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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2017, Collection 4

9th Symposium on Biodegradable Metals
27 August - 1 September, 2017, Bertinoro, Italy

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Page 1: GJ Dias
Translational research from an Australasian perspective

Page 2: A Yamamoto
Current status on research and development for biomedical application of biodegradable metals in Japan

Page 3: Ke Yang
Cardiovascular stent and other applications in translation in China

Page 4: H-S Han, H-C Jung, Y-C Kim, H-K Seok
Current status and outlook on the clinical translation of biodegradable metals in South Korea

Page 5: G Yuan
The clinical translation of biodegradable JDBM Mg alloy for bone implants: Current status and the road ahead

Page 6: B Nowak
A primer on the design and mechanical testing of orthopaedic fixation devices in translational medicine

Page 7: N Hort, H Dieringa, F Feyerabend, P Maier, C Vogt
Nonsense in Science: Impressions from a reviewers everyday life

Page 8: N Hort, B Wiese, F Witte, P Maier
Casting: theory and reality

Page 9: D Tolnai, T Subroto, RH Buzolin, S Gavras, N Hort
Synchrotron-diffraction and –tomography in alloy development

Page 10: Additive manufacturing of magnesium alloys
L Jauer, M Kimm, W Meiners, RJ Santos Batista, N Labude, M Bienert, S Neuß, B Lethaus, M Müther6, A Kopp, C Ptock, JH Schleifenbaum

Page 11: R Marek, F Wohlfender, B Wiese, M de Wild
Customizing the microstructure in three-dimensional Mg structures

Page 12: Influence of extrusion parameters on Mg-10Gd
J Harmuth, B Wiese, J Bohlen, T Ebel, R Willumeit-Römer

Page 13: M Müther, A Kopp, C Ptock, L Jauer, N Labude, M Bienert, S Neuß-Stein, B Lethaus, JH Schleifenbaum
Post-processing and plasma electrolytic oxidation coating of additive manufactured magnesium scaffolds

Page 14: A Ferrandez, M Lieblich, B Ferrari, R Benavente, JL Gonzalez-Carrasco
Mg as reinforcement of PLA films produced by colloidal techniques for improving biomaterial properties

Page 15: M Wolff, M Luczak, JG Schaper, B Wiese, T Ebel, R Willumeit-Römer, T Klassen Manufacturing and Assessment of high strength Mg-Nd-Gd-Zr-Zn alloy implant prototypes and test specimen, using PM (Powder Metallurgy) methods

Page 16: V Shanov, T Tiasha, P Kandala, G Zhang, P Salunke, V Chaswal, P Roy-Chaudhury, D Celdran, B Campos, M Schulz, Z Yin, Y Yun, J Wang, Y Koo, W Wagner, X Gu, A D’Amore
Photo-chemical etching as a new tool for fabricating magnesium    biodegradable stents

Page 17: B Yan, L Chang, J Wang, L Wang, S Zhu, S Guan
Preparation and properties of MAO/Zn-modified calcium phosphate coatings on magnesium alloys for orthopedic applications

Page 18: D Dean, H Ibrahim, AD Klarner, AA Luo, I Valerio, R Skoracki, M Miller, M Elahinia
Corrosion of heat-treated and MAO coated Mg-1.2Zn-0.5Ca-0.5Mn: A candidate alloy for bioresorbable skeletal fixation

Page 19: S Omar, E Martinez Campos, Y Castro, A Duran, J Ballarre, S Cere
Surface modification by glass ceramic coatings of magnesium alloys: surface and electrochemical performance in vitro

Page 20: T Jurgeleit, LK Jessen, E Quandt, C Zamponi
Magnetron sputtered Fe-FeMn composites for biodegradable Implants

Page 21: S Loffredo, C Paternoster, N Giguère, M Vedani, D Mantovani
Effect of cold rolling on the degradation behaviour of a Fe-16Mn-0.7C twinning induced plasticity steel

Page 22: S Johnston, MS Dargusch, A Atrens
Ethylene oxide and gamma irradiation: applicable sterilization techniques for Mg alloys for biomedical applications

Page 23: J Horky, K Bryɫa, M Krystian, L Lityńska-Dobrzyńska, B Mingler
Effect of Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) on microstructure, mechanical properties and degradation of a Mg-Ag alloy

Page 24: AJ Griebel, JE Schaffer, C Galligan, PK Bowen, J Goldman, JW Drelich
Multi-parameter instability of Zn-Mg alloy wires

Page 25: F Berti, D Allegretti, G Pennati, F Migliavacca, L Petrini
Evaluation of different fatigue criteria for biomedical devices

Page 26: Y Huang, M Razavi
Microstructure, mechanical and electrochemical performance of a biodegradable Mg-2Zn-0.2Mn-0.5Ca/2HA nanocomposite

Page 27: M Ferroni, MG Cereda, F Boschetti
Corrosion mechanisms on magnesium samples for ophthalmological devices

Page 28: P Maier, H Schöning, M Bechly, G Szakács, N Hort
Influence of solution heat treatment on corrosion morphology of Mg4Gd wire

Page 29: JC Zhou, YY Yang, M Frank, S Virtanen
Surface treatments, sandblasting and ultrasonication, for modification of the biodegradation behavior of pure iron

Page 30: L Berger, L Jauer, F Bär, E Faude, R Schäublin, JH Schleifenbaum, JF Löffler
Microstructure and degradation of WE43 bone scaffolds fabricated by Selective Laser Melting

Page 31: S Singh, N Bhatnagar
Synthesis and characterization of magnesium scaffolds by liquid phase sintering using different space holding materials

Page 32: F D’Elia, A Kopp, C Ptock, N Hort
Effect of various heat treatments on the microstructure and mechanical properties of WE43 Mg alloy

Page 33: M Elahinia, H Ibrahim, D Dean, AD Klarner AA Luo3, I Valerio, R Skoracki, M Miller
Choice of Mg-1.2Zn-0.5Ca-0.5Mn alloy and heat treatment strategy: a candidate alloy for bioresorbable skeletal fixation

Page 34: E Mirtaheri, N Munroe
Anti-thrombotic behaviour of ZX11 using anodization technique

Page 35: B Occhionero, C Paternoster, CA Biffi, A Tuissi, D Mantovani
Fe-Mn-C alloys for biodegradable metallic implants: influence of Mn content

Page 36: E Mostaed, M Sikora-Jasinska, AL Ramirez-Ledesma, L Levesque, D Mantovani, M Vedani
Development of Zn-Ag-Mn alloys for future bioabsorbable vascular stents

Page 37: A Purnama, C Paternoster, S Tourgeon, P Chevalier, D Mantovani
Descaling and electropolishing of Fe-13Mn-1.2C for biomedical applications

Page 38: E Mostaed, AL Ramirez, M Sikora-Jasinska, CA Biffi, A Tuissi, D Mantovani, M Vedani
Zn-Ag based alloy wires for future absorbable surgical sutures

Page 39: LD Hou, Y Pan, Z Li, H Zhao, JH Su, LK Hu, YF Zheng, L Li
Microstructural evolutions of homogenized and as-extruded MgSnZnMn alloy

Page 40: V Kodetova, B Smola, I Stulikova, H Kudrnova, M Vlach, T Kekule
Microstructure stability of Mg-Y alloys with Zn or Ag

Page 41: XC Zhou, YF Zheng, L Ruan
Mg-1Ca bone screws designed by FEA method and pullout strength testing

Page 42: H Hornberger, C Mayer, F Witte
Microscopic study of corrosion process of fine Mg structures

Page 43: A Ferrandez, B Ferrari, M Lieblich, M Multigner, JL Gonzalez-Carrasco
Fully biodegradable pla/mg composites obtained by colloidal techniques as feedstock for a variety of implant shapes

Page 44: L Monguzzi, AG Demir, B Previtali
Additive manufacturing of pure Zn by selective laser melting: improving process stability for porosity reduction

Page 45: S Reuter, C Georges, PJ Jacques
Optimisation of the corrosion rate of iron-based alloys for bioresorbable stent applications by surface acidification

Page 46: M Cihova, K von Petersdorff-Campen, R Schäublin, P Schmutz, JF Löffler
Transmission electron microscopy study of the early-stage biocorrosion events in magnesium-based lean alloys

Page 47: P Kunert, R Toulova, D Mantovani, K Hueskers, WD Mueller
Comparison of electrochemical behavior of Fe and Fe-Mn alloy for biomedical application

Page 48: V Wagener, S Virtanen
Formation of corrosion layers on Mg in cell culture medium under different conditions

Page 49: AJ Griebel, JE Schaffer, R Menze, M Stekker, B Bittner
Influence of process condition on in vitro corrosion of fine resoloy wire

Page 50: P Hiester, A Kopp, N Zumdick, D Zander
Facing phenomenological problems of protective coating layers on bioresorbable materials

Page 51: WD Wang, LL Tan, K Nune, D Misra, K Yang
Effects of different coatings on a hollow magnesium-strontium scaffold for bone regeneration in critical-size long-bone defects

Page 52: Z Li, XD Song, YN Tan, AD Li, HY Wang, SS Bao, ZH Tian, YF Zheng, L Li
Degradation behaviour evaluation of Mg-3Sn-0.5Mn alloy wire for gastrointestinal anastomosis staples

Page 53: M Sikora-Jasinska, P Chevallier, E Mostaed, S Turgeon, C Paternoster, M Vedani, D Mantovani
Long-term degradation behaviour of pure Fe and Fe-Mg2Si composites for biodegradable implant applications

Page 54: RN Wilkes, MP Staiger, GJ Dias
The effect of extrusion conditions on the corrosion and mechanical properties of biodegradable binary Mg alloys for orthopaedic applications

Page 55: NS Martynenko, EA Lukyanova, NYu Anisimova, MV Kiselevskiy, NYu Yurchenko, GA Salishchev, GI Raab, N Birbilis, SV Dobatkin, YZ Estrin
Mechanical and corrosion properties and biocompatibility of ultrafine-grained magnesium alloy WE43 after severe plastic deformation

Page 56: P Maier, AJ Griebel, WD Mueller, JE Schaffer
Stress corrosion of cold drawn and aged WE43 wires in different setups

Page 57: A Thomas, E Scarcello, D Lison, PJ Jacque
Iron-based biodegradable alloys: importance of the testing parameters for corrosion evaluation via immersion tests

Page 58: B Occhionero, S Loffredo, W Bouchard, C Paternoster, D Mantovani
Does solution change frequency affect the degradation rate for static corrosion immersion test? A study on pure iron immersed in Hanks’ solution.

Page 59: SX Zhang, JY Liu, X Wang, HD Xu, HL Wu, JH Ni, XN Zhang
Research on selection of in vitro testing solutions for biodegradable magnesium: a standardization view

Page 60: B Zeller-Plumhoff, F Feyerabend, T Dose, F Wilde, A Hipp, F Beckmann, JU Hammel, R Willumeit-Römer
Quantitative characterization of degradation processes in situ by means of a bioreactor coupled flow chamber using time-lapse SRμCT

Page 61: P Xiong, Y Zheng, Y Cheng
In vitro corrosion behaviour and biocompatibility study of Mg-1Ca alloy with silk fibroin film for orthopaedic applications

Page 62: M Sikora-Jasinska, E Mostaed, C Paternoster, M Vedani, D Mantovani
Influence of Mg2Si addition on the mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of powder metallurgy Fe-30Mn alloys

Page 63: M Lotfollahi, C Paternoster, M Sikora-Jasinska, D Mantovani
Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of electroformed Fe-Co alloys in the modified Hanks’ solution

Page 64: T Zimmermann, N Hort, F Feyerabend, R Willumeit, WD Müller
Microscopy linked electrochemistry – one step towards a better understanding of the degradation of biometals, demonstrated on Mg4Ag alloy

Page 65: S Martirosyan, A Hovhannisyan
Biodegradable stent obtained electrochemically and the corrosion behaviour of pure iron

Page 66: M Caligari Conti, G Xerri, D Mantovani, P Schembri Wismayer, E Sinagra, D Vella, J Buhagiar
Fluorapatite as an osteoregenerative coating on bioresorbable scaffolds

Page 67: AH Martinez Sanchez, F Feyerabend, D Laipple, RWillumeit-Römer, A Weinberg, BJC Luthringer
Chondrogenic differentiation of ATDC5-cells under the influence of Magnesium and Magnesium alloy degradation

Page 68: L Zhang, J Pei, G Jia, Y Hou, H Wang, G Yuan
DCPD/silver-based NPs coating on magnesium alloy scaffold for enhanced anti-corrosion, osteogenesis and antimicrobial properties

Page 69: S Behr, R Willumeit-Römer, B Luthringer
Development and application of an osteoblast/osteoclast co-culture as a model to investigate in vitro effects of magnesium degradation products

Page 70: E Scarcello, M Tomatis, F Turci, A Thomas, P Jacques, D Lison
Reactive oxygen species: the hidden face of biodegradable Fe-based materials?

Page 71: S Agarwal, B Duffy, J Curtin, S Jaiswal
Hyaluronic acid functionalised multifunctional silane coating on AZ31 Mg alloy for orthopaedic applications

Page 72: EPS Nidadavolu, F Feyerabend, T Ebel, R Willumeit-Römer, M Dahms
A new approach for measuring magnesium degradation rates

Page 73: D Zander, NA Zumdick, B Hesse, P Zaslansky, C Fleck
Investigation of corrosion initiation on as-cast Mg-Ca-Zn using XANES

Page 74: L Xu, R Willumeit-Römer, B Luthringer
Effect of magnesium-degradation products and hypoxia on the angiogenesis of human umbilical cord vein-derived endothelial cells

Page 75: R Amberg, A Elad, M Barbeck, F Witte
Migration assay of human gingival fibroblasts (HGF) on a magnesium surface

Page 76: G Jia, H Huang, R Willumeit-Roemer, F Feyerabend, G Yuan
In vitro study on degradation behaviour of open porous Mg scaffolds

Page 77: WL Liu, HB Pan
Biomaterials in vivo microenvironment pH (μe-pH) plays vital role during the bone defects regeneration process

Page 78: J Gonzalez, F Feyerabend, R Willumeit-Römer
In vitro environment influence on magnesium biodegradable materials

Page 79: Y Lu, Z Liu, Y Huang, F Feyerabend, R Willumeit-Römer, R Schade, K Liefeit, K U Kainer, N Hort
Mg-Ag-Gd alloys as biodegradable implant materials

Page 80: H Kil, H-S Han, J Park, M Ok, H Jeon, H-K Seok, J-W Park, Y-C Kim
The effect of surface roughness modification of magnesium alloy by femtosecond laser on cell attachment

Page 81: N Donohue, B Lohberger, A Weinberg
3D cell culture to test novel implants

Page 82: K Kikuchi, A Kitagawa, K Hanada
Mg alloy corrosion by four kinds of cell lines

Page 83: XD Yan, P Wan, LL Tan, MC Zhao, L Qin, K Yang
Corrosion and biological performance of biodegradable magnesium alloys mediated by low copper addition and processing

Page 84: Q Wang, R Willumeit-Römer, B Luthringer
Effect of magnesium on the crosstalk between human umbilical cord perivascular cells and monocytes

Page 85: HT Yang, YF Zheng
In vitro study on degradation and biocompatibility of Zn-HA composites

Page 86: RQ Hou, F Feyerabend, R Willumeit-Römer
Effects of bovine serum albumin (BSA) and fetal bovine serum (FBS) on Mg degradation under cell culture conditions

Page 87: Novel bio-functional magnesium coating on porous Ti6Al4V orthopaedic implants: in vitro and in vivo studies
K Yang, XK Li, P Gao

Page 88: H Schlüter, M Omidi, M Wurlitzer, B Luthringer, R Willumeit, E Hesse
Response of bone cells and bone tissues towards magnesium-implants monitored at the proteome level

Page 89: J Eichler, P Holweg, L Berger, M Cihova, N Grün, N Donohue, JF Löffler, A Weinberg
Bioresorbable rare–earth-free magnesium screws used for osteosynthesis in a sheep model

Page 90: NG Grün, D Hirzberger, J Eichler, N Donohue, AM Weinberg
Do magnesium implants support osteogenesis in osteoporotic bone?

Page 91: Y Chen, S Zhang
Magnesium materials inhibit tumor, a myth or a chance?

Page 92: WH Wang, P Hou, HL Wu, P Han, SX Zhang, JH Ni, Y Chai, XN Zhang
The effect of Ti on biodegradation behaviour of Mg in vitro and in vivo

Page 93: S Krummsdorf, A Schreiber, C Beutler, T Schmidt, F Witte
The effect of biodegradable metals degradation on the foreign body response

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