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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2018, Collection 2

2018 Annual Meeting
Adolph Merkle Institute, Fribourg, 6-7th June 2018

Meeting Abstracts

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Page 1: C Weder
Bio-inspired stimuli-responsive materials

Page 2: P Fratzl
Bone growth and regeneration – A materials science perspective

Page 3: AR Studart
3D Printing of biologically-inspired materials

Oral presentations

Page 4: ML Vainieri, K Sivasubramaniyan, A Lolli, D Eglin, A Yayon, E Wexselblatt, M Alini, S Grad, G Van Osch
Novel hyaluronan-based hydrogels to support endogenous cartilage repair

Page 5: J Guerrero, S Pigeot, J Müller, DJ Schaefer, I Martin, A Scherberich
Fractionated human adipose tissue as a native biomaterial for the generation of a bone organ by endochondral ossification

Page 6: DA Frauchiger, RD May, M Wöltje, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
Genipin-enhanced fibrin hydrogel combined with engineered silk composite for intervertebral disc repair

Page 7: X-H Qin, X Wang, M Rottmar, B Nelson, K Maniura-Weber
Designing synthetic photo-clickable hydrogels to direct cell fate

Page 8: B Kessel, G Barreto, P Guillon, M Zenobi-Wong
Clinical relevant bioinks for enhanced cartilaginous matrix deposition

Page 9: M Filippi, B Dasen, J Guerrero, G Born, M Ehrbar, A Scherberich
Magnetic nanocomposite hydrogels combined with static magnetic field for enhanced bone regeneration

Page 10: F Schuler, P Renaud, M de Wild
3D-printed auxetic structures for bio-medical application

Page 11: O Guillaume, M Geven, T Schmid, D Grijpma, RRM Bos, RG Richards, M Alini, D Eglin
Novel patient specific implant for orbital floor repair using osteoinductive biomaterials

Page 12: C Levinson, E Cavalli, N Broguiere, AL Applegate, M Zenobi-Wong
In vitro and in vivo study of the efficiency of a TGFβ1-loaded hyaluronan-based scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 13: G Lehoczky, F Wolf, I Martin, A Barbero, K Pelttari
Extracellular matrix of engineered cartilaginous tissue as a scaffold material to induce chondrogenic differentiation

Page 14: AD Schoenenberger, U Silvan, SF Fucentese, J Widmer, JG Snedeker
Matrix topography and mechanical load mediate tendon fibroblast response to inflammatory signals

Page 15: M Lee, M Zenobi-Wong
Cationic silica nanoparticle-based nanocomposite for bioprinting large tissue constructs with enhanced structural fidelity and mechanical strength

Page 16: RD May, DA Frauchiger, CE Albers, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
The influence of primary human intervertebral disc cells on primary human osteoblasts

Page 17: C Wyss, P Karami, A Khoushabi, D Pioletti, P-E Bourban
Resistance to damage of pre-conditioned composite hydrogel implants

Page 18: N Matter, F Schuler, R Schumacher, M de Wild
Pre-process calculation to optimize laser parameter in selective laser melting

Page 19: B Le Gars Santoni, C Stähli, N Döbelin, P Bowen, M Bohner
Bioinspired calcium phosphate ceramics: Influence of strontium doping

Page 20: E Cavalli, P Fisch, F Formica, R Galreus, LA Applegate, M Zenobi-Wong
Are humanized mice a good animal model for cartilage tissue engineering? A comparative study of chondrogenesis under varying immune backgrounds

Poster presentations

Page P1: Q Vallmajo-Martin, I Martin, M Lütolf, M Ehrbar
An implantable PDMS tool for heightened throughput in screening hMSC differentiation potential in vivo

Page P2: D Rogozhnikov, P O’Brian, S Elahipanah, M Yousaf
Three-dimensional cardiac tissue generated via a scaffold-free oxime ligation method

Page P3: W Baumgartner, L Otto, SC Hess, WJ Stark, S Märsmann, G Meier Bürgisser, M Calcagni, P Cinelli, J Buschmann
Biomimetic cartilage/bone interface

Page P4: E Tosoratti, J Beaudin, M Zenobi-Wong, C Leinenbach
Flexible reinforced hydrogels

Page P5: P Wahl, C Meier, A Dommann, A Neels, CM Sprecher
Delamination of the hydroxyapatite coating from the stem 14 months after total hip arthroplasty – A case report

Page P6: B Senturk, C Fessele, B von Rechenberg, F Hahn, M Rottmar
Transdermal application of curcumin to treat bacterial infection in a 3D skin model

Page P7: SG Rotman, DW Grijpma, RG Richards, TF Moriarty, D Eglin, O Guillaume
Biodegradable and bone targeting drug delivery system for antibiotics

PageP8: S Nedjari, D Gugutkov, F Awaja, G Fortunato, R M Rossi, G Altankov
3D Honeycomb patterned fibrinogen based nanofibers induce osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Page P9: A Schwab, A Buss, S Naczenski, H Walles, F Ehlicke
Artificial tissue cutter: Creation of standardized defects in an osteochondral model

Page P10: D Petta, AR Armiento, DW Grijpma, M Alini, D Eglin, M D'Este
A tissue adhesive hyaluronan bioink with double gelation mechanism for direct printing into a cartilage defect

Page P11: GM Fortunato, C De Maria, D Eglin, T Serra, G Vozzi
Design, functionalization and characterization of a bioactive sensing platform to evaluate cell behaviour

Page P12: CM Sprecher, M Thurner, P Büchler, G Richards, D Eglin
Improved Post-processing stability of a 3D printed cement paste via co-axial extrusion of organic solvents

Page P13: A Zakeri Siavashani, J Mohammadi, B Sadeghi, B Senturk, M Rottmar, K Maniura-Weber
Development of silk scaffolds with immunomodulatory capacity

Page P14: Y Xu, H Meng, J Peng, S Lu
Degradation of magnesium alloy and bone formation in vivo: micro-CT

Page P15: J Zhang, J R Vetsch, E Wehrle, M Rubert, R Müller
The influence of mechanical stiffness of 3D bioprinted hMSCs-laden scaffolds on cell mineralization, proliferation and differentiation

Page P16: P Hatt, T Serra, D Eglin
Optimisation of sacrificial gelatin ink for production of perfusable tubular network in cellularized hydrogel matrix

Page P17: C Arrigoni, M Crippa, V Mainardi, MV Colombo, S Bersini, M Gilardi, C Candrian, M Moretti
Engineering 3D human vascularized models to study cancer cell extravasation

Page P18: D Mostafa sindi, C Levinson, E Cavalli, GM Salzmann, P Neidenbach, M Zenobi-Wong
The best of both worlds: using minced pieces of autologous cartilage as a chondrocyte source combined with a bioactive scaffold for cartilage repair applications

Page P19: M Estermann, D Septiadi, A Petri-Fink, B Rothen-Rutishauser
3-D bioprinting of a human omentum model: Mimicking the mesothelial cell layer and microenvironment in vivo


Oral presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file

Poster presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file