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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2013, Collection 3

eCM XIV - Stem & Progenitor Cells for Musculoskeletal Regeneration
June 23-25, 2013, Convention Centre, Davos Platz, Switzerland

Abstracts of the meeting

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Oral presentations, followed by Posters

Introduction to stem cells

Page 1: S Vuk-Pavlović
Stemness as emergence

Page 2: R Oreffo
Skeletal stem cell based strategies for bone regeneration

Page 3: R Narcisi, M Cleary, PA Brama, MJ Hoogduijn, D ten Berge, GJVM van Osch
Wnt3a enhances self renewal and chondrogenic potential of adult human mesenchymal stem cells

Stem Cell Niche

Page 4: B Péault
Natural History of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Uncovered for Improved Therapeutic Use

Page 5: C De Bari
Mesenchymal stem cell niches in joint health and disease

Page 6: C Scotti, E Piccinini, H Takizawa, A Papadimitropoulos, P Bourgine, A Todorov, A Barbero, MG Manz, I Martin
Engineering a functional hematopoietic microenvironment with human MSCs through endochondral ossification

Page 7: R Tasso, D Reverberi, C Rosillo, C Lo Sicco, R Cancedda
Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) induce the homing of endogenous stem/progenitor cells through the activation of alternatively activated macrophages in an ectopic bone formation model

Stem cells and regeneration

Page 8: D Correa
Regulation of MSCs ultimate phenotype: repercussions for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 9: M Kucia, MZ Ratajczak
Novel therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine – potential application of very small embryonic like stem cells and harnessing adult stem cells paracrine signals

Page 10: J van der Stok, M K E Koolen, N Kops, H Jahr, H Weinans, O P van der Jagt
Hypertrophic chondrogenic differentiated MSC pellets stimulate bone regeneration in segmental bone defects

Page 11: M Centola, B Tonnarelli, A Barbero, I Martin
Priming 3D cultures of human mesenchymal stromal cells towards cartilage formation via developmental pathways

Tissue specific stem cells

Page 12: I Khan
Articular cartilage-specific progenitor cells: a frank assessment of progress

Page 13: W Richter
Adipose-derived stroma cells for orthopaedic repair

Page 14: A Grognuz, A Farron, W Raffoul, LA Applegate
Human progenitor tenocytes to improve healing in tendinopathies

Page 15: P Kühlfluck, E Lessl, A Moghaddam, T Jefferson-Keil, G Schmidmaier
Reaming material: a vital source for human mesenchymal stem cells with high osteogenic potential

Stem cells in disease and injury

Page 16: S Ghivizzani, P Levings, P Gibbs
Intra-tumoral heterogeneity in osteosarcoma and the cancer stem cell model

Page 17: PV Giannoudis
Obtaining and using MSCs during trauma repair

Page 18: A Sass, B Preininger, K Schmidt-Bleek, G Duda, and A Dienelt
Improvement of biologically impaired bone fracture healing by potent progenitor cells in the aged

Page 19: MJC Leijs, PK Bos, J Verhaar, MJ Hoogduijin, GJVM Van Osch
Effects of inflammatory factors and synovial fluid on the expression of adhesion and migration factors in mesenchymal stem cells

Interactions with Biomaterials

Page 20: KM Shakesheff
Cell and protein delivery systems to maximise efficacy and safety in regenerative medicine products

Page 21: A Ranga, S Gobaa, MP Lutolf
Mimicking the stem cell niche with biomaterials

Page 22: R Guo, CL Ward, CL Duvall, JM Davidson, JC Wenke, SA Guelcher
Injectable polyurethane/alginate composite scaffolds for cell delivery

Page 23: V Castagna, R Olivares-Navarrete, Z Schwartz, BD Boyan, KA Hing
HMSC proliferation and differentiation are dependent on chemistry and surface roughness of calcium phosphate bone substitutes

Page 24: AM Boos, A Weigand, A Arkudas, A Hess, RE Horch, JP Beier
Autologous serum in combination with a nanostructured bone graft material improves matrix remodeling and bone formation in the sheep model for tissue engineering of bone grafts in clinically relevant size

Page 25: C Sfeir, SH Zaky, KW Lee, J Gao, A Almarza, Y Wang
Loaded osteoprogenitor cells enhance the osteoconductivity of a load-transducing elastomer in the absence of periosteum NO ABSTRACT

Immunological aspects

Page 26: K English
Immunomodulation by adult stem cells

Page 27: N Fahy, J Lehmann, M de Vries-van Melle, N Grotenhuis, E Farrell, JM Murphy, Y Bastiaansen-Jenniskens, GJVM van Osch
M1 polarised macrophages are potential mediators of the anti-chondrogenic effects of osteoarthritic synovium

Page 28: E Seebach, H Freischmidt, W Richter
Mesenchymal stroma cells implanted in fibrin hydrogel trigger attraction of M1 macrophages, endothelial cells and early immune modulation stimulating long bone healing without long-term engraftment
*** Robert Mathys Student Oral Prize winner

Clinical Perspectives

Page 29: GF Muschler
Some Practical Aspects of Cell Therapy

Page 30: L Sensebé
Processing MSCs for clinical uses

Page 31: S Gaynard, E Mooney, G Shaw, V Barron, JS Hayes, F Barry, JM Murphy
Characterisation of a novel, clinically compliant, serum-free culture system for bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells

Page 32: N Werth, S Boeuf, J Brocher, EM Maurer, M Anton, W Richter
Safety of mesenchymal stem cell application for regenerative therapy: Expression and functional role of c-Myc for expansion and cell differentiation


Page 33: JJ Bara, U Menzel, P Leuzo, M Alini, M Stoddart
Modelling the mesenchymal stem cell niche in bone marrow

Page 34: A Bertolo, M Baur, N Abli, SJ Ferguson, J Stoyanov
Testosterone enhances extracellular matrix synthesis by male intervertebral disc cells in vitro

Page 35: S Biechler, B Kornis, J Lusk, S Williams
Determining the viscoelastic properties of trachea cartilage for scaffold design in tissue engineering

Page 36: J Brocher, P Janicki, P Voltz, E Seebach, W Richter
Inferior ectopic bone formation of Mesenchymal Stroma Cells from adipose tissue compared to bone-marrow: rescue by chondrogenic pre-induction

Page 37: EM Czekanska, MA Fuessinger, F Duttenhoffer, JR Ralphs, RG Richards, M Alini, MJ Stoddart
Enhancing therapeutic potential of MSC cells for bone regeneration

Page 38: C Fotia, G Ciapetti, G Messina, G Marletta, N Baldini
Study of the cell/polyelectrolytes interaction: the role of the hyaluronan-based pericellular matrix

Page 39: B Gantenbein-Ritter, C Bucher, A Gazdhar, LM Benneker, SCW Chan
Transfection of primary human mesenchymal stem cells with growth and differentiation factor 5 (GDF-5) – A non-viral gene transfer therapy for the disc?

Page 40: C Gao, EJ Harvey, M Chua, F Jiang, A Li, H Wang, JE Henderson
Mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC)-seeded dense collagen scaffold and VEGF promote healing of large bone defect

Page 41: X Guo, XY Wang
Low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPU) enhances ectopic bone formation by intrinsic mesenchymal stem cells in rabbit spine

Page 42: X Guo, XY Wang
Innervation of ectopic bone formed by intrinsic mesenchymal stem cells in rabbit spine

Page 43: M Herrmann, A Binder, U Menzel, M Alini, S Verrier
Towards an autologous culture of human endothelial progenitor cells

Page 44: DB Horvathy, B Vamos, I Toro, G Vacz, Z Lacza
Serum albumin markedly increases bone formation in vivo

Page 45: DB Horvathy, B Sandor, K Vajda, G Vacz, Z Lacza
Cell coated suture: a novel cell transplantation technique

Page 46: GH Huang, SH Hsu
Substrate-dependent properties of biomaterials-derived MSC spheroids

Page 47: Y Lai , M Zhang, S Chen, X Wang, P Zhang, Q Ling
A novel magnesium composed PLGA/TCP porous scaffold for bone regeneration

Page 48: HE McCarthy, CW Archer
The properties of equine chondroprogenitor cells from articular cartilage after extended in vitro expansion

Page 49: L Nelson, HE McCarthy, J Fairclough, CW Archer
Stem cells derived from human osteoarthritic cartilage elicit in vitro regenerative properties

Page 50: DSS Morrison, N Gadegaard, MJ Dalby, AHC Poulsson
The use of specific PEEK nanotopographies to modulate osteogenic behaviour in primary osteoprogenitor cells

Page 51: N Emanuel, RO Estrada, MU Pasion, RC Ramos, D Segal, RB Gustilo, S Yafit
BonyPid™: Osteoconductive and antimicrobial outcome in patients with Gustilo III open fractures: Six months follow up results

Page 52: A Papadimitropoulos, E Piccinini, D Wendt, I Martin
Bioreactor-based engineered models for basic research and clinical translation

Page 53: G Pattappa, M Peroglio, D Sakai, J Mochida, LM Benneker, M Alini, S Grad
Mesenchymal stem cell homing into the intervertebral disc: A chemotactic induced response

Page 54: C Popov, M Schieker, D Docheva
Importance of collagen-binding integrins for the matrix remodelling by tendon stem/progenitor cells

Page 55: E Preve, M Pierini, E Lucarelli, A Parrilli, G Giavaresi, S Prosperi, M Piccinini, F Bucciotti, D Donati, M Fini, S Giannini
Combination of a new injectable multiphasic bone substitutes based on gel-coated Osprolife HA/TTCP granules with bone marrow concentrate: an in vitro and in vivo study in sheep

Page 56: Rahyussalim, T Kurniawati, N Chairani, A Syahrurachman, Sutjahyo
Mesenchymal Stem Cell transplantation on rabbit tuberculous spondylitis lesion: Analysis on osteoblast activity via CBFA-1, ALP and OPN biomarker

Page 57: Rahyussalim, T Kurniawati, A Syahrurachman, N Chairani
Mesenchymal stem cell effects on microbiological and histopathological alterations in spondylitis tuberculosis rabbit's healing process

Page 58: Rahyussalim, AR Gatam, T Kurniawati, N Chairani, EU Hutagalung, A Syahrurachman, Ismail, D Iskandriati, AD Fitri
Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation on rabbit spondylitis tuberculous lesion: analysis on ossification process through osteoblast cell count, osteocyte count and calcium level on lesion

Page 59: Rahyussalim, T Kurniawati, Ismail, N Chairani, A Syahrurachman, W Chandra
Influences of mycobacterium tuberculosis exposures in the bony bridge formation of mesenchymal stem cell transplantation to rabbit with spondylitis tuberculosis

Page 60: K Richardson, HE McCarthy, CW Archer
Expression of cartilage stem cell markers is dependent on time in culture

Page 61: KA Roddy, CA Boulter
Is NOV/CCN3 a potential new regulator of joint homeostasis?
*** Robert Mathys Student Poster Prize winner

Page 62: S Ruminski, M Noga, B Ostrowska, A Pawlak, B Dybala, B Dabrowski,
W Swieszkowski, M Lewandowska-Szumiel
Osteogenic-like behaviour of adipose derived stem cells in selected scaffolds obtained by 3D-printing

Page 63: T Atanas, C Scotti, A Barbero, I Martin, A Papadimitropoulos
The addition of osteoclastic cells activates devitalized engineered hypertrophic cartilage to form bone

Page 64: E Torreggiani, F Perut, L Roncuzzi, N Baldini
Isolation and characterization of exosomes derived from human platelet lysate

Page 65: G Vadalà, F Russo, F De Strobel, M Bernardini, D Eglin, S Grad, M Alini, V Denaro
The transpedicular approach for the study of intervertebral disc regeneration strategies: in vivo characterization

Page 66: GM van Buul, M Siebelt, MJC Leijs, PK Bos, JH Waarsing, N Kops, H Weinans, J Verhaar, MR Bernsen GJVM van Osch
Effects of bone marrow derived cells on pain and structural changes in a mono-iodoacetate rat model of osteoarthritis

Page 67: M Wagner-Ecker, P Voltz, W Richter
The collagen component of biological bone replacement materials promotes bone formation by human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 68: M Zhang, Y Lai, S Chen, N Wang, P Zhang, X Wang, L Qin
In vitro degradation, biocompatibility, and physical structure of composite scaffold incorporating bioactive phytomolecule icariin for bone regeneration

Page 69: S Chen, Y Lai, M Zhang, P Zhang, X Wang, L Qin
Effect of a novel bioactive porous PLGA/TCP/Icariin composite scaffold for bone defect repair in a rabbit femur segmental defect model

All abstracts: click here to download all the abstracts in one file