to hypoxia-induced signalling

Page 6: HL Morris, JW Haycock, GC Reilly
Hyaluronan as a potential mechanotransduction mediator

Page 7: LE McNamara, T Sjöström, K Burgess, ROC Oreffo, B Su, MJ Dalby
Characterisation of mesenchymal stem cell responses to titanium nanopillars for orthopaedic applications

Page 8: S Labbaf, O Tsigkou, M Stevens, AE Porter, JR Jones
Interaction of bioactive glass nanoparticles with mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

Page 9: R Kaewkhaw, AM Scutt. JW Haycock
Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) for peripheral nerve repair

Page 10: FC Lewis, NP Rhodes, JA Hunt
A novel, feeder free, autologous system for maintenance of human embryonic stem cell phenotype

Page 11: JE Dixon, E Dick, M Munoz, D Anderson, C Denning, KM Shakesheff
Directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to functional cardiomyocytes by defined factors

Page 12: K Meade, R Holley, C Merry, A Saiani
Application of self-assembling, β-sheet forming octapeptides to stem cell culture

Page 13: EA Mitchell, A Berta, AM White, S Richardson, JA Hoyland
The use of immobilised protein coated surfaces to direct nucleus pulposus cell attachment, spreading and function

Page 14: PM Tsimbouri, N Gadegaard, ROC Oreffo, MJ Dalby
Effects of nanotopography on cell adhesion, morphology and differentiation

Page 15: MK Mafina, AC Sullivan, KA Hing
Recording & evaluating the effect of silicon-substitution on protein adsorption/desorption to hydroxyapatite

Page 16: B White, E Gentleman, MM Stevens
Raman spectroscopy reveals material differences between pharmaceutically-treated bone nodules in vitro

Page 17: F Leng, S Webb, JE Gough
Targeted drug delivery in vitro

Page 18: JM Dugan, JE Gough, SJ Eichhorn
Highly oriented arrays of cellulose nanowhiskers guide myoblast morphology and orientation

Page 19: AST Smith, V Mudera, L Greensmith, MP Lewis
Analysis of myotube-motoneuron interaction within an in vitro 3D collagen-based model of skeletal muscle

Page 20: T Dejardin, L Ross, A Hart, M Riehle
Alignment of axonal outgrowth on microgrooved devices

Page 21: T Sun, P Donoghue, JR Higginson, SC Barnett, N Gadegaard, MO Riehle
Development of a perfused bioreactor system with multiple mini-chambers for the culture of cells on biomaterials: applications to constructs aimed at spinal cord repair

Page 22: AJ Davidson, MJ Ellis, JB Chaudhuri
Bioartificial livers: a modelling approach to hollow fibre bioreactor design

Page 23: J Chunthapong, S MacNeil, JW Haycock
Development of a tissue-engineered skin model for detecting irritants

Abstracts of invited oral presentations

Page 24: T Hardingham
Challenges of cell based cartilage repair

Page 25: M Lutolf
Designing materials to direct stem cell fate

Page 26: MA Woodruff, DW Hutmacher
Resorbable composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 27: P Genever
Modelling the niche: analyses of mesenchymal stem cells in 3D

Page 28: JM Curran
Harnessing material induced cell interactions to develop cost effective regenerative medicine solutions: the journey from bench to body


Page 29: M Ahearne, AJ El Haj, S Rauz, Y Yang
Control of corneal fibroblast orientation and behaviour by nanofibres

Page 30: T Alekseeva, F Tully, JC Knowles, RA Brown
Introducing stable microgrooves in to fluid-leaving surface of plastic compressed collagen by embossing

Page 31: K Aviss, J Gough, S Downes
Electrospinning highly oriented elastomeric fibres for skeletal muscle regeneration

Page 32: HM Aydin, B Hu, AJ El Haj, Y Yang
FT-IR study on bone nodules formation

Page 33: A Bassi, J Gough, M Zakikhani, S Downes
Cellular responses to phosphonate containing polymers

Page 34: E Battistella, L Rimondini, S Ferraris, E Vernè
Biological characterization of bioactive glasses functionalized with alkaline phosphatase

Page 35: KA Blackwood, A Taheri, J Dye
Optimising the production criteria of 'smart matrix' fibrin based scaffold

Page 36: A Boussahel, FRAJ Rose, KM Shakesheff
Micronisation and encapsulation of biologically active rhBMP2 into PLGA microspheres and its sustained release for bone tissue engineering applications

Page 37: F Bozankaya, T Sun, SC Barnett, N Gadegaard, MO Riehle
Synergistic cell type specific effect of substrate topography and shear flow on cellular alignment

Page 38: SH Cartmell, TJ Spencer, LA Hildalgo-Bastida, I Halliday, CM Care
Modelling of a perfusion bioreactor using lattice Boltzman technique

Page 39: V Castagna, A Sullivan, KA Hing
Behaviour of fibronectin on interaction with stoichiometric and silicate substituted hydroxyapatite bone graft substitiutes

Page 40: F Claeyssens, EM Regan, JB Uney, AD Dick, JP McGeehan, S Kelly
Neuronal growth and patterning on diamond like carbon substrates

Page 41: RM Delaine-Smith, G Reilly, S MacNeil
Response of dermal fibroblasts to dynamic tensile loading

Page 42: A Dhillon, C Rahman, L White, BE Scammell, KM Shakesheff
Physical and biological characterisation of a novel injectable scaffold formulation

Page 43: PS Donoghue, R Lamond, T Sun, N Gadegaard, MO Riehle, SC Barnett
The influence of substrate features on CNS development; relevance for the design of a scaffold to treat spinal cord injury

Page 44: S Fawcett, JM Curran, LG Hamilton, NP Rhodes, KM Shakesheff, JA Hunt
In vitro evaluation of plasma modified polymer spheres for use in novel injectable scaffold systems

Page 45: MV Flores-Merino, GC Reilly, G Battaglia
Synthesis of interpenetrating polymer networks scaffolds of poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) and poly (acrylic acid)

Page 46: A Fouriki, MA Clements, N Farrow, J Dobson
Efficient transfection of MG63 osteoblasts using magnetic nanoparticles and oscillating magnetic fields

Page 47: L France, C Scotchford, V Sottile, H Rashidi, D Grant
Developing supportive culture conditions for a cellularised osteochondral construct: influence of transient serum exposure on osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 48: J Gao, AF Miller, JE Gough, A Saiani
Self-assembly and gelation properties of novel peptides for biomedical applications

Page 49: M Georgiou, E East, J Loughlin, JP Golding, JB Phillips
Schwann cells in collagen gels survive plastic compression and maintain their alignment: development of a cellular biomaterial for peripheral nerve repair

Page 50: A Gill, F Claeyssens
Two photon polymerisation of photocurable biomaterials

Page 51: B Hu, Y Yang, NR Forsyth, A El Haj
Mechanical stimulation inducing cord-like structure forming from mouse embryonic stem cells

Page 52: H Jawad, M Austwick, S MacRobert, A Kuraishi, F Tully, T Alkseeva, R Brown
Monitoring collagen gelling by elastic scattering spectroscopy (ESS)

Page 53: A Joda, S Korossis, J Summers, J Fisher, Z Jin
Characterization of anisotropic and nonlinear properties of fresh and decellularised aortic valves using inverse finite element

Page 54: VR Kearns, S Nian, K Vasilev, C Sheridan, RL Williams
Surface modified expanded-polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) substrates for retinal pigment epithelial growth and implantation

Page 55: TH Khan, S-Paul Wilshaw, SA Korossis, E Ingham, S Homer-Vanniasinkam
Biocompatibility of acellular porcine ureteric scaffold for tissue engineering small diameter vessels

Page 56: WS Khan, SR Tew, AB Adesida, JG Andrew, TE Hardingham
Optimisation of osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation potential using clonal mesenchymal stem cell populations derived from synovial fat pad

Page 57: GR Kirkham, A Lovrics, J King, V Sottile, K Shakesheff, LD Buttery
Comparing the gene expression of embryonic and mesenchymal stem cells using experimental data and a novel mathematical model

Page 58: R Knight, J Gough, C Merry, B Derby
Optimisation of inkjet printing for the life sciences

Page 59: M Krämer, JB Chaudhuri, PA De Bank, MJ Ellis
Aligned neurite outgrowth on electrospun PLGA nanofibres

Page 60: D Kumar, SL Wilson, NR Forsyth, Y Yang
Investigating the relationship between surface properties of polymers and protein adsorption

Page 61: J Laliturai, N Tirelli
Design of nanoparticles responsive to inflammatory stimuli and their use in transdermal

Page 62: S Lally, TJ Freemont, BR Saunders
pH-responsive microgel dispersions: from restoring intervertebral disc height to microgel design for soft-tissue repair

Page 63: J Luo, J Fisher, Z Jin, E Ingham, S Korossis
Biomechanical testing of low-concentration SDS decellularised porcine pulmonary valves

Page 64: ML Maciej, GD Hyde, RP Boot-Handford, GA Wallis, KE Kadler
Type II collagen expression in tendon: a new look at tendon development and repair

Page 65: A Mangera, AJ Bullock, CR Chapple, S MacNeil
Creating a tissue engineered autologous prosthesis for use in stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) repair

Page 66: C Mantovani, D Mahay, M Brohlin, M Wiberg, S Shawcross, G Terenghi
Development of an in vitro co-culture model to investigate peripheral myelin formation with human mesenchymal stem cell

Page 67: J Marshall, MC Mantovani, MS Haneef, G Terenghi, SG Shawcross
Characterisation of Schwann cells and stem cells of different age origins

Page 68: M Eldardiri, Y Martin, J Sharpe
Culture and delivery of autologous keratinocytes on microcarriers for cutaneous repair

Page 69: S Mason, JB Phillips
Investigating the role of collagen in the biomechanical behaviour of peripheral nerves

Page 70: RJ McMurray, N Gadegaard, ROC Oreffo, MJ Dalby
Nanotopography as a means to control skeletal stem cell differentiation

Page 71: LE McNamara, R Burchmore, MO Riehle, MJ Dalby
Mechanical and biochemical contributions to topography-induced mechanotransduction

Page 72: EA Mitchell, AM White, S Richardson, JA Hoyland
Development of an ex vivo intervertebral disc model system to test novel cell based tissue engineering therapies

Page 73: EA Mitchell, AM White, S Richardson, NW Hodson, MJ Sherratt, JA Hoyland
The importance of mechanical load in modifying collagen architecture as identified by atomic force microscopy

Page 74: SA Mobasseri, S Downes
Homogeneity study of biodegradable polymer films applied in peripheral nerve injury

Page 75: P-A Mouthuy, H Ye, G Oommen, Z Cui
Physico-chemical characterisation of functional electrospun scaffolds for bone and cartilage tissue engineering

Page 76: F Muhamad, Y Dong, JHGS Steinke, MM Stevens
Electrospinning photocrosslinkable methacrylate monomers for tissue engineering

Page 77: A Mujeeb, JE Gough, A Saiani
Two-dimensional/three-dimensional cell culture of chondrocytes on self-assembled octapeptide scaffolds

Page 78: D Nadeem, B Su
Novel bioactive glass/gelatin composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering

Page 79: S Ouasti, N Tirelli
Photopolymerised hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels

Page 80: I Paik, JE Dixon, P Rivett, KM Shakesheff
Surface modification of an elastomeric membrane for cardiac tissue engineering

Page 81: AJB Parish, GR Davis, KA Hing
Automated computation of 3D histomorphometry within implanted hydroxyapatite porous scaffolds

Page 82: DJ Player, NRW Martin, P Davies, N Sculthorpe, PC Castle, S Passey, V Mudera, R Ferguson, MP Lewis
Use of an in vitro muscle model to investigate cellular and molecular aspects of exercise physiology: answering the key questions

Page 83: R Qodratnama, FRAJ Rose, KM Shakesheff
Modulation of protein release from PLGA microspheres

Page 84: O Qutachi, KM Shakesheff, LD Buttery
3D culture model for aggregation and differentiation of embryonic stem cells using poly (lactide-co-glycolide) microparticles

Page 85: C Rahman, F Rose, K Shakesheff
Injectable poly(α-hydroxy acid)-hydrogel composites with controlled mechanical properties for bone regeneration applications

Page 86: C Raison, S Porter, S Fedele, MP Lewis, V Salih
Collagen gel as a 3D in vitro tissue model for ameloblastoma studies

Page 87: Y Reinwald, G Lemon, C Rahman, KM Shakesheff
The influence of scaffold architecture on interconnectivity and permeability

Page 88: S Richardson, B Minogue, J Hoyland
Identification of the human nucleus pulposus cell phenotype and its application in characterising adult stem cell differentiation for Tissue engineering Therapies for the intervertebral disc

Page 89: P Hogg, P Rooney, S Wilshaw, E Ingham, J Kearney
Development of an acellular dermis

Page 90: L Ross, S Boomkamp, S Barnett, N Gadegaard, M Riehle
P62: Development of a reproducible wound to create an in vitro model of spinal cord injury

Page 91: J Roxburgh, JR Sharpe
The in vivo assessment of adipogenic derived stem cells in combination with micro-carriers to provide a novel method for soft tissue reconstruction

Page 92: T Sjöström, B Su
Highly controlled nanotopography on Ti for precise control of cell behaviour

Page 93: I Streeter, NH de Leeuw
Atomistic simulations of collagen fibrils

Page 94: K Thornton, CLR Merry, R Ulijn
Developing self-assembled peptide hydrogels with biological function for the culture of stem cells

Page 95: PL Tomson, PJ Lumley, J Yan, MY Alexander, AJ Smith, PR Cooper
Pulp capping agents release hepatocyte growth factor from dentine which may contribute to mineralised tissue repair in the dentine-pulp complex

Page 96: LA Turner, Z Drymoussi, S Downes, PN Bishop
Biodegradable scaffolds for human RPE implantation

Page 97: I Wimpenny, N Ashammakhi, Y Yang
Chondrocyte morphology on electrospun nanomats

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