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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2018, Collection 4

Abstracts of the 18th Annual Meeting of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society
Keele University, 2-4 July 2018

Meeting Abstracts

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Page 1: Oral

Page 2: A De Grazia, ND Evans, MRR De Planque
3D image analysis of endocytosed nanoparticles: towards optimisation of drug delivery for regenerative medicine

Page 3: M Behbehani, F Claeyssens, JW Haycock
A 3D ex vivo model for testing nerve guidance conduits using high throughput light-sheet microscopy

Page 4: V Llopis-Hernandez, F Warren, M Salmeron-Sanchez, MJ Dalby
A highly programmable and non-invasive biomaterial to aid wound healing

Page 5: JW Fleming, AJ Capel, DJ Player, A Stolzing, MP Lewis
A tissue engineered muscle capable of regeneration following injury

Page 6: AG Kay, R Morgan, M Platt, P Roach, N Forsyth, O Kehoe
Anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects of mesenchymal stem cell derived extracellular vesicles in inflammatory arthritis

Page 7: A Imere, JKF Wong, M Domingos, SH Cartmell
Bilayer biomembrane for regeneration of tendon synovial sheath

Page 8: G Bullock, CA Miller, A McKechnie, V Hearnden
Bisphosphonates prevent the formation and re-epithelialisation of the oral mucosa in vitro in 3D

Page 9: P Muangsanit, A Lloyd, J Phillips
Developing tissue-engineered nerve constructs containing aligned endothelial cells to accelerate nerve regeneration

Page 10: H Clough, A Miller, O Tsigkou
Development of 3D vascularised tumours in vitro using self-assembling peptide hydrogels

Page 11: N Mehrban, DN Woolfson, SF Badylak, MA Birchall
soft tissues: learning from nature

Page 12: CJ Bullock, T Kisby, K Kostarelos, C Bussy
Frequency-dependent control of pluripotent stem cell differentiation through charge-balanced electrical stimulation

Page 13: AL Harding, DW Lambert, HE Colley
Generating fibroblast-derived 3D native scaffolds to examine the role of the extracellular matrix in oral cancer progression

Page 14: V Alageswaran, S Kalra, Y Yang, V George
Genome engineering in hydrogel to control cell behaviour: a method for modulating human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

Page 15: H Markides, KJ Newall, H Rudorf, L Blokpoel Ferreras, JE Dixon, RH Morris, M Graves, J Kaggie, F Henson, AJ El Haj
In vivo MRI cell tracking of autologous mesenchymal stem cells in an ovine osteochondral defect model

Page 16: E Mironska, S Roman, C Chapple, S MacNeil
Investigating the use of autologous fat derived cells to stimulate regeneration in the pelvic floor

Page 17: R Sbordoni, N Mehrban, G Wayne, S Hopkins, G Dal Negro, MA Birchall
Near-human tissue-engineered, dynamic model of the large airways

Page 18: M Amer, M Alvarez-Paino, K Shakesheff, D Needham, M Alexander, C Alexander, F Rose
New designs of polymeric microparticles for regenerative medicine: examining the influence of topographically-textured microparticles on mesenchymal stem cell fate

Page 19: A Samourides, L Browning, B Chen, V Hearnden
Porosity of poly(glycerol sebacate urethane) scaffolds controls angiogenic response and tissue ingrowth in vivo

Page 20: M Rotherham, T Nahar, T Goodman, T Hopkins, A Studd, ND Telling, M Gates, AJ El Haj
Remote control of cell signalling using tagged magnetic nanoparticles for neuronal cell differentiation- emerging cell therapies for Parkinsons disease

Page 21: ZL Smith, D Kumar, SA Cain, Y Ashraf Kharaz, E Comerford, JE Gough
RGD-containing fibrillin-1 fragments: an initiator protein for anterior cruciate ligament repair and regeneration?

Page 22: TP Dale, EL Borg D’Anastasi, W Al Tameemi, NR Forsyth
Rho kinase inhibitor supports unlimited, feeder-free, expansion of Sus scrofa domesticus airway stem cells for regenerative medicine research

Page 23: A Raza, S Archer, JA Weinstein, S MacNeil, JA Thomas, JW Haycock
Ru (II) complexes and two-photon photodynamic therapy for treatment of human melanoma

Page 24: CA Smith, M Dvir-Ginzberg, SJ Kimber
SIRT1 activation in ESC derived prechondrocytes promotes cartilage ECM expression

Page 25: R Loczenski, C Alexander, SM Howdle, LJ White
Supercritical carbon dioxide decellularization optimization

Page 26: Turbotalk + Poster

Page 27: NJ Darling, SA Przyborski
Bioengineering the structure of the human intestine mucosa

Page 28: J Field, A Harding, JW Haycock, F Claeyssens, F Boissonade
Characterisation and in vivo assessment of physical guidance cues in nerve guidance conduits

Page 29: NC Foster, SJ Kimber, AE El Haj
Chondrogenic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells can be enhanced with the application of a Wnt platform

Page 30: K Thakur, B Singh, OP Katare, FRAJ Rose
Fusidic-acid loaded polycaprolactone/chitosan electrospun scaffolds for wound healing applications

Page 31: DC Turner, RA Seaborne, CE Stewart, MF Murphy, JC Jarvis, NRW Martin, AP Sharples
Mechanical loading of murine bioengineered skeletal muscle mimics the transcriptional & epigenetic response of human skeletal muscle after exercise

Page 32: OE Weiss, RM Hendler, EA Canji, T Morad, D Baranes
Nervous tissue restoration following traumatic brain injury by coral skeleton-based implants

Page 33: D Richards, LS Wong, J Swift, SM Richardson
Optimisation of photoresponsive hydrogels to enable in situ analysis of cellular responses to reversible stiffness modulation

Page 34: HS McCarthy, IW McCall, JM Williams, C Mennan, MN Dugard, JB Richardson, S Roberts
Prediction of clinical outcome following autologous chondrocyte implantation by magnetic resonance imaging

Page 35: P Humphreys, R Lucas, C Smith, S Kimber
Synthetic photoreceptor engineering for optogenetic control of TGFβ signalling

Page 36: L Damiati, V Llopis-Hernández, M Eales, A Nobbs, B Su, R Oreffo, G Ramage, P Li, PM Tsimbouri, M Salmeron-Sanchez, MJ Dalby
Use of topography and ultralow dose growth factor delivery to enhance antimicrobial and osteogenic properties of 3D titanium implant materials.

Page 37: Poster

Page 38: PM Tsimbouri, PG Childs, GD Pemberton, J Yang, V Jayawarna, W Oripiriyakul, K Burgess, G Blackburn, D Thomas, P Campsie, MJP Biggs, ASG Curtis, M Salmeron-Sanchez, S Reid, MJ Dalby
3D osteogenesis by nanovibrational stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells

Page 39: G Beleid, J Shepherd, K Miller, CL Le Maitre
3D skin model to investigate biocidal agents for infected burns

Page 40: H Owsto, K Moisley, G Tronci, P Giannoudis, S Russell, E Jones
A collagen-based soft tissue barrier membrane with periosteal mesenchymal stem cell homing capability for bone defect repair

Page 41: M Nweze, T Baker, AG Limb, RJ Shipley
A computational model of the human eye: a step towards defining cell spraying parameters to treat retinal diseases

Page 42: A Prasopthum, KM Shakesheff, J Yang
A high-resolution 3D printed polymeric scaffold with micro-/nanoporous strut surfaces for osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 43: K Campbell, S Naire, JH Kuiper
A mathematical model of cartilage regeneration after cell therapy mediated by growth factors

Page 44: RH Coy, C O’ Rourke, G Al-Badri C Kayal, PJ Kingham, JB Phillips, RJ Shipley
A mathematical model to investigate the impact of seeded cell densities and distributions upon VEGF gradients and cell survival in engineered tissue

Page 45: B Tandon, A Kishor, E Stergiou, H Pearce, JJ Blaker, H Khanbareh, SH Cartmell
A novel piezoelectric composite to improve cell proliferation and collagen matrix production

Page 46: AE Polydorou, S Ferri, D Angell, D Carugo, ND Evans
Acoustically-stimulated microbubbles for bone fracture repair

Page 47: Y Lu, J Gough
Advanced polymeric nerve guide conduit modified with graphene oxide (GO) for peripheral nerve repair

Page 48: D Eleftheriadou, R Evans, AS Boyd, JC Knowles, VH Roberton, JB Phillips
An alginate-based encapsulation system for the delivery of therapeutic cells to the CNS

Page 49: AY Kyoseva, Y Yang, NR Forsyth
An alveolar structural mimic: a tissue engineering approach for emphysema

Page 50: N Tatic, FRAJ Rose, A des Rieux, LJ White
Anti-inflammatory properties of spinal cord derived hydrogel and dental mesenchymal stem cells

Page 51: B Xie, Y Wang, S Huang, K Chen, Y Yang
Assessing the effects of substrate coating on cardiac stem cell aggregation

Page 52: JA Tickle, C Adams, J Sen, R Price, S Harrisson, N Tzerakis, D Chari
Assessing the feasibility of using human brain tissue slices derived from excised tissue of Chiari malformation patients as a laboratory-based neurological injury model

Page 53: E Roldán, ND Reeves, G Cooper, K Andrews
Assessment of 2D and 3D electrospun structures for use as tissue engineered ligaments: A mechanical and morphological perspective

Page 54: R Gater, S Bodbin, D Nguyen, L Jones, AJ El Haj, Y Yang
Assessment of metabolic response to biochemicals and shear stress within a 3D tissue engineered Tenon’s capsule + conjunctival model

Page 55: W Njoroge, A Harper, R Butley, K Sandhu, Y Yang
Atorvastatin effect on migration of endothelial cells and bone marrow stem cell homing in a wound model

Page 56: VL Workman, AF Miller, A Saiani
Bio-printing self-assembled peptide hydrogels/cells constructs

Page 57: R Grant, J Hallet, S Forbes, D Hay, A Callanan
Blended electrospinning provides new environments for liver tissue engineering

Page 58: Y-H Kim, D Ossipov, S Lanham, J Hilborn, ROC Oreffo, JI Dawson
BMP-2 localisation in nanoclay containing hyaluronic acid hydrogels enhances osteoinduction

Page 59: CH Hulme, E Wilson, HR Fuller, S Roberts, J Richardson, P Gallacher, M Peffers, S Shirran, C Botting, KT Wright
Can we identify altered biological pathways and novel candidate biomarkers in individuals who do not respond clinically following autologous chondrocyte implantation?

Page 60: N Munir, A Callanan
Cartilage tissue engineered scaffolds: a multizone approach

Page 61: C Inverarity, J Cuenca, D Banks, M Bootman, M Khoury, JF Dye
Characterisation of microstructural, mechanical and biological properties of a novel fibrin-based bio-intelligent scaffold for in situ skin tissue engineering

Page 62: C Mennan, J Garcia, C Hulme, S Roberts, J Richardson, KT Wright
Characterisation of quantum® expanded human mesenchymal stromal cells derived from bone marrow and umbilical cord.

Page 63: S N Beal, P V Hatton, M Placzek, I Ortega
Comparing methods to reliably and reproducibly characterise fibre orientation

Page 64: P Mardling, N Jordan-Mahy, A Alderson, P Godbole, CL Le Maitre
Composite auxetic scaffolds show potential for use in tissue engineering

Page 65: G Potjewyd, S Moxon, T Wang, M Domingos, N Hooper
Developing 3D neurovascular unit co-culture models to investigate Alzheimer’s disease related neurovascular dysfunction

Page 66: N Jarangdej, E Antanaviciute, E Kritikaki, C Lopez Orts, R Unadkat, A Hamilton, MO Riehle
Developing a novel system to aid tissue expansion via tensile strain for skin regeneration

Page 67: RA Mensah, EA Hoffman, MT Cook, SB Kirton, V Hutter, DYS Chau
Development and characterization of a novel drug – loaded PLGA microparticle bandage for topical wound healing applications

Page 68: Development of a biomechanical simulation model of traumatic spinal cord injury in vitro
TK Nguyen, JCF Kwok, JB Phillips, RM Hall, JL Tipper

Page 69: DH Ramos, S MacNeiI, F Claeyssens, l Ortega
Development of a hierarchical scaffold to stimulate angiogenesis and wound healing for skin tissue engineering

Page 70: SW Partrdge, AA Thorpe, CL Le Maitre, C Sammon
Development of injectable thermoresponsive clay-polymer nanocomposite formulations for tissue engineering strategies

Page 71: RP Rimington, AJ Capel, JW Fleming, DJ Player, LA Baker, MC Turner, J Jones, NRW Martin, SD Christie, VC Mudera, MP Lewis
Development of reproducible and scalable 3D printed scaffolds enable the high content screening of functional human and perfused murine tissue engineered skeletal muscle

Page 72: RK Kampa, S MacNeil
Development of small-diameter vascular grafts using a combination of electrospun micro and nanofibre scaffolds

Page 73: D Villanueva, T Paterson, S MacNeil, F Claeyssens, I Ortega
Development of synthetic corneal microfabricated membranes with controlled stiffness

Page 74: K Srirussamee, S Mobini, NJ Cassidy, SH Cartmell
Direct electrical stimulation may promote human MSC proliferation in donor- and tissue-dependent manner

Page 75: J Wang, S Roberts, J Richardson, K Wright
Discrimination of meniscal cell and chondrocyte phenotypes in degenerate meniscus and cartilage

Page 76: D Gupta, VL Hearnden, MA Puertas-Mejia, GC Reilly
Dual anti-bone cancer and osteoinductive effects of fucoidan from Fucus vesiculosus

Page 77: AF Ali, Y Reinwald
Effect of DL-methionine on mesenchymal stem cells for the enhancement of the wound healing processes

Page 78: H Hajiali, M Salmerón-Sánchez, MJ Dalby, FRAJ Rose
Encapsulation of adenosine into biodegradable microspheres for bone regeneration

Page 79: KV Timms, JL Tipper, RM Ichiyama, JB Phillips, JCF Kwok, L Urdzikova, RM Hall
Engineering a spinal cord injury: developing an in-vitro model of non-traumatic spinal cord injury

Page 80: K Man, L-H Jiang, R Foster, XD Manz, J Rnjak-Kovacina, XB Yang
Epigenetic regulators enhance osteogenesis of human dental pulp stromal cells in 2D and 3D silk scaffolds

Page 81: EA Al-Mutheffer, Y Reinwald, AJ El Haj
Evaluating donor variability of ovine adult stem cells oMSCs - implications for orthopaedic animal models

Page 82: K Slowik, HE Colley, C Murdoch
Expression of xenobiotic metabolising enzyme expression in tissue engineered oral mucosa

Page 83: D Merryweather, S Bodbin, M Lewis, P Roach
Fabrication of an aligned 3D neural model for tissue engineering

Page 84: BJC Monteiro, T Paterson, P Hatton, S Cool, I Ortega
Heparin-biofunctionalised and topographically-modified electrospun scaffolds as new in vitro platforms to study bone regeneration

Page 85: P Lawson-Statham, E Jones, RJ Wilcox, L Jennings, M Izon, HL Fermor
Regenerating articular cartilage through the use of decellularised osteochondral matrices to support autologous cell therapies

Page 86: L Marani, M Pardo-Figuerez, A Capel, Z Nilson, A Stolzing, M Lewis
Human model of the neuromuscular junction using iPSCs and 3D tissue engineering constructs

Page 87: P Gupta, GN Hall, F Luyten, I Papantoniou
Human platelet lysate – a viable alternative to FBS for periosteum derived stem cell expansion and intramembranous bone formation

Page 88: T Hodgkinson, K Burgess, D France, P Campsie, S Robertson, D Phillips, P Childs, ROC Oreffo, S Reid, M Sanchez-Salmeron, MJ Dalby
Identification and in vitro screening of osteogenic metabolites through supplement-free nanovibration-driven mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

Page 89: JG Sykes, JH Kuiper, JB Richardson, S Roberts, KT Wright, NJ Kuiper
Impact of human platelet lysate on the expansion and chondrogenic capacity of cultured human chondrocytes for cartilage cell therapy

Page 90: S Totti, KW Ng, G Lian, T Chen, EG Velliou
In situ melanoma biomarker detection on a novel skin cancer 3D model via immunodiagnostic microneedles

Page 91: G Cidonio, T Ahlfeld, M Glinka, Y Kim, J Kanczler, S Lanham, S Yang, A Lode, JI Dawson, M Gelinsky, ROC Oreffo
In vivo evaluation of a biofabricated nanocomposite cell-laden bioink for skeletal tissue regeneration

Page 92: A Essa, CL Le Maitre, C Sammon
Influence of composition of poly (N-Isopropylacrylamide) - based Laponite® hydrogels on their properties and cell behaviour

Page 93: K Cowell, A Herbert, P Rooney, RK Wilcox, HL Fermor
Innovative manufacturing of decellularised bone scaffolds

Page 94: H Donnelly, E Ross, C West, B Peault, J Mountford, M Salmeron-Sanchez, MJ Dalby
Integrin-growth factor synergistic microenvironments to investigate metabolic mechanisms for a bone marrow niche-like phenotype

Page 95: K Wright, S Francis, J W Haycock
Investigating fibroblast involvement in vascular inflammation using co-culture models

Page 96: A Eade, JD Aplin, JE Gough
Investigating the alignment of cellulose nanowhiskers and its potential to engineer skeletal muscle

Page 97: W Shanahan, A Callanan
Kidney tissue engineering: Incorporation of decellularised renal extracellular matrix into an electrospun scaffold

Page 98: I Echevarria, A El Haj, H Markides
Magnetic nanoparticle mediated activation for chondrogenic differentiation of MSCs

Page 99: EF Yeo, H Markides, AJ El Haj, JM Oliver, SL Waters
Mathematical modelling of magnetically targeted stem cell delivery

Page 100: KS Bhangra, JC Knowles, RJ Shipley, D Choi, JB Phillips
Mechanical testing of nerve guidance conduit materials for peripheral nerve repair

Page 101: C Kayal, E Moeendarbary, RJ Shipley, JB Phillips
Mechanosensitivity of neural cells on characterised RAFT-Stabilised collagen gradient gels

Page 102: AA Thorpe, SW Partridge, L Vickers, F Charlton, A Cole, N Chiverton, C Sammon, CL Le Maitre
Mesenchymal stem cell delivery within a thermally triggered hydrogel regenerates nucleus pulposus matrix following injection into degenerate nucleus pulposus tissue

Page 103: M Hyland, C Mennan, K Wright, E Wilson, O Kehoe
Mesenchymal stem-cell derived extracellular vesicles as therapeutic agents in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Page 104: OE Weiss, RM Hendler, EA Canji, T Morad, D Baranes
Modulating scar coherence by cultivating injured nervous tissue on surface-engineered coralline scaffolds

Page 105: EA Ross, LA Turner, A Saeed, PM Reynolds, J Mountford, KEV Burgess, RD Meek, N Gadegaard, ROC Oreffo, MJ Dalby
Nanotopographies induce changes to mesenchymal stem cell metabolism and promote multipotency – linking adhesion to metabolism and function

Page 106: J Zhang, Z Xi, L Cen, L Zhao, Y Yang
New 3D polyglycolic acid scaffolds by scCO2 for bone repair

Page 107: S Totti, MC Allenby, SB Dos Santos, A Mantalaris, EG Velliou
Optimisation of extracellular matrix mimicry on a polymer based highly porous 3D pancreatic cancer organoid model

Page 108: JZ Stening, FRAJ Rose, LJ White
Optimisation of microparticle formulations for cytokine delivery for macrophage modulation in spinal cord injury

Page 109: M Hollingworth, M Alexander, M Dalby, L Buttery
Osteogenesis of embryonic stem cells by nanoscale mechanotransduction

Page 110: C Ligorio, M Zhou, A Vijayaraghavan, J.A. Hoyland, A Saiani
Peptide-graphene oxide hydrogel nanocomposites for intervertebral disc repair

Page 111: EL Borg D'Anastasi, TP Dale, NR Forsyth
Physiologic oxygen levels and Rock inhibitor as a media supplement improve epithelial cell recovery from porcine lung tissue cultures

Page 112: J Bratt, P Wu, N Forsyth, A El Haj
Placental mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Page 113: LA Boyle, GC Reilly
Primary cilia mediated mechanotransduction in differentiating osteoblasts

Page 114: JA Reid, A Callanan
Response of Endothelial Cells to hypoxia on hybrid protein electrospun scaffolds

Page 115: KA Burgess, D Oceandy, A Saiani
Self-assembling peptide nanofiber hydrogel for cardiac tissue engineering

Page 116: K Bostock, L Jennings, H Fermor
Self-assembling peptides with chondroitin sulfate to replenish cartilage proteoglycans in order to restore biomechanics

Page 117: R Owen, GC Reilly
Studying osteoclast activity in vitro

Page 118: E Roldán, ND Reeves, G Cooper, K Andrews
Suitability of Optimized PVA Electrospun Scaffolds for ACL replacement

Page 119: W Shanahan, A Callanan
Testing emulsion templates as platforms for kidney tissue engineering

Page 120: T Hopkins, JB Richardson, JM Williams, B Linklater-Jones, J Wales, S Roberts, JH Kuiper
The effect of activity levels on the function of the human knee: preliminary examination of data collected as part of an ongoing cell therapy clinical trial.

Page 121: TSR Bate, SJ Forbes, A Callanan
The effect of electrospun polycaprolactone fibre morphology on the function and behaviour of hepG2 cells

Page 122: RD Bartlett, S Burley, D Choi, JB Phillips
The effect of hypoxia on olfactory ensheathing cell cultures: implications for spinal cord repair

Page 123: GC Menagh, D Dixon, G Burke
The effect of increasing dosage of atmospheric dielectric barrier plasma discharge (DBD) on the mechanical properties, surface chemistry and topography on electrically conductive electrospun PLCL/PANI biomaterials

Page 124: MA Naven, QJ Meng, SJ Kimber
The role of circadian clock genes in regulating the chondrogenic potential of human pluripotent stem cells

Page 125: SC Kellaway, JB Phillips, LJ White
Tissue-derived ECM hydrogels for peripheral nerve repair

Page 126: S Pashneh-Tala, C Sherborne, R Owen, F Claeyssens
Tissue-engineered blood vessels with user-defined geometries

Page 127: GF Al-Badri, JB Phillips, RJ Shipley, NC Ovenden
Towards a mathematical model to predict the influence of therapeutic cell distribution on VEGF gradients for the promotion of vasculogenesis in vitro

Page 128: AM Sandoval-Castellanos, JW Haycock
Transient immobilisation and release of nerve growth factor in a modified heparin/allylamine surface to promote neurite outgrowth

Page 129: A Penuelas Alvarez, J Shepherd, V Hearnden
Using adipose-derived stromal cells and tissue to induce vascularization and soft tissue wound healing

Page 130: MLD Rayner, J Healy, JB Phillips
Using advanced 3D engineered cell cultures to investigate drug synergy in promoting peripheral nerve regeneration.

Page 131: AH Shamsah, SM Richardson, SH Cartmell, LA Bosworth
Using electrospun bilayer scaffolds to tissue engineer the annulus fibrosis

Page 132: K Aguilar-Agon, MP Lewis, A Capel, N Martin, D Player
Using in vitro, bioengineered models of skeletal muscle to investigate treatment modalities for OA

Page 133: JA Reid, A Callanan
Vascular tissue engineering: incorporating ECM into polymer scaffolds

Page 134: N. Munir, A. Callanan
Vitamin E incorporated electrospun scaffolds protect mesenchymal stem cells against hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative stress

Page 135: MT Shephard, K Bardsley, Y Okuchi, SJ Habib, Y Yang, AJ El Haj
WNT polymer bandages as a stem cell niche for MSC proliferation and differentiation


All presentationsclick here to download all the abstracts in one file