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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2018, Collection 3

2018 eCM XVIII: Cartilage & Disc: Repair and Regeneration
25th – 28th June 2018, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland

Meeting Abstracts

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Oral Presentations

New clinical developments
Page 1: Bumsup Lee
INVOSSATM – a cell and gene therapy for osteoarthritis

Page 2: Lucienne Vonk
Allogeneic MSCs and autologous chondrons: Clinical application

Page 3: Berton Rahn Award Lecture: Daisuke Sakai
Exploration of cells and their niche in the intervertebral disc: studies from AO CRP Annulus Fibrosus Repair

Molecular profiling

Page 4: Stephen M Richardson
Nucleus pulposus profiling in development, ageing and degeneration

Page 5: Danny Chan
Lgr5 and Col22a1 mark a committed progenitor lineage to juvenile articular chondrocytes

Page 6: S Diederichs, V Tonnier, M Weisser, A Geisbüsch, W Richter
Importance of endogenous non-canonical WNT5A and WNT11 for hypertrophy of mesenchymal progenitor-derived chondrocytes

Page 7: RD May, DA Frauchiger, CE Albers, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
Gene expression comparison of intervertebral discs from diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) patients and traumatic/degenerative intervertebral discs

Page 8: S Dreher, T Walker, W Richter
Hypertrophy-associated regulation of RUNX3 and MEF2C during chondrogenesis of human mesenchymal progenitor cells
(Best Student Oral Presentation Award)

Tissue function and dysfunction

Page 9: Peter van der Kraan
The role of TGF on cartilage homeostasis

Page 10: Richard M Aspden
Osteoarthritis as an organ disease

Page 11: JH Teixeira, AM Silva, MI Almeida, M Bessa-Gonçalves, C Cunha, MA Barbosa, SG Santos
The systemic impact of bone injury in an animal model of rheumatoid arthritis

Page 12: FC Bach, AR Tellegen, M Beukers, A Miranda-Bedate, M Teunissen, WAM de Jong, SAH de Vries, LB Creemers, K Benz, BP Meij, K Ito, MA Tryfonidou
Biologic canine and human intervertebral disc repair by notochordal cell-derived matrix: from bench towards bedside
(Best Spine Oral Presentation Award)

Page 13: F Mwale, LM Epure, MP Grant, H Richard, J Sampalis, PJ Roughley, S Laverty, J Antoniou
Link N retards disease progression in a rabbit model of osteoarthritis

Cells in orthopaedics

Page 13: Wiltrud Richter
How articular chondrocytes versus MSC-derived chondrocytes respond to mechanostimulation?

Page 14: Jerome Guicheux
Stem cells and biomaterials for the regenerative medicine of intervertebral disc: “when tissue engineers meet developmental biologists"

Page 15: Y Zhang, R Levato, PRR Van Weeren, J Malda, IM Khan
BMP9/GDF2 rescues chondrogenesis in cartilage-derived progenitors from mature synovial joints

Page 16: G Pattappa, J Zellner, B Johnstone, D Docheva, P Angele
IL-1b effects on mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) chondrogenesis are modulated by physioxia

Page 17: A Mauro, H Sanyal, V Russo, P Beradinelli, M Turriani, M Mattioli, B Barboni
Amniotic epithelial cells shown chondrogenic phenotype after in vitro prolonged estradiol and progesterone treatments


Page 18: Yvonne Bastiaansen-Jenniskens
Immunomodulation in osteoarthritis and cartilage repair

Page 19: Raquel M Gonçalves
Immunomodulatory therapy for the intervertebral disc

Page 20: S Stöckl, A Pasoldt, S Grässel
Influence of substance P and aCGRP on articular chondrocytes from osteoarthritic patients

Page 21: D Bisson, P Lama, DH Rosenzweig, N Saran, JA Ouellet, L Haglund
Role of TLR2 in degenerating articular cartilage from adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients

Page 22: S Fu, A Ali, W Wang, CL Thomspon, MM Knight
Mechanical loading inhibits inflammatory signaling via HDAC6-dependent modulation of tubulin and primary cilia elongation

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Page 23: Marcy Zenobi-Wong
Additive manufacturing of cartilage tissues:  Promises and challenges

Page 24: Conor Buckley
Regeneration of the IVD- Priming and conditioning of cells to function in the disc microenvironment

Page 25: M Satué, RG Erben
In vivo tracking of mesenchymal stem cells after intra-articular delivery

Page 26: E Perrier-Groult, E Pérès, M Pasdeloup, L Gazzolo, M Duc Dodon, F Mallein-Gerin
Evaluation of the stability and biocompatibility of tissue-engineered cartilage in a humanized mouse model

Beneficial and Detrimental

Page 27: Hans-Joachim Wilke
Effects of multi-axial loading on the intervertebral disc

Page 28: Martin Stoddart
Inducing chondrogenesis by multiaxial load: Cell differentiation and biomarker discovery

Page 29: NB Ho, B Zhang, I Rigo, CJ O’Conor, WB Liedtke, F Guilak, AL McNulty Microarray analysis of the chondrocyte mechanome: The role of TRPV4

Page 30: N Hecht, T Walker, W Richter
Mechanosensitive miR clusters regulated after loading of human engineered cartilage
(Best Student Oral Presentation Award)

Page 31: A Levillain, Y Huang, JC Iatridis, NC Nowlan
Importance of mechanical forces for intervertebral disc development: implications for engineered disc replacements

Epigenetic regulation

Page 32: Scott Stadler
Regulation of chondrogenesis by the long non coding RNA, lncRNA-HIT

Page 33: David Young
Epigenetic regulation of cartilage

Page 34: O Krupkova, A Sadowska, T Kameda, O Hausmann, J Klasen, K Wuertz-Kozak Endoplasmic reticulum stress: A possible contributor to the pathogenesis of degenerative disc disease?

Page 35: J Lehmann, R Narcisi, N Franceschini, D Chatzivasileiou, D Ten Berge, GJVM van Osch
Inhibiting paracrine senescence improves expansion and chondrogenic differentiation of human MSCs

ORS Spine Section Session
Novel spine /intervertebral disc diagnostics and therapeutics

Page 36: Nadeen Chahine
Profiling serum cytokines in patients with disc disease: Immune dysregulation and disease biomarkers

Page 37: Benjamin Walter
Magnetic resonance elastography - A clinical tool for in-vivo characterization of the intervertebral disc’s mechanical function

Page 38: WK Tam, D Sakai, D Liu, J Lee, KMC Cheung, RS Tuan, V Leung
Deriving nucleus pulposus-like progenitors from MAP kinase interference coupled chondrogenic induction in mesenchymal stem cells

Page 39: J Ma, D Stefanoska, CC van Donkelaar, S Grad, M Alini, M Peroglio
Hypoxia in degenerative intervertebral disc promotes neurite outgrowth

Page 40: KS Emanuel, K Mader, M Peeters, I Kingma, CME Rustenburg, PPA Vergroesen, C Sammon, TH Smit
Early changes in the extracellular matrix of the degenerating intervertebral disc, assessed by Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy

Page 41: K Lakstins, T Yeater, L Arnold, S Khan, W Marras, J Hoyland, D Purmessur Characterization and development of an in vitro disease model of the human cartilage end plate

Delivery and imaging systems

Page 42: Alan Grodzinsky
Enhancing cartilage drug delivery using electrostatic interactions

Page 43: J Oieni, A Lolli, GJVM van Osch, M Machluf
A novel nano-ghosts based system for targeted delivery of antimir-221 and stimulation o cartilage repair

Page 44: JP Garcia, A Longoni, LB Creemers, MW Grinstaff, J Töyräs, H Weinans, B Pouran 
3D non-invasive bioimaging of cartilage tissue engineered constructs using contrast enhanced computed tomography


Poster Presentations

Page P1: F Abinzano, M de Ruijter, A Mensinga, M Castilho, IM Khan, R Levato, J Malda
Stimulating cartilage development of chondroprogenitor cells via GDF-2 supplementation in combination with melt electrowriting microfiber meshes

Page P2: BP Antunes, ML Vainieri, E Monsonego-Ornan, M Alini, S Grad, A Yayon
Effects of mechanical stimulation combined with FGF18 on bovine chondrocytes embedded in a novel Fibrin: HA hydrogel

Page P3: F Badar, A Tetmeyer, A Thomas, Y Xia
Deformation of chondrocytes and collagen structure in healthy and osteoarthritic articular cartilage by polarized light microscopy

Page P4: P Behrendt, Y Ladner, MJ Stoddart, S Lippross, M Alini, D Eglin, AR Armiento
Highly tunable di-tyramine hyaluronan hydrogel enables mechanical stimulation of encapsulated mesenchymal stromal cells towards chondrogenesis

Page P5: S Bordbar, MR Baghaban Eslami Nejad, FA Sayahpour
Production and evaluation of decellularized hydrogel derived from ovine cartilage for cartilage regeneration

Page P6: J Caldeira, M Fiordalisi, AJ Silva, C Santa, H Osório, M Molinos, B Manadas, R Gonçalves, M Barbosa
Nucleus Pulposus age-associated matrisome profiles unravel the ideal pro-regenerative microenvironment

Page P7: M Caliò, SL Wuest, T Wernas, S Tanner, C Giger-Lange, F Wyss, F Ille, B Gantenbein, M Egli
Influence of mechanical unloading on articular chondrocyte dedifferentiation

Page P8: E Cambria, O Krupkova, N Boos, SJ Ferguson, K Wuertz-Kozak
TRPV4 in stretch-induced inflammation of intervertebral disc cells

Page P9: S Carluccio, D Martinelli, ME Palamà, RC Pereira, C Gentili
Platelet derivatives reclute nestin-expressing progenitor cells from adult articular cartilage

Page P10: P De Luca, M Viganò, D Kouroupis, L de Girolamo, C Perucca Orfei, L Zagra, D Correa, A Colombini
Characterization of the stemness potential and the response to inflammatory stimulus of cartilage resident progenitor cells derived from OA patients

Page P11: P De Luca, D Kouroupis, L de Girolamo, M Viganò, C Perucca Orfei, M Brayda-Bruno, D Correa, A Colombini
Stemness potential and paracrine activity in response to inflammation of cells derived from human intervertebral disc

Page P12: A Dufour, M Verset, A Cohendet, M Buffier, M Rioult, H Contamin, E Perrier-Groult, F Mallein-Gerin
Use of autologous chondrocyte-seeded hydrogel to repair osteochondral defect in a non-human primate model

Page P13: F Ehlicke, A Schwab, B Schaefer, H Walles
Autologous chondrocyte transplantation (ACT): Influence of cell number in an ex vivo model

Page P14: J Fischer, S Diederichs, N Knoch, T Sims, N Rosshirt, W Richter
Time-dependent contribution of BMP, FGF, IGF and HH-signalling to proliferation of mesenchymal stromal cells during chondrogenesis

Page P15: DA Frauchiger, SCW Chan, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
Comparison of two annulus fibrosus injury models investigated in a loaded bovine intervertebral disc organ culture format

Page P16: DA Frauchiger, RD May, E Bakirci, M Wöltje, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
Annulus fibrosus repair approach – combining genipin-enhanced fibrin hydrogel and engineered silk fleece-membrane composite

Page P17: DA Frauchiger, RD May, X Zhang, J Stoyanov, A Bertolo, LM Benneker, D Sakai, S Grad, MA Tryfonidou, B Gantenbein
Comparing three cell isolation techniques for “fishing” angiopoetin-1 (Tie 2) positive progenitor cells from the nucleus pulposus

Page P18: MHP Gay, A Mehrkens, M Rittmann, A Barbero, I Martin, S Schaeren
Nose to back: compatibility of nasal chondrocytes in a degenerative disc disease environment

Page P19: MP Grant, M Alaqeel, LM Epure, OL Huk, S Bergeron, J Antoniou, F Mwale
Link N suppresses interleukin-1β induced degradation of human osteoarthritic cartilage by rapidly decreasing NFκB activation

Page P20: TW Herod, SP Veres
Establishing a target for annular repair: variations in molecular-level collagen structure of the annulus with circumferential location, radial depth, & disc level
(Best Student Poster Presentation Award)

Page P21: J Idaszek, M Costantini, T Karlsen, J Brinchmann, W Święszkowski
Hydrogel constructs with cell and matrix gradients for regeneration of osteochondral defect

Page P22: K Joyce, ILM Isa, R Saldova, L Creemers, A Devitt, A Pandit
A method to investigate the glycosignature of the intervertebral disc in health and degeneration

Page P23: D Kilian, T Ahlfeld, AR Akkineni, M Gelinsky, A Lode
3D-Plotting of human chondrocytes in alginate-methyl cellulose hydrogels – towards design and fabrication of individualized cartilage substitutes

Page P24: V Korch, A Armiento, MJ Stoddart, H Schmal, NP Südkamp, EJ Kubosch
Synovium-derived stem cells as a potential cell source for cartilage repair – the role of mechanical stimulation

Page P25: N Kovermann, V Basoli, E Della Bella, M Alini, C Lischer, H Schmal, MJ Stoddart, EJ Kubosch
BMP2 and TGF-β differently cooperate during synovial derived stem cell chondrogenesis in a dexamethasone dependant manner

Page P26: E Kunisch, AK Knauf, E Hesse, F Bothe, S Diederichs, W Richter
Bizonal cartilage constructs developing bottom zone–restricted in vivo mineralization

Page P27: J Kupka, A Meurer, K El Bagdadi, I Schaible, F Zaucke, Z Jenei-Lanzl, M Rickert
Adrenoceptor expression in the intervertebral disc

Page P28: G Lang, Y Gehlen, F Heizmann, D Kubosch, NP Südkamp, M Alini, S Grad, Z Li
Validation of anti-inflammatory and regenerative drug therapy in an intervertebral disc organ culture model

Page P29: J Lehmann, C Schneider, R Narcisi, JLM Koevoet, KS Stok, S Wolbank, H Redl, D ten Berge, S Nürnberger, GJ van Osch
A decellularized auricular cartilage scaffold for articular cartilage repair recellularized by removing elastin fibres

Page P30: C Leite Pereira, C Cunha, GQ Teixeira, M D’Este, D Eglin, M Alini, S Grad, MA Barbosa, RM Gonçalves
SDF-1 mediated-mesenchymal stem cells recruitment: a new perspective for intervertebral disc degeneration treatment

Page P31: D Lin, D Docheva
Uncovering novel roles of Tenomodulin in intervertebral disk tissue
(Best Spine Poster Presentation Award)

Page P32: A Mas-Vinyals, L Figueras-Esteve, S Borrós
Specific differentiation of Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a structured scaffold

Page P33: RD May, ES Rodrigues, DA Frauchiger, CE Albers, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
Osteoinductive stimulation of intervertebral disc cells with bone morphogenetic protein 2 or osteogenic medium

Page P34: X Meng, L Li, Y Lai, S Grad, M Alini, L Qin, Xi Wang
Biphasic bioabsorbale osteochondral scaffold

Page P35: S Mizuno, H Mizuno, S Wada, JD Kang
Hydrostatic pressure has a potential to stabilize accumulated extracellular matrix produced by nucleus pulposus cells

Page P36: G Monaco, M Alini, MJ Stoddart
Stem cell-based implant fed with hyaluronan chondrogenic media to mimic synovial fluid behaviour of the human knee joint microenvironment

Page P37: AC Ortiz, A Govaerts, R Lories, I Jonkers
Efficiency of different RNA extraction protocols for chondrocyte - seeded agarose constructs

Page P38: I Ponomarev, K Wölfer, T Reuter, D Barnewitz
Application of 3D scaffold-free cartilage transplants (SFCT) to repair damaged articular cartilage in large animals models

Page P39: I Ponomarev, T Reuter, K Wölfer, D Barnewitz
Correlation of biochemical and biomechanical parameters from 3D scaffold-free cartilage transplants (SFCT) – First results

Page P40: B Pouran, A Raoof, M de Winter, V Arbabi, R Bleys, J Malda, AA Zadpoor, H Weinans
Unravelling morphological properties of cartilage-bone interface at nano-scale

Page P41: AJ Rahyussalim, AF Kamal, S Supriadi, AF Marsetio, PM Pribadi, M Zulhandani
Magnesium alloys and composites as biodegradable biomaterial in orthopaedic: a literature analysis and preliminary report

Page P42: AJ Rahyussalim, M Kamarza, M Setyarani, M Zulhandani
Anti tuberculosis drug encapsulated using PLGA and alginate-PLGA as local treatment of spondylitis TB: an in vitro study

Page P43: AJ Rahyussalim, AD Djaja
Early detected subarachnoid hemorrhage during minimally invasive spine surgery with intra-operative nerve monitoring

Page P44: SM Richardson, T Hodgkinson, F Wignall, L White, JA Hoyland
Optimisation of a combined adipose stem cell–GDF6 therapy for intervertebral disc regeneration

Page P45: DH Rosenzweig, R Fairag, AP Mathieu, L Li, D Eglin, M D’Este, T Steffen, MH Weber, JA Ouellet, L Haglund
Hyaluronan-hydrogel seeded with autologous nucleus pulposus cell regenerates human intervertebral discs in an ex vivo, physiological culture model
(Best Spine Poster Presentation Award)

Page P46: CME Rustenburg, KS Emanuel, M Peeters, WF Lems, PPA Vergroesen, TH Smit
Osteoarthritis and intervertebral disc degeneration: similar but different

Page P47: T Saggese, GQ Teixeira, L Moll, K Wade, A Weigl, RM Goncalves, A Ignatius, HJ Wilke, C Neidlinger-Wilke
Combined mechanical stress and inflammatory environment contribute to weakening of the anulus fibrosus: insights from a bovine AF organ culture model

Page P48: J Schol, D Sakai, M Watanabe
Comprehensive analysis of microarray data for identification of reliable healthy nucleus pulposus cell markers

Page P49: J Stoyanov, A Bertolo
Functioning of mesenchymal stromal cells – need for fast and sensitive assays

Page P50: ML Vainieri, D Wahl, G van Osch, M Alini, S Grad
Novel ex-vivo osteochondral model for cartilage repair in mechanical stimulated joint bioreactor

Page P51: PPA Vergroesen, KS Emanuel, CME Rustenburg, TH Smit
Intervertebral disc degeneration from a biomechanical point of view, what do we need to fix?

Page P52: C Voskamp, J van de Peppel, S Gasparini, P Giannoni, JPTM van Leeuwen, GJVM van Osch, R Narcisi
Selecting living human mesenchymal stem cells with an increased proliferation using a TWIST1 RNA-based probe
(Best Student Poster Presentation Award)

Page P53: S Wangler, M Peroglio, Z Li, U Menzel, LM Benneker, RG Richards, M Alini, S Grad
CD146 is a marker for stem cells with increased migration potential towards degenerative intervertebral discs

Page P54: X Wei, D Zhao, B Liu, G Liu, F Yang, B Wang
Repair of large osteochondral defects with a novel BMSCs/pTa combined with chondrocytes/CM biphasic scaffold

Page P55: YT Wen, NT Dai, SH Hsu
Biodegradable scaffolds with a two-step release function for articular cartilage regeneration

Page P56: R Ziadlou, S Grad, MJ Stoddart, X Wang, L Qin, A Barbero, I Martin, M Alini
Anabolic and anti-catabolic effects of small molecules applied in traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of osteoarthritis

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