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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2019, Collection 3

TERMIS European Chapter Meeting 2019
27th-31st May 2019, Rhodes, Greece
Tissue Engineering Therapies: From Concept to Clinical Translation & Commercialisation

Meeting Abstracts

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Page 1: L Geris
In silico regenerative medicine: from living implants to digital patients

Page 2: RL Reis
My career: A lifetime of TERM research and innovation & a lifer of TERMIS

Page 3: DF Williams
‘Do not go gentle into that good night’, Courtesy of Dylan Thomas, Welsh Poet, 1914-1953


Page 4: AG Mikos
Biomaterials for tissue engineering and modeling disease

Page 5: ME Gomes
Magnetically assisted tissue engineering technologies for tendon regeneration

Page 6: N Tavernarakis
Regulation and roles of autophagy in the brain

Page 7: S Yla-Herttuala
Vascular endothelial growth factors From basic science to clinical trials

Page 8: WE Hennink
Polymeric nanoparticles for the intracellular delivery of biotherapeutics for cancer treatment


Page 9: A Pandit
The modern biomaterial paradigm in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Page 10: A Higuchi
Xeno-free generation and differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells on the surface immobilized with ECM and ECM-derived oligopeptide

Page 11: A Piaggesi
Prospects of tissue engineering in wound management

Page 12: A Saiani
Engineering cell niches for TERM applications exploiting peptide self-assembly

Page 13: A Ovsianikov
High definition bioprinting – An enabling technology for TERM

Page 14: A Balduini
Bone marrow niche and blood cell formation

Page 15: AP Marques
Prospects of tissue engineering in wound management

Page 16: A El Haj
Engineering the stem cell niche – Translation to the clinic

Page 17: AF Miller
Self-assembling peptide hydrogels for 3D cell culture; From molecular self-assembly to commercial product

Page 18: A Mata
Transforming proteins into functional biomaterials for complex tissue engineering

Page 19: A Cipitria
Dual alginate crosslinking and two degradation modes for local patterning of biophysical and biochemical properties

Page 20: AM Ferreira Duarte
Bioengineering materials for orthopedic regenerative medicine

Page 21: AP Pêgo
Novel biodegradable dendritic block copolymers as nucleic acid vectors to the central nervous system

Page 22: A Banfi
Therapeutic vascularization of skeletal muscle

Page 23: A Remuzzi
Response of mesenchymal stem cells to flow in the Nichoid 3D microstructured substrate

Page 24: A Kaasi
On the convergence of the sciences and why veterinary science can take center stage in tissue engineering innovation

Page 25: A Traweger
SPARC-mediated mechanotransduction in tendon homeostasis and tissue interface maturation

Page 26: AL Lewis
Seeing is believing: Application of radiopaque biomedical polymers in interventional medicine

Page 27: A Lange-Consiglio
Secretome from placental progenitor cells and its role in large animal reproductive regenerative medicine

Page 28: AM Blocki
Towards engineering of bio-instructive materials to guide tissue regeneration processes

Page 29: A Mitraki
Design and study of self-assembling peptides as scaffolds for tissue engineering

Page 30: A Camus
Intervertebral disc: A journey from embryonic development to cell-based regenerative strategy

Page 31: A des Rieux
Do dental stem cells of the apical papilla have the teeth for spinal cord repair?

Page 32: AIPM Smits
Modulating macrophages to drive in situ cardiovascular tissue engineering

Page 33: AS Weiss
Tropoelastin and enhanced wound repair

Page 34: AR Silini
Presentation of the COST Action International network for translating research on perinatal derivatives into therapeutic approaches – SPRINT

Page 35: AJ Salgad
Stem cell secretome as a modulator of CNS regeneration

Page 36: A Saeed
Development of biodegradable microcarrier systems for rapid protein conjugation at physiological condition

Page 37: A Bakopoulou
Cell therapies - Clinical applications in regenerative dentistry

Page 38: B Gantenbein
Nucleus pulposus progenitor cells positive for receptor angiopoetin-1 alias Tie2 – Multipotent cells of specific capabilities for tissue engineering?

Page 39: B Missbach
Open up! Chances and limitations of using open innovation in science

Page 40: B Rolauffs
Using biophysical cues for engineering cell morphology and function

Page 41: B Müller
Multi-modal imaging of soft and hard tissues in health and disease

Page 42: B Wildemann
Demineralized bone matrix as a promising carrier for local drug release

Page 43: JC Rodríguez-Cabello
Dynamic biomedical systems based on elastin-like recombinamers

Page 44: CM Curtin
Biomaterial scaffolds as 3D tumour models for cancer research

Page 45: C Werner
Multifunctional glycosaminoglycan hydrogels for new therapies and human disease models

Page 46: C Da Re
Open access publishing: Benefits and challenges

Page 47: C Le Visage
Mesenchymal stem cell encapsulation in alginate micro-particles for intra-articular injection in osteoarthritis

Page 48: C Van Der Straeten
Patient-specific meniscus replacement: Roadmap from artificial over tissue-engineered to smart meniscus

Page 49: C Liu
Subchondral bone remodeling concurrent with cartilage degeneration in osteoarthritic joints

Page 50: C Vitale-Brovarone
Osteoporosis and 3D bone like scaffolds mimicking the features of human healthy bone

Page 51: C Sammon
Tailoring Laponite® crosslinked hydrogels to control cell function in vitro and in vivo

Page 52: CL Le Maitre
Injectable hydrogels for musculoskeletal system regeneration: Importance of the disease microenvironment

Page 53 C Hélary
Development of collagen/hyaluronic acid composites for the treatment of nucleus pulposus degeneration: A physico-chemical study

Page 54: CJ Mann
Regulatory considerations for tissue engineered products

Page 55: C Wang
Carbohydrate polymers to modulate macrophage activities for tissue regeneration and immunotherapy

Page 56: C O’Leary
The application of bioengineering principles to evaluate emerging therapeutics for respiratory disease

Page 57: CM Murphy
Development of synergistic therapeutic biomaterials to manipulate bone metabolism and promote repair

Page 58: C Di Bella
Advanced bioprinting A surgeon’s perspective

Page 59: CL Esteves
Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells - A novel therapeutic tool against infection

Page 60: D Eberli
Early simulation of bioengineered Muscle tissue to support volume and function

Page 61: DJ Kelly
Bioprinting for bone and joint regeneration

Page 62: D Ruiz-Molina
Mussel-inspired adhesives, coatings and films for biological applications

Page 63: D Stuckey
Imaging cardiac regeneration

Page 64: D Marolt
Viable and cell-free tissue substitutes from human pluripotent stem cells for bone regeneration during aging

Page 65: DA Hoey
Melt electrospun written scaffolds with optimised fibrous and mineral architectures to enhance human MSC osteogenesis for bone regeneration

Page 66: D Eglin
Fabrication of stimuli responsive hydrogel microenvironments for cell manipulation

Page 67: D Musson
Materials and growth factors for rotator cuff repair

Page 68: D Gawlitta
Skeletal vascularized organoids from patient-derived cells

Page 69: D Docheva
Translation of basic tendon science into clinical practice

Page 70: DP Link
Product development in an GMP manufacturing environment

Page 71: D Stamatialis
(Bio)engineered organs for blood detoxification

Page 72: D Seliktar
A gel-based model of selective cell motility: Implications for cell sorting, diagnostics and screening

Page 73: E Alsberg
Bioprinting scaffold-free constructs with cell-only bioink

Page 74: Cellular brain repair for Parkinson’s disease: Is the answer in the (biomaterial) matrix?
E Dowd

Page 75: E.G Velliou
A novel integrated low cost tool for accelerating therapies for pancreatic cancer from bench to bed

Page 76: EM De-Juan-Pardo
Biomimetic scaffolds for soft tissue engineering via melt electrowriting

Page 77: E.V Zagaynova
Label free optical bioimaging for stem cells research

Page 78: E Engel
Cell-derived microtissues: Design, production and applications

Page 79: EI Stratakis
Laser surface engineering of biomaterials for neural tissue engineering applications

Page 80: ED O’Cearbhaill
Optimising medical device tissue adhesion and integration through mechanical and surface topographical methods

Page 81: E Reichmann
Bio-engineering human skin: The long way from basic research to clinical trials

Page 82: F Ambrosio
Aging of the skeletal muscle extracellular matrix and its effect on stem cell functionality

Page 83: F Barberis
Towards an artificial meniscus: Biomechanical properties as a driver for orthopaedic innovation

Page 84: F Djouad
Advances in mesenchymal stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis: from the cell to its extracellular vesicles

Page 85: F.J O’Brien
Scaffold-based delivery of nanomedicines for bone and cartilage repair

Page 86: F Gazeau
Engineering of extracellular vesicles for drug delivery

Page 87: FE Weber
Osteoconductive microarchitectures for high performance bone substitutes

Page 88: F Bottausci
BIOCAPAN: an innovative microcapsule-based advanced therapy medicinal product for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type I

Page 89: G.P Duffy
The DRIVE consortium - Living implants and delivery devices for the treatment of type 1 diabetes

Page 90: GA Feichtinger
Academic endeavours and bootstrapped start-up development How to serve two unforgiving masters at the same time

Page 91: G Insley
Bio-inspired bone adhesive proven to be safe in vivo

Page 92: GJVM van Osch
Heterogeneity in adult human mesenchymal stem cells due to origin and culture expansion

Page 93: G Ciardelli
Biological polymers as enabling materials for brain tissue model and engineering

Page 94: G Ciofani
Piezoelectricity applied to tissue engineering: A new approach based on remote cell stimulation

Page 95: G Vozzi
Development of multimaterial and multiscale approach for fabrication of tissue constructs

Page 96: G Perale
SmartBone®: The case of an innovative bio-hybrid bone graft, from lab-scale design to clinical translation and commercialization

Page 97: G Poologasundarampillai
Development of tissue scaffolds via 3D biofabrication of organic/inorganic hybrid bioinks

Page 98: G Cunniffe
Cartilage extracellular matrix derived scaffolds for articular cartilage and bone regeneration

Page 99: G Pellegrini
Epithelial stem cells: A real tool for effective regenerative medicine treatments

Page 100: G Chen
Discrimination of influence of cell adhesion and spreading area on hMSCs differentiation using micropatterns

Page 101: G.C Reilly
Do we need to better mimic bone microstructure to observe bone cell behavior in vitro?

Page 102: H Lin
Bioprinting of gene-activated scaffolds for musculoskeletal regeneration: Cell-based growth factor delivery

Page 103: HJ Meisel
Commercialization of tissue engineering products - A user’s clinical perspective

Page 104: H Havitcioglu
Innovative approach for bone and cartilage tissue engineering

Page 105: H Niknejad
Induction of angiogenesis by placenta derived stem cells and matrix for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Page 106: HS Kruitwagen
Canine and feline liver organoids as translational models

Page 107: HA Declercq
Hybrid bioprinting with vascularized spheroids

Page 108: HR Redl
Did we run out of ideas? The importance to spark innovation in tissue engineering research and traumatology

Page 109: H Autefage
Towards a better knowledge of cell and tissue responses to strontium-containing bioactive glasses

Page 110: H Roelofs
Challenges of manufacturing MSCs for clinical development

Page 111: H Skottman
Modeling of limbal stem cell differentiation using human pluripotent stem cells and tissue engineering

Page 112: H J Cha
Medical evaluation of mussel protein bioadhesives

Page 113: I Ortega Asencio
Simplifying corneal regeneration via the use of pliable tissue delivery microfabricated membranes

Page 114: I Slaper-Cortenbach
International standardization and electronic coding of the terminology for regenerated tissue products

Page 115: IS Choi
Cytoprotective single-cell nanoencapsulation

Page 116: I Roy
Natural polymers of bacterial origin and their biomedical applications

Page 117: I Bayindir-Buchhalter
Research integrity and publication ethics

Page 118: I Ribitsch
Horses as large animal models of experimentally induced and naturally occurring musculoskeletal disease

Page 119: I Martin
How can I contribute to a better scientific community within TERM?

Page 120: I Lambrichts
Therapeutic opportunities of dental pulp stem cells

Page 121: J Burk
Tenogenic properties of MSC in inflammatory environment

Page 122: J Dudhia
Cardiosphere-derived cells for allogeneic stem cell therapy in canine dilated cardiomyopathy

Page 123: JH Elisseeff
Lessons in translation and the immune response to biomaterials

Page 124: JM Kelm
Tissue engineering for drug discovery: Time for implementation

Page 125: J Rouwkema
Combining bio-fabrication and guided self-organization of vascular cells to engineer complex vascular networks in engineered tissues

Page 126: JJJP van den Beucken
The chicken and the egg in bone formation: What cell is the trigger?

Page 127: J Guicheux
Stem cells and biomaterials for the regenerative medicine of intervertebral disc: From clinical data to innovative concepts

Page 128: JD Ding
Injectable thermogels for medical applications

Page 129: J Chang
Design of biomaterials with micro/nano-structure for regulating cell behavior and tissue engineering

Page 130: J Dai
From idea to first-in-human trials: Collagen scaffolds for spinal cord repair

Page 131: J Borges
Bottom-up layer-by-layer assembly technology to process nanostructured multifunctional biomaterials across multiple length scales for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies

Page 132: JF Mano
Compartmentalization of cells and therapeutic molecules into soft polymeric structures for bottom-up tissue engineering strategies

Page 133: J Salber
Novel gram-positive bacteria killing cubosomes with high eukaryotic cytocompatibility – Insights into an interesting lesson from nature

Page 134: J Wojta
Monocyte subsets and macrophage polarization in cell migration and tissue remodeling

Page 135: J Grillari
Systemic environment, extracellular vesicles and miRNAs in aging: Impact on cell based therapies?

Page 136: JC Knowles
Strategies for peripheral and central nerve repair

Page 137: J Hilborn
Extracellular matrix derived components as building blocks for tough hydrogels

Page 138: JL Cholula-Díaz
Potential anticancer therapeutic and antibacterial properties of green synthesized Ag, Au and Ag/Au alloy nanoparticles

Page 139: J Olijve
The influence of endotoxin on cellular activities

Page 140: JM Garcia-Martin
Environmentally-friendly coatings with antibacterial properties

Page 141: JC Heikoop
Mimicking the tissue specific extracellular matrix composition by medical electrospinning

Page 142: J Groll
3D printable hydrogel-bioinks: Rheological implications and the importance of controlled network formation

Page 143: J Kzhyshkowska
Programming of macrophages as the immunomodulatory approach in implantation

Page 144: JR Jones
3D printed bouncy hybrids for cartilage regeneration

Page 145: JJ Cooper-White
Exploiting the nexus between biomaterial mechanics, tissue mechanics and gene therapy for enhanced tissue genesis and repair

Page 146: K Alpantaki
Natural biomaterials for bone and osteochondral defect repair

Page 147: KL Spiller
Harnessing the inflammatory response for tissue regeneration

Page 148: K Schenke-Layland
Nidogen-1 improves cardiac function post myocardial infarction via synergistic angiogenesis, neurogenesis, scar modulation and immune response

Page 149: K Velonia
Benchtop grafting of protein-polymer bioconjugates in the absence of external deoxigenation – Synthesis and applications

Page 150: K Suzuki
Biomaterial-driven in situ transplantation of mesenchymal stromal cells for myocardial repair

Page 151: KW Dalgarno
Bioprinting techniques for high throughput tissue modelling

Page 152: KE Healy
Human organs chips for drug development, disease modeling, and more…

Page 153: K Ryan
Commercialising university technology

Page 154: L Suter-Dick
Tailor-made 3D tissue models: What works for industry and what does not

Page 155: L Muller
Angiogenic properties of dental pulp stem cells for tissue engineering

Page 156: L Mullen
Publishing in a more diverse and connected world

Page 157: L Dong
Transforming the spleen into a functioning liver in vivo

Page 158: L Rimondini
No antibiotics biomaterials funtionalization to prevent and fight implants associated infections

Page 159: L Grover
Creating environments to control biological response

Page 160: L Geris
Combining in vitro and in silico models in regenerative medicine: A digital twin for perfusion bioreactor processes

Page 161: L Adler-Abramovich
Learning from nature to form new organic materials for tissue regeneration

Page 162: L Gijzen
3D NephroScreen: High throughput drug-induced nephrotoxicity screening on a proximal tubule-on-a-chip model

Page 163: L Moroni
Biofabrication: A tool set to study biology in 3D with applications in regenerative medicine and in vitro models

Page 164: LC Penning
Long-term survival of transplanted autologous canine liver organoids in a COMMD1 deficient dog model of metabolic liver disease like Wilson’s disease

Page 165: L Ambrosio
Functional injectable biomaterials for minimally invasive surgery

Page 166: L Csontos
The impact of ancillary materials on your translational journey

Page 167: M Rielland
Promises and future of bioprinting technic in cosmetic evaluation

Page 168: M Salmeron-Sanchez
Engineered microenvironments for stem cell engineering

Page 169: MT Raimondi
Technological challenges for the clinical translation and commercialization of TERM therapies

Page 170: MJ Biggs
Glyco-functionalised neural interface coatings through heparan sulphate mimetics

Page 171: M Thurner
Engineering complex bio architectures to biomimic nature: A step closer to the development of artificial organs

Page 172: M Thio
Electrospinning as a method for biomaterial manufacturing: An industry perspective

Page 173: M Zenobi-Wong
Pre-clinical testing of bioprinted cartilage: What has it brought us?

Page 174: M Grazia Raucci
2D substrates as innovative tools with dual therapeutic/regenerative behaviors

Page 175: M Lagarkova
Using induced pluripotent stem cells to model neurodegenerative diseases

Page 176: Μ Vamvakaki
Design of advanced polymer and hybrid materials for biomedical applications

Page 177: M A Tryfonidou
Local controlled drug delivery: Tenured translation

Page 178: ME Barabas
Enhance your science writing and publishing
Page 179: M Rubert
From cell-laden bone tissue engineering to personalized bone organoids

Page 180: M Gimona
Development and GMP-compliant manufacturing of EV therapeutics: From preclinical research to clinical application

Page 181: M van Griensven
Enthesis regeneration using topographical cues and stem cells

Page 182: M Leahy
Nanosensitive imaging of tissue constructs and cells

Page 183: MJ Stoddart
Role of kinematic load on cell behaviour

Page 184: M Murphy
Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells as a therapy for osteoarthritis: Mechanistic insights

Page 185: M Buzgo
Mass production of core/shell nanofibers: Industrial perspective

Page 186: M Moretti
Co-cultured complex 3D miniaturized and vascularized models for metastatic processes and drug investigations

Page 187: M Santin
Synthetic basement membrane analogues induce the formation of 3D tissue-like structures in 2D cultures

Page 188: MB Baker
Development of dynamic polymeric hydrogels for tissue engineering

Page 189: MN Collins
Engineered fibre and gel composite materials as potential bioinks

Page 190: M Alini
Hyaluronan hydrogel platform for musculoskeletal regeneration

Page 191: M Griffith
Designing biosynthetic corneal implants for clinical application

Page 192: M Detamore
Will chondroinductive materials revolutionize cartilage regeneration?

Page 193: M Gasik
Mechanobiology revisited: From phenomena to design of the biomaterial-tissue interface

Page 194: M Monaghan
Hybrid electroconductive platforms for the generation of mature cardiac organoids

Page 195: M Raghunath
Macromolecular crowding to tune microenvironmental ECM architecture: From ultraflat 3D to bioprinted structure

Page 196: MD Castilho
Advanced tissue manufacturing strategies and applications in soft tissue repair

Page 197: JM Oliveira
Engineering protein- and polysaccharide-based bioinks for bioprinting of personalised implants

Page 198: MM Martino
Controlling the immune system to promote tissue regeneration – From inflammatory cytokines to regulatory T cells

Page 199: N Weissenbacher
Small animal models in bone regeneration research

Page 200: N Kawazoe
Collagen scaffolds with sustained insulin release and controlled pore structure for tissue engineering

Page 201: N Sarvazyan
Hands-on tissue engineering course for students from various educational backgrounds – A Fulbright-funded experience in Yerevan, Armenia

Page 202: N Khani
Transforming scaffold designs from university to industry – A bench-to-bedside perspective

Page 203: NI Moldovan
It takes two to tango: The promises of hybrid 3D bioprinting

Page 204: ND Evans
Nanosilicate clay promotes healing in a murine model of chronic skin wounding

Page 205: N L’Heureux
Human textile: The next generation vascular grafts

Page 206: N.E Vrana
Immunoprofiling in tissue engineering and immune assisted tissue engineering via macrophage containing scaffolds

Page 207: NM Neves
Biomaterials combined with stem cells for bone and cartilage tissue engineering

Page 208: O Tsigkou
Development of 3D cellular microenvironments as potential remedy

Page 209: O Bar-Nur
Modeling myogenesis in vitro using directly reprogramed induced myogenic progenitor cells

Page 210: O Parolini
Two decades of research on amniotic cells: What have we learned?

Page 211: Ø Halaas
The lymph node niche as an ex vivo tool for T cell priming

Page 212: P Kugelmeier
3D goes clinical - Modified islet transplantation as blueprint for future 3D cell transplantation

Page 213: P.A Wieringa
Getting on nerves: In vitro models of engineered tissue

Page 214: P Bourgine
Engineered and devitalized cartilage extracellular matrix as a bone substitute material

Page 215: PD Dalton
Intuitive design of melt electrowritten products for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Page 216: P Gatenholm
3D bioprinting with adult stem cells Roadmap for translation to clinic

Page 217: P Slezak
Mechanisms and characteristics of extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Page 218: PV Hatton
Functional and multi-functional devices and scaffolds for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration

Page 219: PF Costa
Bringing TERM to the market by employing hybrid approaches

Page 220: PG Morouço
Biofabrication techniques for scaffolds manufacturing: The complex development for osteochondral regeneration

Page 221: P Timashev
Landscape of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in Russia

Page 222: PJ Kluger
Biofabrication of different tissue models based on methacrylated gelatine

Page 223: P Procter
From implant making & screws to material science & glues - An unexpected journey!

Page 224: P Lavalle
Immunomodulatory programming and antimicrobial activity by new biomaterials

Page 225: P Gentile
Bioactive nanocoatings via layer-by-layer technique to improve antibacterial properties of polymeric membranes for guided bone regeneration

Page 226: P Layrolle
Maxillo-facial bone regeneration with stem cells and biomaterials in a comparative clinical trial

Page 227: P Weiss
Injectable biomaterials for bone regeneration

Page 228: V P Shastri
Deciphering fate choices in mesenchymal stems cells

Page 229: R Mueller
Micro-3D printing of osteocyte organoid models

Page 230: RM Gonçalves
Immunomodulation in intervertebral disc degeneration

Page 231: R Bizios
Implant biomaterials in the age of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Page 232: PR van Weeren
Where civil engineering and biology meet: articular cartilage

Page 233: RA Pires
ECM mimics using modular minimalistic supramolecular systems

Page 234: R Tejero
Translation of early healing principles into implant surface design for bone regeneration

Page 235: R Gottardi
Mechanical and microtopological environments to drive chondrogenesis

Page 236: R Levato
Towards the biofabrication of complex, heterogeneous bone and cartilage structures with multiple printing technologies

Page 237: R Narcisi
Regulation of cartilage phenotype during MSC differentiation

Page 238: RS Tuan
Rejuvenation of regenerative capacity in aged cells

Page 239: R Santos
Progress towards a new biomimetic adhesive inspired by sea urchins

Page 240: R Masereeuw
Kidney bioengineering: Can we sufficiently replace its function?

Page 241: SA Cryan
Gene therapy: From the nano to the macro scale

Page 242: S Hofmann
Tissue engineering of bone - As close as we can get?

Page 243: S Van Vlierberghe
Synthetic versus bio-inspired approaches for adipose tissue engineering

Page 244: S.H Cartmell
Use of electrical stimulation for tissue engineering

Page 245: SJ Hollister
Implementing design control for 3D printed patient specific resorbable implants: From concept to clinic

Page 246: S Kulkov
Zirconia/Alumina ceramics with cellular structure for biomedical applications: Experience for sintering and real practice

Page 247: SR Lamandé
Skeletal disease-in-a dish: Using induced pluripotent stem cells to model human skeletal disorders

Page 248: S Shah
A clinical perspective on the future of natural polymer-based regenerative medicine

Page 249: S Farè
Versatile crosslinked gelatin hydrogel for regenerative medicine applications

Page 250: S Champ
Innovation and commercialisation in the field of regenerative medicine: Learning from the past and lessons for the future

Page 251: S Diederichs
Recent developments to utilize induced pluripotent stem cells for cartilage regeneration

Page 252: S Fiorilli
Advanced formulations based on multifunctional mesoporous glasses for highly targeted therapies in tissue regeneration

Page 253: S Korossis
Towards the development of a biohybrid lung

Page 254: S Madduri
Nerve repair and axonal guidance: Trophic and topographical cues

Page 255: S Giselbrecht
Microfluidic systems for in vitro morphogenesis models

Page 256: ST Andreadis
Resetting the aging clock: Reprogramming stem cell rejuvenation for vascular and neural tissue regeneration

Page 257: SM Richardson
Development of adipose stem cell-based approaches for intervertebral disc regeneration and treatment of low back pain

Page 258: S Rimmer
Hydrogels that support cell adhesion

Page 259: S Simonsson
3D bioprinting iPSCs to recapitulate human limb bud development - An osteoarthritis disease model

Page 260: SB Goodman
Inflammation and bone regeneration

Page 261: SC Kundu
Designing natural biomaterial-based functional 3D scaffolds for cancer modelling

Page 262: S Chubinskaya
New approach to regeneration of osteochondral defects by using Agili-C cell-free scaffold

Page 263: S Gibbs
Immunocompetent skin models to emulate sensitation and allergy formation

Page 264: SJ Kimber
Approaching cartilage repair from several direction using pluripotent stem cells

Page 265: SG Santos
Bone injury response and the extracellular vesicle-mediated crosstalk between immune and mesenchymal stem/stromal cells

Page 266: S Grässel
Impact of the sensory nervous system and its neuropeptides on osteoarthritis pathology

Page 267: S Wolbank
The human amniotic membrane for regenerative medicine - A critical overview

Page 268: TAH Järvinen
Systemically administered, yet target-specific therapeutic recombinant proteins for regenerative medicine

Page 269: TJ Webster
Two decades of commercializing nanomedicine to aid in human health: Real patient success stories

Page 270: TA Rando
Exercise enhances the treatment of volumetric muscle loss by stem cell transplantation

Page 271: T Steinberg
From academia to industry: A translational research approach for soft tissue regeneration

Page 272: T O’Brien
Considerations for manufacture of MSCs for clinical development

Page 273: U Freudenberg
Glycosaminoglycan-based hydrogels for musculoskeletal regeneration

Page 274: V Chiono
Direct reprogramming of human fibroblasts as a novel tool in cardiac tissue engineering

Page 275: VE Kagan
Redox lipidomics deciphering of lipid signaling in tissue re-engineering and regeneration

Page 276: V Geoffroy
Emerging role of extracellular vesicles in bone formation and application to bone regeneration

Page 277: V Alonso-Camino
Rapid expansion of mesenchymal stem cells using media supplemented with human platelet lysate, suitable for cGMP expansion at large scale

Page 278: V Lefebvre
Regulation of cell fate and differentiation by SOX transcription factors in skeletal development, homeostasis and disease

Page 279: VA Mironov
Development of enabling platform technology for bioprinting of functional and vascularized endocrine human organ constructs

Page 280: W Brehm
Sheep and goat as model animals for cartilage repair in biomedical research

Page 281: W Zuo
Regeneration of functional human lung by distal airway stem cells: From benchside to bedside

Page 282: WX Wang
Injectable scaffolds for wound healing

Page 283: W Swieszkowski
Biomaterials and biofabrication methods for musculoskeletal tissue engineering

Page 284: W Holnthoner
Extracellular vesicles in blood and lymphatic vasculature

Page 285: XN Wang
Molecular and functional analysis of MSC-derived extracellular vesicles in the context of osteoarthritis

Page 286: XB Yang
Bone tissue engineering in vitro and in vivo using 3D printed scaffolds

Page 287: Y Tabata
Regenerative therapy based on in vivo recruitment of cells

Page 288: Y Yang
Development of dynamic culture systems to investigate the topographic influence on the limbal epithelial stem cells’ fate

Page 289: Y Ito
Adhesive growth factors for tissue engineering

Page 290: YS Zhang
Advanced bioprinting strategies for tissue and tissue model fabrication

Page 291: Y Rochev
Design, fabrication and properties of smart thermoresponsive biomaterials

Page 292: YM Bastiaansen-Jenniskens
Macrophages as important players in regeneration of osteochondral defects


Page 293: ALA Binch, SM Richardson, JA Hoyland, F Barry
Assessment of the neurovascular secretome of donor-matched adipose and bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells for intervertebral disc regenerative therapies

Page 294: A Omidinia-Anarkoli, R. Rimal, Y Chandorkar, D Gehlen, JC Rose, K Rahimi, T Haraszti, L De Laporte
Single fiber surface topography regulates cell mechanotransduction

Page 295: A Harichandan, SB Garcia, L Moroni, CD Mota
Cell synchronization and a novel kidney extracellular matrix based hydrogel promote efficient derivation of renal vesicles from human pluripotent stem cells

Page 296: A Vernet Crua
Green synthesis of a synergetic structure of tellurium nanowires and metallic nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Page 297: A Djalali-Cuevas, I Skoufos, A Tzora, N Prassinos, N Diakakis, DI Zeugolis
Evaluation of tendon and skin fibroblasts for scaffold-free tendon tissue engineering using macromolecular crowding technology

Page 298: A López, O Castaño, E Engel López
Design of a microphysiological system for angiogenesis assays to optimize the design of biomaterials

Page 299: A Vinhas, AI Gonçalves, MT Rodrigues, RL Reis, ME Gomes
Magnetic actuated materials modulate inflammatory cues underlying human tendinopathy

Page 300: A Malheiro, P Wieringa, L Moroni
Development of a biomimetic, functional and vascularized peripheral nerve model

Page 301: A. Grémare, S Jean-Gilles, P Musqui, L Magnan, Y Torres, M Fénelon, S Brun, J-C Fricain, N L’Heureux
Development of a new vascular substitute produced by weaving threads of human amniotic membrane: Preliminary study

Page 302: A Stavropoulou-Tatla, AW Justin, AE Markaki
A vascularised tumouroid model for studying human glioblastoma invasion

Page 303: AS Baskin, R Reich, B Davidson, T Tavor Re'em
Constructing a dynamic three dimensional in vitro model for investigation of ovarian carcinoma progression mechanisms

Page 304: AM Eissa
Emulsion-templated porous polymers as scaffolds for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering

Page 305: A Srinivasan, WS Toh, SH Teoh, TC Lim, YC Toh
Engineering ectomesenchymal stem cell development and its application in craniofacial tissue engineering

Page 306: AJ Hibbitts, Z Koci, S Kneafsey, L Zilic, B Cavanagh, CT Buckley, SJ Archibald, FJ O’Brien
Effect of matrix substrate composition on in vitro and in vivo regeneration in microporous nerve guidance conduits

Page 307: AR Franco, R Costa-Almeida, PS Babo, ME Gomes, IB Leonor, RL Reis
Exploring the antibacterial mechanism of action by platelet lysate patches

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Mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells residing in various tissue niches - Similarities and differences

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A 3D alginate-based neuroblastoma model as in vitro platform for immunotherapies testing

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Mesenchymal and neural stem cells coculture for TERM applications in CNS

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Development of serum-free culture conditions for differentiation of human bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells to tenocyte-like cells

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Supramolecular hydrogels based on novel polyurethanes and cyclodextrins

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Non-autologous MSCs for endochondral bone regeneration

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Fracture localisation of osteogenic polymersomes and modulation of their accumulation by Kupffer cell depletion

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The backstage of radiotherapy: Does the treatment with mesenchymal stroma cells reduce abdominal pain in patients suffering from pelvic radiation disease

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Flow shear stress-induced neuroinflammation to reproduce peri-electrode gliosis macro environment

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Tissue engineering repair of peripheral nerve transsections

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Evaluation of the cellular communication between the vascular and the sensory nervous systems

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Electrospun elastin-like fibers for cardiovascular tissue engineering

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Improvement of antifungal and antibacterial properties of hydroxyapatite coatings by the Ag addition

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ExCeL: Combining extrusion bioprinting on cellulose scaffolds with lamination for perfusable tissue constructs

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Pro-inflammatory cytokines neutralization by intra-articular injection of biofunctionalized nanoparticles as advanced treatment for osteoarthritis

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The sweet side of the brain: Complete characterisation of the N-glycome of human brain tissue and its alteration upon Parkinson’s disease

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Magnetic scaffolds to promote angiogenesis

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Tumor-on-a-chip for the development of novel anti-cancer therapies: An alliance between tissue engineering and nanomedicine

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Natural polyphenols reduce the toxicity of soluble Aβ42 oligomers

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Acoustically-stimulated drug carriers for bone fracture repair

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Bottom-up study of vasculogenesis induced by microenviroment structure cues

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Coagulation influences properties of extracellular vesicles isolated from autologous blood derived products

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Engineering self-assembled multilayered tissue substitutes

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Elastin-Like recombinamers functionalized with an angiogenic peptide attract vascular growth on encapsulated microparticles

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AntimiR-221 activated hydrogels enhance cartilage repair by endogenous cells in vivo

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Towards the joint on a chip: A microfluidic osteochondral model

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The effect of ageing on tenocytes cultured in the presence of xenogeneic vs allogeneic serum

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Assessing cell motility on line and pillar microengineered surfaces: An automatic tool to detect and track cells in brightfield microscopy

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3D bioprinted/electrospun bilayer biomembrane for regeneration of tendon synovial sheath

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Priming dental pulp stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth with fibroblast growth factor-2 enhances mineralization within tissue-engineered constructs implanted in craniofacial bone defects

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3D-printed TPMS-based structures for bone regeneration

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Fabrication and characterization of porous pectin-based scaffolds crosslinked by GPTMS for tissue engineering applications

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The ECM niche in IPF directs cellular responses

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Engineered co-culture strategies using chitosan-based hydrogels for facilitated articular cartilage regeneration

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Defined media for the setup of vascularized adipose tissue

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Wnt1-CRE-RosaTomato fluorescent dental pulp stem cells to identify the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the repair of critical sized craniofacial defects

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Protease-resistant peptide-grafted bioceramics for bone tissue engineering

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Multi-scale architectured scaffold for the regeneration of large bone defects via endochondral ossification

Page 348: AG Mikos, JP Fisher, K Schenke-Layland, H Shin, JA Jansen, X Wang
Tissue Engineering: The impact, growth, and future of the field. Highlighting the 25th anniversary of the journal

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Screening extracellular matrix environments by quantifying matrix deformations and cellular forces around angiogenic sprouts

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Computer assisted analysis for quantification of macrophages response to biomaterials

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Evaluating the effect of acidic microenvironment on human induced pluripotent stem cells-derived cardiomyocytes

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Engineering scaffold-based advanced therapies that accelerate bone repair by recapitulating juvenile-derived stem cell mechanoresponse in adult

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Osteogenic differentiation of the human placenta derived amniotic membrane using Simvastatin and BMP9

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Therapeutic roles of SDF-1α gene-activated collagen scaffolds for wound healing applications

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Fabrication of thick cell sheet constructs via nanofibrous membrane interlayers

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3D bioprinting of hydrogel constructs with microchannels and vasculature

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The physiochemical property and cell types of cancer stroma affect therapeutic response of anticancer drugs

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Innovation in amniotic epithelial cell-based tendon regenerative protocols

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Adhesion and growth of MC3T3 cells on surface-modified polymeric microspheres in different cell culture media

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StemCellFactory III: Concept towards automated generation of CRISPR/Cas engineered iPSC lines

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Microfibrillated silk to make strong yet degradable biomaterials

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Preparation of optic nerve grafts: Optimization of decellularization method

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Microfluidic platforms for the future of preclinical studies: Patient-on-a-chip

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Engineering 3D hiPSC-based cardiac tissues for preclinical research

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Boosting biological performance of multiscale porous scaffolds by in vitro generated extracellular matrix decoration

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Bioreactor derived human fetal mesenchymal stem cell secretome promote diabetic skin wound healing

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Identification of adhesive proteins in marine invertebrates

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Lipid nanocapsules for the sustained release of therapeutic miRNA: New perspective in regenerative medicine of intervertebral disc

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Effect of sintering on in vivo biological performance of bovine hydroxyapatite

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Constitutive and conditional reporter genes in primary human cells

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Development of elastin-like polypeptide-based hydrogel capable to promote innervation and angiogenesis

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Size exclusion chromatography is an efficient method of isolating extracellular vesicles from a novel human umbilical cord MSC population

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Mesenchymal stromal cell secretory activity: The role of secretome fractions in angiogenesis

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DAT coated 3D melt-electrowritten fiber scaffolds as an inductive substrate for adipogenesis in human mesenchymal stromal cells

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Effect of EpSCs conditioned medium on dermal papilla cells

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Novel water-based, detergent-free decellularization to produce bioactive ECM-based scaffolds for pancreatic islets transplantation

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Microfluidic fabrication of 3D biomaterial libraries for high-throughput screening stem cell responses

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A new non-invasive optical sensor foil based technique for measuring the 3D-oxygen gradient formation during mammalian cell culture

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“Clickable” ELR-based biomaterials

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Hydroxyapatite/MgO spherical granules: An innovative bone substitute to prevent dental and orthopaedic infections

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Fucoidan impairs the formation of tubular-like structures in vitro and inhibits tumor growth in vivo

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Human platelet lysate-based hydrogels – A humanized 3D platform for disease modelling guided by tissue engineering

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Harnessing the mesenchymal stem cell secretome as a therapy for ischaemic stroke

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Sympathetic nervous system and inflammation interplay in periprosthetic inflammation

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TGF-β-laden polysaccharide material to modulate fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transition for scarring control

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A bioartificial rat heart tissue: Perfusion decellularization and characterization

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Biodegradable microparticles with hierarchical topographical features influence VEGF secretion from mesenchymal stromal cells

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Engineering nerve tissue with silk: Graphene oxide fibres

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Investigation of endothelial cell viability and growth on 3D printed GelMa vascular networks

Page 391 CMAP Schuh, A Figueroa, R Tapia, M Khoury
Exosomes from bench to bedside: 3D-culture and tangential flow filtration for scalable clinical grade exosome isolation

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Conductive hydrogel for bioelectronic interfaces

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Automated 3D cell culture platform for investigating chemoresistance and efficacy of antibody-based therapeutics

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Force-based engineering of osteochondral gradients

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Investigating the role of interleukin 16 in osteoarthritis progression using CRISPR/Cas9

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Matrix stiffness regulates dental pulp stem cell migration

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Liquefied capsules as 3D co-culture static and dynamic systems for bone regeneration

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Improving bone regeneration by site-directed immobilized BMP2 variant onto collagen beads

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Miniaturized imaging window for intravital nonlinear microscopy

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The incorporation of collagen type II into collagen hyaluronate scaffolds as potential off the shelf approach to long term stable cartilage tissue repair

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Peptide/graphene oxide hydrogel nanocomposites for tissue engineering of intervertebral disc

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Elastomeric composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

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Optimal loading regime to promote cartilage and bone development in vitro

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Neurotrophic factor loaded in enzymatically-crosslinked silk fibroin conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration

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Silicon-hydroxyapatites scaffolds decorated with VEGF for in vivo bone regeneration in osteoporotic sheep

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Next generation magnetic bioprinting of multi-layered 3D tissues

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Blood flow and O2-transport assessment in biohybrid oxygenators

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Priming and exploring human mesenchymal stem cells quiescence

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Enhancing endogenous articular cartilage repair using extracellular matrix derived scaffolds: Evaluation in a caprine model

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Tumor protrusion fluctuations as a signature of 3D cancer invasiveness

Page 411: DM Cruz
Biogenic metallic nanoparticles. A nanometric trojan horse approach

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Evaluation of the influence of wall shear stress features on endothelial cell phenotypes in-vitro with correlation to ex-vivo bovine arteriovenous tissue

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Silica nanoparticle internalization by human mesenchymal stem cells enhances their adhesion
properties in dynamic conditions

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A novel mechanism for the protection of embryonic stem cell derived tenocytes from inflammatory cytokine interleukin 1 beta

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Designing programmable hydrogels for controlled vessel formation within engineered tissues

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Injectable bone forming cells derived from human BM-MSC improve bone repair in a mouse model by promoting host and donor bone formation through two mechanisms of action

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Correlation of cell number and exosome shedding of different cell lines

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Macromolecular crowding and serum-free culture for stem cell phenotype maintenance

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The effect of elastin-like recombinant on SMCs behavior and mechanical properties of tubular collagen gel-based scaffolds

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Melt electrospinning writing of polycaprolactone-based scaffolds as electroconductive matrices for cardiac tissue engineering

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Tissue-engineered bone equivalent application for treatment of combat-related bone defects

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Structural and biochemical analysis of extracellular matrix formed by jaw periosteal cells

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Dynamics of single cell migration on aligned, grid, wavy and looped fibre patterns

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Dose-controlled release of placental growth factor from a collagen-based scaffold promotes angiogenesis and enhanced bone defect healing

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Lens-free mechanical characterization of hydrogels

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Combination of a gellan gum-based hydrogel with cell therapy for the treatment of cervical spinal cord injury

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Fabrication of manganese dioxide (MnO2)-loaded polymer capsules to prevent oxidative stress

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A bioresorbable carrier and passive stabilization device to improve heart function post-myocardial infarction

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Biomesh processing techniques: A synergy of cross-linking and scCO2 extraction

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Stable encapsulation of rifampicin in polymersome nanoparticles for delivery to intracellular bacteria

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Cellular responses under static and dynamic conditions of polymeric micropatterned substrates fabricated via ultrafast laser direct writing

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Formative biofabrication: From scaffold to scaffield

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TRPV4 inhibition reduces stretch-induced inflammation in human intervertebral discs

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Dexamethasone drives early osteogenic differentiation by modulation of SOX9 and PPARG expression

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Engineering the migration and attachment behavior of primary dermal fibroblasts

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3D bioplotted osteochondral tissue-like scaffolds: Effect of architecture and material composition

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Extracellular matrix deposition and matrix-associated gene profile of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells at “physiological” hypoxia

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Engineering blood vessel like structures: A preliminary study

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Cyclic stretch and shear stress differentially modulate early vascular tissue regeneration

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Suspended microfibre patterning guides spheroid assembly

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Development of an in vitro generated 3D human melanoma-in-skin model as a research platform for therapeutic testing

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P2O5-free bioactive glasses with osteogenic and angiogenic potential

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Microstructural and molecular signals enhance osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells on polymeric scaffolds

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Effect of the nichoid culture substrate on MSC movement

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Novel production process of xenograft demonstrates safety, biological and preclinical performance

Page 447: EG Kalaf, A Selby, J Fairfield
Characterization of nanowire substrates for neural integration

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Olfactory bulb and DOPAL: A novel organotypic model of pre-clinical Parkinson’s disease

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Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein inhibits angiogenesis in vitro, depending upon its oligomerisation state

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Novel microfluidic protein patterning method for human-organs-on-chip: Liver-tumor application

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Modulating the architecture of custom-made macroporous bioceramics to improve their load-bearing properties in bone

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Exploring the use of dental pulp stem cells in the treatment of head and neck cancer

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A novel multi-layer functionalized collagen scaffold to regenerate the tendon-to-bone interface

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Characterization of endometriosis and comparison to endometrial cancer using Raman microspectroscopy

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Cytotoxicity studies of foamed calcium phosphate bone cements – Safe concentration of selected surfactants

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Fluid flow supported angiogenic sprouting into granular hydrogels

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Yap silencing in synovial MSCs using gapmer/CaCO3 microparticles

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Ηydrogel stiffness regulates the response of mesenchymal stem cells to dynamic loading

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Ready-to-use regenerative medicinal product: Universal human platelet rich plasma

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The effect of BMP signaling on neural and keratinocyte differentiation of placenta derived cells

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A fully automated pipeline for the large-scale production of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)

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Immunomodulatory hyaluronic acid gels for cell encapsulation strategies

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Photo-crosslinkable mono-component elastin-like recombinamer bioink for 3D printing

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Dual enzyme-responsive smart-ELRs for switchable catalytic activity

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Bioprinting silk hydrogels using two-photon stereolithography regulates the biomaterial properties and the cell behaviour

Page 466: FE Freeman, DC Browe, J Nulty, S Von Euw, WL Grayson, DJ Kelly
Biofabrication of multiscale bone ECM scaffolds to support vascularization and osteogenesis

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Use of tannic acid as a versatile tool for surface modification in tissue engineering

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Evaluation of extracellular matrix produced during osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in chitosan/gelatin scaffolds

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Cycling fibroblasts through iPS-reprogramming and redifferentiating them into fibroblasts enhances their matrix production in 2D and 3D

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In vitro replication of tumor microenvironment activation

Page 471: F Almeida-González, A González-Vázquez, AS Weiss, FJ O’Brien, CM Brougham
Recombinant human tropoelastin induces elastogenesis in human vascular smooth muscle cells seeded in fibrin-collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds

Page 472: F Furlani, P Sacco, M Cok, E Marsich, S Paoletti, I Donati
Biomimetic, multi-responsive and self-healing matrices based on a lactose-modified chitosan for regenerative medicine

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Establishment of an inflamed adipose tissue model under defined conditions

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Cell-laden biomimetically mineralized shark skin collagen-based 3D printed scaffolds for the engineering of hard tissues

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Osteoblast-osteocyte differentiation in microfluidic devices

Page 476: GN Hall, WL Tam, L Geris, FP Luyten, I Papantoniou
Hierarchical bioassemblies of cartilage µtissues for scaffold-free osteochondral implants

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Polyurethane scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering

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Porcine hepatocytes culture on biofunctionalized 3D hydrogels as an in vitro platform to predict drug hepatotoxicity

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Ferritic fibre networks for magnetically-induced bioactivation

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Wet spun PLA multifilaments with incorporated microgels

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Therapeutic approach based on mesenchymal stromal cell secretome for spermatogenesis recovery

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Development of an in vitro three-dimensional colorectal tumor model for drug screening

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Nanocomposite bioink for novel fluid-gel cells printing for skeletal regeneration

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Nano-composite scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration: Comparison between static and dynamic culturing conditions

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In vitro model of tendon inflammation - Comparison of different animal models in relation to human cells

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Calcium-functionalized 3D silk gelatin bioink promotes osteogenesis of mesenchymal stromal cells: Perspectives for orthopedic surgery

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Development of a novel pre-vascularized skin substitute using bottom-up approach

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Micro-fragmented adipose tissue promotes long-term cell migration in a rabbit model of osteoarthritis: Biological insights for clinical translation

Page 489: M Salamone, S Rigogliuso, S Campora, C Bruno, P Cinà, G Ghersi
Improvement of Langerhans islets function in three-dimensional collagen gel in vitro and in vivo

Page 490: GQ Teixeira, Z Yong, RM Goncalves, A Kuhn, M Ruf, A Nerlich, U Mauer, A Ignatius, R Brenner, C Neidlinger-Wilke
Is the terminal complement complex a target for intervertebral disc degeneration therapeutics?

Page 491: G Monaco, M Alini, A El Haj, MJ Stoddart
Hyaluronan supplemented culture media significantly increases early chondrogenesis glycosaminoglycan synthesis and reduces the upregulation of collagen X in a stem cell-based implant

Page 492: G Deidda, M Farsari, A Mitraki
Self-assembling peptides with RGD motifs as scaffolds for tissue engineering

Page 493: G Onak, O Gökmen, O Karaman
Self-assembled peptide hydrogel for accelerating the osseointegration period of dental implants

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Cerium doped zinc oxide (ZnO) for improved cell viability & craniofacial vascularization

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Regulating paracrine crosstalk of mesenchymal stem cells with endothelial cells and osteoblasts by bone-mimetic material

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Label-free intrinsic cathodoluminescence resolves spectral signatures of highly heterogeneous tissue isolated collagen scaffolds

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Quantitative imaging of the cell mechanical environment of 3D multicellular systems

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Development of magnetic control systems for orthopedic regenerative medicine

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Translation of synthetic electrospun patch to the clinic

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Decellularized porcine matrix as a multifunctional biomaterial for regenerative medicine

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Engineering the tumour microenvironment in vitro using self-assembling peptide hydrogels
Page 502: AC Lima, CF Campos, C Cunha, A Carvalho, RL Reis, H Ferreira, NM Neves
IL-23 inactivation by targeted liposomes to mediate the regression of autoimmune diseases

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ECM functionalization of stem cell-derived cardiac 3D spheroids

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Improvement of three-dimensional liver tissue models through the development of a novel perfusion culture system

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Osteoclast differentiation of murine precursor cells on microgroove patterned substrate

Page 506: L Handermann, G Oberoi, KH Schneider, E Unger, F Moscato, A Schedle, A Moritz, H Agis
The impact of Vero Clear, Vero Pure White and Med610 on L929 cells and human oral fibroblasts

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Enzyme-controlled, starch-based hydrogels for mesenchymal stromal cell survival and paracrine functions

Page 508: H Moussi, K Flégeaua, J Véziers, T Rouillona, F Tancretb, S Quillardb, H Terrisseb, V Geoffroya, P Weissa, J Le Bideaub, H Gautier
A new formulation of porous injectable calcium phosphate cement foam for bone repair

Page 509: H Kraśkiewicz, M Paprocka, J Kaczyńska, K Panek, A Szyposzyńska, A Klimczak
Beneficial effect of adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cell supernatants in in vitro model of chronic skin wound

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Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into cardiomyocytes cultured on thermo-responsive polymer coated with extracellular matrix

Page 511: HM Younes, H Ismail, S Zamani, MA Elrayess, W Kafienah
Photoreactive electrospinning of elastomers for cardiac tissue engineering applications

Page 512: H Choi, Y Jo,H Cha
Magnetically-responsive smart microparticles based on mussel adhesive protein for site-specific
and prolonged drug delivery

Page 513: I Sallent, DI Zeugolis
The synergistic effect of topography and substrate rigidity in the development of a collagen scaffold for tendon tissue engineering

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Osteochondral tissue engineering: Stem cell culture in PLDLA scaffold

Page 515: IY Bozo, AY Drobyshev, VS Komlev, AA Isaev, RV Deev
Gene-activated matrix based on octacalcium phosphate and plasmid DNA carrying VEGF-A gene in clinical trial: safe and effective for bone grafting

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Computational analysis of intrastriatal delivery of collagen

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Bone by design: Functional bio-assemblies of cartilage intermediate micro-tissues

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Hyperbranched cationic polymers as non-viral vectors using different strategies for potential genetic rare diseases treatment

Page 519: I Cruz-Maya, MA Álvarez-Pérez, C Varesano, C Vineis, V Guarino
In vitro characterization of keratin added fibers for cornea regeneration

Page 520: I Marangon, M Piffoux, N Mougenot, C Wilhelm, F Gazeau, O Abgulut, A Silva
hMSC derived mechanically-induced extracellular vesicles (EVs) induce potent regenerative effect in vivo in local or IV injection in a model of chronic heart failure

Page 521: I Pennings, E van Haaften, T Jungst, J Bulsink, A Rosenberg, C Bouten, A Smits, J Groll, D Gawlitta
Differentiation of endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells in bi-layered vascular grafts under flow perfusion

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Incorporation of hair follicles into reconstructed human skin

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Patterned discoidal microfilms modulate osteogenic differentiation

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Oxygen conditioning effect on an in vitro co-culture model of tendon-to-bone interface

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Advances in angiogenesis control on ELRs-based scaffolds for tissue engineering applications

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An in vitro platform for the quantitative evaluation of cell-mediated contraction and alignment

Page 527: J Brewster, KS Lim, X Yang, LH Jiang
Culturing neural tissue on biocompatible graphene oxide thin films in development of tissue engineering scaffolds

Page 528: J Pyszkowski
A new nanoindentation method for local dynamic mechanical analysis (micro-DMA) of heterogenous silicon elastomers (PDMS) and other viscoelastic biomaterials

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Optimization of 3D bioprinting of human neuroblastoma cells using sodium alginate hydrogel

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Engineering anisotropic tissues using ultrasound cell patterning

Page 531: JJ Britton, VK Kanala, A Loffredo, A Pandit, MJ Biggs
Development and characterization of a photo-crosslinkable hyaluronic acid bioink for neural tissue engineering applications

Page 532: H Renner, M Grabos, HR Schöler, JM Bruder
Is rich always good? Extra-cellular matrix in 3D neural cultures

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Crucial geometrical factors in engineering cell shape for controlling type I and II collagen mRNA expression of human chondrocytes

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Optimisation of microparticle formulations for cytokine delivery for macrophage modulation in spinal cord injury

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Gelatin-polyester membranes for regenerating the corneal endothelium

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Collagen-hydroxyapatite nano-scaffold as a novel bone void filler

Page 537: J Volatron, G Charron, M Tharaud, F Gazeau
Long term fate of iron oxide nanoparticles in the organism

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Ionic release from cotton wool-like bioactive glass fibres promotes early onset of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and mineralization in vitro

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A novel biofabrication approach using ultrasound-guided particle manipulation

Page 540: S Oh, J Suh, S An, J Kim, J Huh, J Lim
Novel hydrogel complex for enhanced skin regeneration

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An in vitro model for the treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration using nasal chondrocytes

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3D bioprinting of vascularized composite constructs for bone repair

Page 543: J Ordoño, S Pérez-Amodio, A Aguirre, E Engel
Lactate-induced cardiac tissue regeneration

Page 544: Motored PLGA microspheres for localized inflammation inhibition
J Wang, J Toebes, JA Jansen, F Yang, DA Wilson

Page 545: JH Zhang, M Rubert, H Eyisoylu, HJ Huang, XH Qin, R Müller
3D bioprinting of cell-laden bone constructs with advanced bioinks

Page 546: JY Yun, HJ Cha
Osteochondral scaffold with gradients for interfacial tissue regeneration

Page 547: Q Xu, J Lyu, W Wang
A hybrid injectable hydrogel from hyperbranched PEG macromer as a stem cell delivery and retention platform for diabetic wound healing

Page 548: J Zonderland, I Lorenzo Moldero, C Mota, L Moroni
Interplay between Lamin A/C and Zyxin shapes actin network in 3D

Page 549: J Fitzgerald, G Shaw, F Barry
Identification and validation of a novel immunophenotype for quality assessment in mesenchymal stem manufacturing

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Fetal-inspired strategies for intervertebral disc regeneration

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Safety and performance of biomaterials in patients: A case study of polydioxanone implants

Page 552: L Costa, JB Costa, JM Oliveira, RL Reis, J Silva-Correia
Evaluation of the angiogenic effect of elastin incorporation on silk fibroin 3D printed scaffolds

Page 553: J Idaszek, M Nguyen Quoc, M Volpi, M Klak, M Constantini, N Contessi, S Farè, M Wszoła, W Święszkowski
Alginate-based bioinks for bioprinting of pancreatic islets and blood vessels with a coaxial needle setup

Page 554: JQ Coentro, DI Zeugolis
Replicating and modulating skin fibrosis in vitro: Multi-compartment collagen devices as dual drug delivery vehicles

Page 555: O Evrova, G Meier Bürgisser, C Ebnöther, A Adathala, M Calcagni, E Bachmann, JG Snedeker, C Scalera, P Giovanoli, V Vogel, J Buschmann
Sustained PDGF-BB delivery improves strength of rabbit Achilles tendons after full transection

Page 556: J Hackethal, AM Weihs, A Hofer, L Karner, M Metzger, P Dungel, S Hennerbichler, H Redl, AH Teusch
Novel human placenta-based extract for vascularization strategies in tissue engineering

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Bisphosphonate nanoclay complexation for hyaluronic acid hydrogel self-assembly and growth factor localization

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CRISPR/Cas9 based COL7A1 genomic editing in RDEB via non-viral polymer delivery system

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RGD-mutation of the heparin binding II fragment of fibronectin for guiding soft tissue integration of titanium implants

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Dimensionality dictates substrate mechanics effects on adipogenesis by controlling Yap phosphorylation through cell spreading

Page 561: JM Baena
A method to create functional tissues in vitro after bioprinting

Page 562: JM Rey, A McDonald, M Salmerón-Sánchez, C González-García
Tunable collagen-PEG microgels synthesized by 3D printing and microfluidics

Page 563: J Snuggs, A Thorpe, S Partridge, C Sammon, C Le Maitre
Differentiation of patient matched adipose and bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells in an injectable hydrogel for intervertebral disc and bone repair

Page 564: H Jo, J Jaeyun Kim
3D printed tissue engineered dermis using adipose tissue derived minimally manipulated autologous extracellular matrix (MA-ECM) for wound healing and skin regeneration

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Droplet microfluidics for generation of multicellular aggregates for cartilage tissue engineering

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Importance of decellularization method in corneal ECM hydrogels

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Gelatin hydrogel as surface coating for immunomodulation and tissue engineering

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Tissue specific maturation approaches enable biomimetic integration of multiple tissues on a chip to enhance preclinical models of toxicity and disease

Page 569: K Sadtler, C MacIsaac, F Zepeda, RS Langer, DG Anderson
Factor VIII-dependent coagulation events are required for the fibrotic response to implanted materials

Page 570: K Schütze, B Vaes, M Steinke, R Kronstein-Wiedemann, T Tonn
Raman trapping microscopy for label-free and fast cell analysis in 2D-cell cultures, 3D tissue models and within liquid blood products

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Human placenta ECM hydrogels for vascular graft surface coating to improve cell seeding efficiency in a bioreactor system

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Decellularised bovine pericardium scaffold for the application of a hMSC cell sheet

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Modular design principle for personalized artificial vascular grafts with tunable mechanical properties and degradation speeds

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Evidence of gut-liver crosstalk and gut homeostasis in paracetamol toxicity: An in vitro study using impedance based cellular assay

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Electroconductive materials enhance maturation of hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes in engineered cardiac tissues

Page 576: K Sivasubramaniyan1 CE Tanase, A Lolli, M van Royen, SM Best, RE Cameron, GJVM van Osch
Scaffold architecture regulates migration and chondrogenesis

Page 577: KA van Kampen, C Mota, L Moroni
Four axis additive manufacturing filament deposition system for vascular regeneration

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Comparison and blended protocol to induce quiescence in vitro in primary human myoblasts

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Continuous culture of hESCs on thermoresponsive polymer surface

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Engineered bioactive coatings for 2D/3D titanium implants to enhance osteogenesis and reduce biofilm formation

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A drug combination administered via an implantable, polymeric delivery system improves locomotor recovery in a rat model of spinal cord injury

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Silk fibroin scaffolds loaded with hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-donor for bone tissue regeneration

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Tissue adhesive hydrogels for corneal epithelium and stromal regeneration

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Raman spectroscopy-based control development for tissue engineered cartilage

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Shear stress effect on cardiac pathological models

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Controlled release of biological factors for progenitor cell-mediated endogenous repair of intervertebral discs

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Development of a dual miRNA/pDNA delivery system for cartilage tissue engineering

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Formulation of a functionalized biomaterial to support pancreatic islet viability in transplantation

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Chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in double-network hydrogel scaffolds for cartilage repair
Page 590: L Tytgat, L Van Damme, J Van Hoorick, H Declercq, P Blondeel, H Ottevaere, H Thienpont, P Dubruel, S Van Vlierberghe
3D printing of thiol-ene photoclick gelatin-based scaffolds for adipose tissue engineering

Page 591: L Guo, L Wu, F Lin, S Zhu, Y Liu
microRNA 21 promotes orthodontic tooth movement via TNF-α/ RANKL pathway in T cells

Page 592: L Zheng, Y Zhang, Q Jiang
A magnesium ion sustained-releasing micro-sized PLGA capsule for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Page 593: L Ling, X Ren, V Nurcombe, JH Hui, SM Cool
Enhance stem cell therapeutic potency with heparan sulfate glycosaminoglycans

Page 594: LP Karbaat, NM Korthagen, M Baake, K Warmink, N Dupuis, SK Both, K Coeleveld, B Zoetebier, J Leijten, H Weinans, HBJ Kaperien
Prolonged intra-articular retention of mesenchymal stem cells by advanced microencapsulation for regenerative joint therapies

Page 595: L Utomo, AJWP Rosenberg, D Gawlitta
Exploring the potential of dental pulp stem cells for mandibular condyle tissue engineering

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Synergistic enhancement of mesenchymal stem cells differentiation by using a multifunctional peptidic biointerface

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Gellan gum/poly (ethylene glycol) di-acrylate hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties for articular cartilage engineering

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Design of an injectable porous hydrogel as support for muscle regeneration

Page 599: L-P Guérin, G Le Bel, P Carrier, R Bazin, L Germain
Recolonization of the limbus by epithelial stem cells following the grafting of a tissue-engineered human corneal epithelium

Page 600: L Gasperini, AF Carvalho, RS Ribeiro, AP Marques, RL Reis
Segmented microfibers as high-throughput platform to screen 3D cell-materials interactions

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Patient-specific extracellular matrix-based 3-dimensional cultures are superior to 2-dimensional cultures conditions to model colorectal cancer and liver metastasis

Page 602: L Vidal, S Heraud, M Albouy, C Durand, A Thepot, M Dos Santos, C Marquette
Combined 3D bioprinting of skin and adipose tissue as a promising approach for nipple areola complex and breast volume reconstruction

Page 603: L Hugoni, DV Nguyen, N Zydziak, F Boulmedais, D Felder-Flesch, P Lavalle
Poly(arginine) grafted to biphosphonated dendrons: A novel strategy to design antimicrobial coatings for biomaterial applications

Page 604: LB Buravkova, IV Andrianova, EA Golikova, ER Andreeva
Growth-arrested adipose-tissue stromal cells and “physiological” hypoxia enhance ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic cells

Page 605: L Diaz-Gomez, PD Kontoyiannis, AJ Melchiorri, AG Mikos
Biofabrication of complex tissue scaffolds with controlled porosity and composition gradients

Page 606: L Ferreira, V Gaspar, JF Mano
Bioinstructive microparticles for tri-culture 3D tumor spheroids assembly

Page 607: LA Rocha, ED Gomes, RA Sousa, DA Learmonth, AJ Salgado
A co-culture system based on ASCs and HUVECs in GRGDS-modified gellan gum to promote neurite outgrowth and vascularization

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A novel drug-eluting biomaterial for tracheal tissue engineering

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Absence of differences in activation of innate immune response by low, middle, and high molecular weight hyaluronan in vitro

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Magnetic nanoparticles loaded human adipose derived stem cells as multimodal tools for regenerative medicine

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Designing microparticles for tissue engineering: Varying surface topography of polymeric microparticles influences mesenchymal stem cell fate

Page 612: M Delgado Cáceres, D Lin, D Docheva
Deciphering tendons: A systematic review of tendon-specific genes and uncovering the roles of tenomodulin in tendon healing

Page 613: H Almeida, M Gomez-Florit, RMA Domingues, SM Mithieux, RA Pires, RL Reis, AS Weiss, ME Gomes
Tropoelastin coated tendon biomimetic scaffolds promote tenogenic commitment of stem cells and deposition of elastin-rich matrix

Page 614: M Xu, G Shaw, M Murphy, F Barry
Imprecise lineage definition associates with functional dissimilarity observed between iPSC-derived MSCs and primary MSCs

Page 615: MT Tavares, MB Oliveira, VM Gaspar, JF Mano,JPS Farinha, C Baleizão
Bioactive mesoporous silica nanoparticles for stem cell differentiation in bone regeneration

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Silk fibroin vascular graft: From design to in vitro and in vivo tests

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Continuous gradient hydroxyapatite-based 3D additive manufactured scaffolds for bone interface tissue engineering

Page 618: MC Ciardulli, L Marino, C Selleri, N Maffulli, G Della Porta
Tenogenic commitment of hBM-MSCs induced by controlled delivery of hGDF-5 and cyclic strain within a 3D multiphase microenvironment

Page 619: MEF Palamà, S Carluccio, D Reverberi, D Pisignano, G Shaw, F Barry, M Murphy, C Gentili
A novel xeno-free system for production of clinical grade MSC-secretome

Page 620: AL Pereira, S Guieu, A Semitela, PAAP Marques, MHV Fernandes
Nanofibrous structures by thermally induced self-agglomeration of polycaprolactone/chitosan blends for musculoskeletal tissue engineering

Page 621: MI Almeida, S Moura, AM Silva, SG Santos, MA Barbosa
Deciphering the role of non-coding RNAs in osteogenesis and osteoclastogenesis: The impact on bone regeneration

Page 622: M Kaliva, A Georgopoulou, M Chatzinikolaidou, M Vamvakaki
Osteogenic potential of MC3T3-E1 cells on chitosan-graft-poly(ε-caprolactone) copolymers

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Biomimetic hyaluronic-based hydrogel enhances endogenous cell recruitment and healing process of osteochondral lesions

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Phenotypic and secretory characteristic of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from adipose tissue of ischemic leg patients

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Engineered human chondrocyte shape correlates with nanoscale cytoskeletal stiffness

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Extracellular vesicles administration using engineered three-dimensional bioactive cardiac scaffolds for myocardial repair

Page 633: Sericin, alginate and platelet lysate combined in a biomembrane for the treatment of skin ulcers
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Nasal chondrocytes are potential autologous cell-transplant candidates for treating degenerative disc disease

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Human plasma & platelet lysate or horse serum results in neuron-like cells but has no effect on adult human bone marrow MSC skeletal myogenesis

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Is there a need for a fellowship advisor for doctors? Analysis of the first 100 surveys from, a Swiss online platform

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Thorough investigation on the encapsulation of drugs with different wettability in thermosensitive micellar hydrogels

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3D microfluidic chip based mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

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A customized in vitro platform for cartilage thermo-mechanobiology

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Medical device coatings to mitigate the foreign body response

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Unpicking the permanent adhesion of barnacle cypris larvae

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3D printed poly-ether-urethane scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

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Chondrogenic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells is enhanced with the application of a Wnt platform

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Development of a 3D human intestine mucosal model to aspects of inflammatory bowel diseases

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Scaffolding and bioprinting via advanced laser technologies

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A close look at peri-implant wound healing inside the living body in real-time

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Hyaluronan scaffold improves gut barrier function and epithelial integrity in ulcerative colitis

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Development of the mini-liver, mini-testis, and diabetic islet by ECM-loading method for drug screening

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Quality control test for human epithelial cell sheet

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Investigation into the effect of BMP-12 and TGF-1 on stimulation of tenogenic markers in serum-free cultured human adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs)

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Strategies to improve mesenchymal stromal cell therapeutic effect: Application to pelvic radiotherapy side effects

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Effective vascularization and efficient bone formation in osteogenic grafts requires VEGF dose control

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SmartCaP™: A next generation pro-angiogenic fibrin-based bone void filler

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Mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles attenuate disease severity in inflammatory arthritis

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Platelet-rich plasma has a positive effect on the state of hepatic tissue in experimental cirrhosis in rats

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Study of true morphological structure of macroporous hydrogel scaffolds using SEM and LSCM – Impact to cell growth

Page 699: O Kuten-Pella, M Neubauer, S Nehrer, Z Lacza
The effect of blood-derived products on the regenerative potential of adipose-derived stem cells originated from three different fat locations

Page 700: O Kuten-Pella, M Neubauer, S Nehrer, Z Lacza
The effect of blood-derived products on the regenerative potential of adipose-derived stem cells originated from three different fat locations

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Developing transcript-activated coating for titanium implants

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Swelling of hydrogels for intracranial aneurysms treatment

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Angiogenic signaling in bone 3D scaffolds through calcium phosphate ion release nanotechnology

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Control of cellular focal adhesion and differentiation by topography and chemical cues of micropatterned structures and their polymeric replicas

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Application of human placenta derived amniotic epithelial cells as novel approach in cancer treatment

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Ordered assembly of cell-laden micro-scaffolds for complex hybrid tissues design and fabrication

Page 707: PA Shiekh, A Singh, A Kumar
Antioxidant and oxygen releasing cryogel scaffolds for tissue engineering applications

Page 708: P Diaz-Rodriguez, JA Vázquez, JR Caeiro, M Landin
The administration of β-Lapachone reverts inflammation and improves cartilage regeneration in an ex vivo model of OA

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Adhesion forces of selected bone-binding motifs determined via single molecule force spectroscopy

Page 710: D Valainis, P Dondl, P Foehr, R Burgkart, S Kalkhof, M van Griensven, PSP Poh
Integrated additive design and manufacturing approach for the bioengineering of bone scaffolds for favorable mechanical and biological properties

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The influence of cyclic tensile strain and collagen structure on the alignment and proliferation of multiple vascular cell types

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High-porous 3D printed calcium phosphate implants capable for functionalization with mesenchymal stem cells or anticancer drugs

Page 713: P Diloksumpan, R Vindas Bolaños, S Cokelaere, B Pouran, J de Grauw, M van Rijen, PR van Weeren, R Levato, J Malda
Orthotopic bone regeneration within 3D printed region-dependent porous bioceramic scaffolds in an equine model

Page 714: PJ Díaz-Payno, DC Browe, FE Freeman, J Nulty, R Burdis, DJ Kelly
Engineering phenotypically stable articular cartilage using tissue-specific extracellular matrix inspired scaffolds

Page 715: P Lavrador, VM Gaspar, JF Mano
Bioinstructive Naringin micelles for driving stem cell osteodifferentiation

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Novel multimodal imaging based quantitative assessment approach to evaluate angiogenesis and vascular architecture: Combined MRI and MicroCT imaging in the CAM assay

Page 717: P Karami, C Wyss, A Khoushabi, A Schmocker, M Broome, C Moser, P-E Bourban, D Pioletti
Enhanced tissue integration of a composite hydrogel for load-bearing applications

Page 718: P Pitacco, F Freeman, DJ Kelly
Tuning the composition of fibrin bioinks to enhance chondrogenesis of human MSCs in 3D bioprinted implants

Page 719: P Tournier, A Paré, J Veziers, A Barbeito, R Bardonnet, P Corre, V Geoffroy, A Gaudin, J Guicheux, P Weiss
Innovative injectable allograft for cranio-facial bone regenerative medicine

Page 720: P Das, B Devi, R Kanikerajesh, B Kundu, D Lahiri, P Basak, M Roy, SK Nandi
Decellularized caprine ear cartilage in osteochondral defects repair

Page 721: PY Bikmulina, NV Kosheleva, AI Shpichka, PS Timashev, YA Rochev
Low-intensity LED irradiation improves cell viability in 3D scaffolds

Page 722: P Sawadkar, N Mandakhbayar, S Brown, P Rajasekar, B Rahmani, JH Lee, HW Kim, J Knowles, E García-Gareta
Architecture and composition of natural polymers affect adipose derived stem cells behaviour: An in vitro and in vivo study

Page 723: P Padmanaban, A Chizari, W Steenbergen, J Rouwkema
Modification of mechanical environment to control vascular organization within developing chicken embryo

Page 724: P Das, JA Wertheim, LP Tan
Electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds modified with collagen-I and fibronectin with LX-2 cells to study liver fibrosis in vitro

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Use of short phosphate glass fibre reinforcement to promote bone mineralisation on PLLA composites

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Engineered bridge proteins with dual affinities for bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-2 and collagen improve controlled release of BMP-2 for bone regeneration

Page 727: S Totti, P Gupta, A Nisbet, R Webb, G Schettino, EG Velliou
Chemo-radiotherapy screening on a novel 3D pancreatic tumor model

Page 728: QA Majid, G Foldes, T Kodagoda, P Basnett, CL Grigsby, MM Stevens, I Roy, SE Harding
A polyhydroxyalkanoate patch for the delivery of pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells to the infarcted heart

Page 729: Q Vallmajo-Martin, AE Chiou, M Whitman, I Martin, C Fischbach, M Lütolf, M Ehrbar
Engineered humanized bone marrow microenvironments for investigating breast cancer metastasis in vivo

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Development of a controlled drug release system of Cripto for muscular dystrophies therapy

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Designing a novel bioengineered substrate as a treatment for AMD

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Anabolic effects of L51P and bone morphogenetic protein 2 on human intervertebral disc cells

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Biochemical gradients to form a 3-D osteochondral in vitro model

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Multi-nozzle inkjet and its potential for the industrialization of bioprinting

Page 735: R Hamami, D Seliktar
The use of skeletal muscle-derived pericytes in tissue engineering of skeletal muscle graft based on 3D pluronic-fibrinogen (FF-127) hydrogel environment

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Novel surface coatings as biocompatible reservoirs to deploy BMP-2 for bone regeneration

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Regulation of inflammatory response by novel herbal small molecules in human osteoarthritic chondrocytes

Page 738: G Basta, P Montanucci, T Pescara, R Calafiore
Microencapsulated human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) for the cell and molecular therapy of type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D): Preliminary in vitro and in vivo data

Page 739: R Balint, LA Hidalgo-Bastida
Electrically conductive graphene-polymer composites for cardiac tissue engineering

Page 740: RD Bartlett, V Roberton, D Choi, JB Phillips
Tissue engineering to enhance cell therapy for traumatic spinal cord injury

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The development of a novel 3D bioprinted smart responsive dressing to treat skin scars

Page 742: R. Peixot, DI Zeugolis
Functionalised electro-spun meshes for abdominal wall wounds

Page 743: AR Pereira, D Gehweiler, D Trivanović, T Kreuzahler, M Herrmann
A human bone-derived 3D scaffold for studying MSC interactions within the skeletal niche

Page 744: C Lo Sicco, D Reverberi, F Villa, U Pfeffer, R Cancedda, R Tasso
Circulating BST2+ cells are functionally activated by the injury-regulated systemic factor HGFA

Page 745: R Visone, GS Ugolini, D Cruz-Moreira, P Occhetta, M Rasponi
Real-time measurements of 3D cardiac microtissue electrical activity integrated in a beating heart-on-chip

Page 746: RV Chernozem, OA Guselnikova, MA Surmeneva, PS Postnikov, AG Skirtach, RA Surmenev
Surface modification of biodegradable scaffolds via diazonium chemistry for tissue engineering: A piezoresponse and wettability study

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Adult neural crest-derived stem cells from human hair follicle and skin dermis for regenerative medicine applications

Page 748: D Salinas, B Mumey, R Carlson, R June
Toward building cartilage by mechanotransduction: Evidence that primary OA chondrocytes can transduce mechanical loads through central metabolism

Page 749: RJFC do Amaral, NMA Zayed, EI Pascu, B Cavanagh, FJ O’Brien, CJ Kearney
Incorporation of platelet-rich plasma into collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds for wound repair

Page 750: R Burdis, D Kelly
High-throughput biofabrication of organoids for osteochondral tissue engineering

Page 751: R Schipani, SE Critchley, DR Nolan, E Alsberg, C Lally, DJ Kelly
A combined design and fabrication strategy to engineer biomimetic implants for osteochondral tissue engineering

Page 752: R Laurano, M Boffito, M Abrami, M Grassi, G Ciardelli, V Chiono
Design of polyurethane-based temperature- and pH-responsive hydrogels

Page 753: RS Ramnarine-Sanchez, N Evans, R Oreffo, J Dawson
Self-assembling Laponite hydrogel scaffolds with spontaneous 3D micropatterning of bioactive factors for bone tissue regeneration

Page 754: R Singh, J Giri
Multilayer, multifunctional core-shell airbrushed nanofiber membrane for periodontal regeneration

Page 755: AR Tomás, RMA Domingues, AI Gonçalves, RL Reis, ME Gomes
Magneto-mechanical actuation of magnetic responsive fibrous scaffolds boosts tenogenic commitment of human adipose stem cells

Page 756: R Kato
AI-guided morphology-based non-invasive cell quality control system for enhancing cell manufacturing consistency

Page 757: S Salameh, N Tissot, I Suzuki, PA Marinho, J Demaude, M Rielland, J Soeur, S Takeuchi, S Germain, L Breton
A new model of vascularized reconstructed skin

Page 758: M Trujillo Miranda, J Uribe Gomez, T Scheibel, L Ionov, S Salehi
Mimicking the osteon structure by biofabrication techniques

Page 759: S Mobini, CA Kulasha, JW Judy, KJ Otto, CE Schmidt, AB Brennan
Explore the effect of Sharklet® and channels microtopographies to control cellular responses on peripheral nerve interface

Page 760: S Donnelly, S Trujillo-Munoz, ER Cross, ER Draper, M Salmeron-Sanchez, MJ Dalby
Poly ethylene(glycol) hydrogels to mimic the stem cell bone marrow niche

Page 761: S Moise, S Pellegrin, J Frayne, AM Toye, MJ Ellis
Fluidized bed bioreactor for the potential scale-up of an adult erythroid cell line

Page 762: S Camarero-Espinosa, L Moroni
Janus 3D printed scaffolds for ultrasound stimulated bone regeneration

Page 763: S Vijayavenkataraman, K Sathya, G Sriram, T Cao, JYH Fuh, WF Lu
3D-printed PCL/PPy conductive scaffolds for neural tissue engineering

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Hyaluronan-based 3D extracellular matrix model to study cancer progression

Page 765: SC Santos, CA Custódio, JF Mano
Human platelet lysates-based hydrogels: A novel platform for tissue engineering applications

Page 766: S Al-Maawi, A Kubesch, R Sader, CJ Kirkpatrick, S Ghanaati
Liquid platelet-rich fibrin (i-PRF) enhances the vascularization of a non-crosslinked collagen matrix in vivo

Page 767: S Berndt, A Turzi, B Pittet-Cuénod, A Modarressi
Autologous platelet-rich plasma (CuteCellTM PRP) boosts safely human in vitro fibroblast expansion

Page 768: ST Robinson, E Dolan, C Maurerhofer, R Levey, R Beatty, GP Duffy
A therapeutic intraperitoneal reservoir (TherIP) and minimally invasive delivery system for regional, repeated intra-abdominal drug delivery

Page 769: U Bozuyuk, NO Dogan, IS Gokulu, S Kizilel
Deep insight into PEGylation of bioadhesive chitosan nanoparticles

Page 770: S Tamburaci, C Ersanli, F Tihminlioglu
Fabrication of bilayer scaffolds composed of 3D printed SMP and bioactive composite to mimic the bone tissue at macro-nano level

Page 771: SN Churbanov, AL Fayzullin, NV Minaev, EA Grebenik, PS Timashev
Application of surface-selective laser sintering for tissue engineering and drug delivery

Page 772: S Cortez Ghio, D Larouche, A Morissette, A Garnier, L Germain
A newly developed defined medium for human keratinocyte culture and skin substitute production

Page 773: S Garnica-Galvez, I Skoufos, A Tzora, N Diakakis, N Prassinos, J Dudhia, R Smith, S Korntner, DI Zeugolis
Macromolecular crowding as a means to produce self-assembled scaffold-free tissue equivalents

Page 774: S Dikici, N Mangır, M Yar, F Claeyssens, S MacNeil
2-deoxy-D-ribose (2dDR) and 17β-Estradiol (E2) releasing functional scaffolds for stimulating angiogenesis in ex-ovo CAM assay

Page 775: SS Ebadi, A Ahmadi, H Niknejad
Bone morphogenetic protein-9 and small-molecule phenamil synergistically induced osteogenic differentiation of intact human placenta membrane

Page 776: BJ Nooshin, S Rahmani, SS Shafiee, H Niknejad
Design, construction and optimizing of a constant pressure bioreactor for whole liver decellularization

Page 777: S Ghanaati, S Al-Maawi, P Thönisson, AM Teiler, J Lorenz, R Sader
Bilayered, non-cross-linked collagen matrix for regeneration of facial defects after skin cancer removal: a new perspective for biomaterial-based tissue reconstruction

Page 778: S Cohen, S Testa, C Fuoco, E Fornetti, C Gargioli, D Seliktar
Development of PEG-fibrinogen hydrogel controlled release system of antisense nucleotide in the treatment of duchenne muscular dystrophy

Page 779: SC Notodihardjo, N Morimoto, N Kakudo, T Mitsui, TM Le, Y Tabata, K Kusumoto
Gelatin hydrogel with concentrated and refrigerated lyophilized human platelet lysate as full-thickness wound treatment

Page 780: S Vasudevan, J Kajtez, A-I Bunea, NB Larsen, A Gonzalez-Ramos, M Kokaia, TR Moreno, A Martínez-Serrano, A Heiskanen, SS Keller, J Emnéus
Opto-electrical fiber for real-time optical stimulation and electrochemical detection of dopamine exocytosis

Page 781: S Wei, W Chen, Y Chen
Inflammatory controllable hydrogel for improving tissue-engineering blood vessels formation

Page 782: S Fahmy-Garcia, E Farrell, J Witte-Bouma, I Robbesom-van den Berge, M Suarez, D Mumcuoglu, H Walles, SGJM Kluijtmans, BCJ van der Eerden, GJVM van Osch, JPTM van Leeuwen, M. van Driel
Role for follistatin in bone tissue engineering?

Page 783: S Rana, DI Zeugolis
Impact of polyvinylpyrrolidone on extracellular matrix deposition and cell proliferation of WS1 fibroblast

Page 784: B Farhadihosseinabadi, S Shariatzadeh, A Jafari, T Tayebi, BJ Noushin, A Manzari-Tavakoli, H Niknejad
The co-application of freeze-dried amniotic membrane and lacto-n-neotetraose oligosaccharide as an inducer of type 2 immune response for full-thickness wound healing

Page 785: S Chiera, W Bonani, A Motta, C Migliaresi
Design of a new bioactive matrix to guide ligament regeneration

Page 786: A Ulloa-Fernández, S Castro-Piedra, L Rojas-Rojas, W Vargas-Segura, T Guillén-Girón
Tissue engineering experimental experience in Costa Rica: PCL/Dental LT resin scaffolds for skeletal muscle and bone tissue engineering

Page 787: S Dreher, V Dexheimer, V Tonnier, J Fischer, T Walker, S Diederichs, W Richter Hypertrophy associated regulation of RUNX3 and MEF2C during chondrogenesis of human mesenchymal progenitor cells

Page 788: SC Kellaway, JB Phillips, LJ White
Tissue-derived ECM hydrogels for peripheral nerve repair

Page 789: SW Partridge, J Snuggs, CL Le Maitre, C Sammon
Development of an injectable thermoresponsive polymer clay nanocomposite for the intervertebral disc

Page 790: S Bersini, M Gilardi, GS Ugolini, V Sansoni, G Talò, S Perego, S Zanotti, P Ostano, M Mora, M Soncini, M Vanoni, G Lombardi, M Moretti
Engineering an environment for the study of fibrosis: A 3D human muscle model with endothelium-specificity and endomysium

Page 791: S Russo, M Prieto Fraga, M Arruebo, MA Pérez, JM García-Aznar
Tissue engineering scaffolding: Computer aided in-vitro degradation model

Page 792: S Zhang, DF Duarte Campos, M Esteves-Oliveira, S Jockenhoevel, C Apel
The angiogenic potential of dental pulp stem cell - loaded hydrogels in an ex vivo bovine tooth model

Page 793: S Ribeiro, EM Fernandes, ME Gomes, RL Reis, Y Bayon, DI Zeugolis
Design and characterization of synthetic biodegradable films for soft tissue engineering

Page 794: LR Sousa, SG Patrício, LS Pires, JL Luís, TR Correia, VM Gaspar, JM Oliveira, JF Mano
Multipurpose liquid support matrixes-enabled 3D printing of engineered hydrogel constructs

Page 795: SJ Chae, JU Lee, D Yoon, GH Kim
Development of anisotropic fibrous bundle-like PCL structure for muscle tissue regeneration

Page 796: S Masterton, M Ahearne
Mechanical regulation of the corneal epithelium

Page 797: S Salinas-Fernández, M Santos, M Alonso, JC Rodríguez-Cabello
Elastin like recombinamers molecularly programed with a sequential three-stage gelation process as novel bioinks for 3D bioprinting

Page 798: S Ghosh, S Chawla, A Bandopadhay
Developmental biology inspired 3D bioprinted bone construct

Page 799: S Helfert, J Hellmeier, E Sevcik, R Liska, S Baudis
Tailor-made biointerfaces on oxidic substrates via polymer brushes

Page 800: S Scheurer, R Schipani, DJ Kelly, CJ Moran
Meniscus tissue engineering through 3D printing

Page 801: S Raimondo
Delayed reconstruction of peripheral nerves by mean of chitosan conduit filled with muscle fibers

Page 802: S Korntner, A De Pieri, Z Wu, E Pugliese, DI Zeugolis
Comparing scaffold and scaffold-free extracellular-matrix rich tissue substitutes for tendon enthesis regeneration

Page 803: S Carelli, T Giallongo, F Rey, T Zandrini, G Cerullo, R Osellame, AM Di Giulio, MT Raimondi
Therapeutic effect of neural progenitor cells expanded in the 3D nano-engineered Nichoid substrate in a Parkinson’s disease preclinical model

Page 804: PS Patrick, JC Bear, HE Fitzke, M Zaw-Thin, IP Parkin, MF Lythgoe, TL Kalber, DJ Stuckey
Radio-metal cross-linking of alginate hydrogels for non-invasive imaging

Page 805: S Rotman, M Wang, S Yang, DW Grijpma, RG Richards, FT Moriarty, D Eglin, TT Tang, O Guillaume
Antibiotic loaded poly(-caprolactone) microspheres functionalized with poly(aspartic acid) as bone targeting delivery system to treat infection

Page 806: S Alimperti, K Keim, P Salipante, S Hudson, D Graves
Oral epithelial-on-a-chip reveals a FOXO1 mechanism regulated in epithelial diabetic barrier

Page 807: S Sankar, A Bhatt, S Raavi, CS Sharma, SN Rath
Patient-specific spheroid-on-chip for cancer treatment: a combinatory drug treatment

Page 808: C Balbi, K Lodder, A Costa, S Moimas, F Moccia, F Campagnoli, V Rosti, T van Herwaarden, F Santini, L Barile, M Giacca, A Palmeri, P De Biasio, MJ Goumans, AM Smits, S Bollini
Triggering endogenous cardiac regeneration via human amniotic stem cell paracrine effects

Page 809: S Mao, C Chen, Y Chen
Two-step cross-linkable, injectable and customized serum hydrogel

Page 810: T Tayebi, A Baradaran-Rafii, A Zafari, B Farhadihosseinabadi, H Niknejad
Biofabrication of corneal endothelial grafts through culturing the human corneal endothelial cells on nanochitosan-polycaprolactone membrane

Page 811: T Akama, F Tao, N Kojima
High-performance iPS-derived hepatocytes by fabricating 3D culture

Page 812: T Pesqueira, J Borges, JF Mano
Engineering prevascularized tissue engineered constructs by harnessing the leaf vasculature on natural-origin multilayered membranes

Page 813: T Birman, T Nguyen, D Seliktar
Design and implementation of a 3D PEG-fibrinogen hydrogel system for high-throughput diagnostics and cancer cell growth characterization

Page 814: T Padrão, CC Coelho, P Costa, PA Quadros, SR Sousa, FJ Monteiro
Innovative bone substitute to prevent device-associated infections

Page 815: TE Paterson, DV Navarrete, F Claeyssens, S MacNeil, I Ortega
Making it softer: Using plasticisers to modify mechanical properties of microfabricated electrospun corneal membranes

Page 816: T Später, FS Frueh, RM Nickels, MD Menger, MW Laschke
Prevascularization of collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds: Stromal vascular fraction versus adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments

Page 817: M Nikolic, T Sustersic, CB Muller, YS Zhang, NE Vrana, N Filipovic
Monocyte behaviour under perfusion conditions for development of granuloma on-a-chip

Page 818: T Tylek, C Blum, T Schilling, K Schlegelmilch, A Hrynevich, P Dalton, J Groll
Pore size-dependent polarization of human macrophages towards the M2-type on melt-electrowritten scaffolds

Page 819: D Pellicciotta, RG Richards, D Eglin, M Alini, T Serra
A sound-induced technology for multiscale organization of perfusable micro-vessels networks

Page 820: T Kamperman, M Koerselman, C Kelder, J Hendriks, JF Crispim, X de Peuter, PJ Dijkstra, M Karperien, J Leijten
Spatiotemporal biomaterial functionalization via competitive supramolecular complexation of avidin and biotin analogs

Page 821: T Neumann, T Müller, D Stamov, H Haschke, T Jähnke1
Quantitative characterization of adhesion and cytomechanics of living cells on biomaterials and tissues

Page 822: TK Nguyen, JL Tipper, JB Phillips, RM Hall, JCF Kwok
Interaction between contusion velocity and depth influences astrocyte reactivity in an in vitro model of traumatic spinal cord injury

Page 823: T Cebe, A de Leeuw, M Balasubramanian, G Reilly
Quantification of collagen fibre structure in osteogenesis imperfecta using second harmonic generation imaging on polycaprolactone scaffold

Page 824: TC Sung, HF Li, CH Liu, A Higuichi
Differentiation of pluripotent stem cells on biomaterials immobilized ECM and ECM-derived peptides

Page 825: UK Roopavath, SN Rath
3D printed Sr2+ and Mg2+ doped calcium deficient apatite scaffolds as an angiogenic custom bone graft

Page 826: V Sharma, S Brown, N Kohli, L Hook, E García-Gareta
A novel pro-angiogenic fibrin-alginate technology for repair and regeneration of multiple tissues

Page 827: V Basoli, E Della Bella, M Alini, MJ Stoddart
Role of dexamethasone and (+)-ZK 216348 during chondrogenic fate in bone marrow stem cells

Page 828: V Parodi, T Zandrini, R Osellame, D Polli, G Cerullo, MT Raimondi
Characterization of stem cell differentiation in a 3D Nichoid scaffold through label-free multimodal microscopy

Page 829: V Russo, M El Khatib, A Mauro, P Berardinelli, MR Citeroni, O Di Giacinto, M Turriani, M Ancora, M Schnabelrauch, R Wyrwa, J Weisser, B Barboni
Tendon biomimetic scaffolds influence amniotic epithelial stem cells genotype and phenotype towards the tenogenic lineage

Page 830: V Vincoli, L Muratori, GA Bassani, G Ronchi, M Biagiotti, A Alessandrino, G Freddi, S Geuna
SilkBridge: A novel biomimetic and biocompatible silk-based nerve conduit

Page 831: V Gribova, NE Vrana, P Lavalle
Hyaluronic acid hydrogels with prolonged antibacterial activity

Page 832: VD Trikalitis, F Stein, J Perea-Paizal, N Salehi-Nik, J Rouwkema
Adaptation of 3D printing bioinks to mimic the mechanical properties of embryonic tissue for the purpose of vascularization

Page 833: V Delplace, A Ortin-Martinez, P Nickerson, AEG Baker, V Wallace, MS Shoichet
Inverse electron-demand Diels-Alder HA-based hydrogel improves retinal explant imaging

Page 834: V Domínguez-Arca, RR Costa, P Taboada, RL Reis, G Prieto, I Pashkuleva
Controlling the release from supported vesicle layers on LbL films

Page 835: V Ronfard, C Holenstein, L Barnes, Y Bayon
Automation of cellular and tissue therapy manufacturing

Page 836: V De Gregorio, B Corrado, S Sibilio, G Imparato, F Urciuolo, PA Netti
Microfluidic intestine-on-chip model induces stroma remodeling enhancing epithelial cell differentiation

Page 837: V Brancato, B Kundu, JM Oliveira, VM Correlo, RL Reis, SC Kundu
3D heterotypic breast cancer model based on silk fibroin matrices

Page 838: V Palomares Cabeza, N Fahy, J Witte-Bouma, CH Kiernan, E Wolvius, PAJ Brama, MJ Hoogduijn, E Farrell
In vivo survival of de novo bone generated by chondrogenically primed paediatric MSCs in the presence of an allogeneic humanised immune system

Page 839: M Monteiro, VM Gaspar, LP Ferreira, JF Mano
Engineering pseudo-3D and 3D osteosarcoma in vitro disease models in ECM-mimicking microenvironments

Page 840: O Alheib, LP da Silva, RL Reis, VM Correlo
Gellan gum-based biomimetic hydrogels to regenerate the skeletal muscle

Page 841: V Jeyakumar, N Amraish, E Niculescu-Morsza, C Bauer, D Pahr, S Nehrer
Cartilage derived extracellular matrix incorporated silk fibroin hybrid scaffolds for endochondral ossification mediated bone tissue regeneration

Page 842: V Fleischhacker, S Minkwitz, F Klatte-Schulz, M Rummler, A Seliger, BM Willie, B Wildemann
Does in vitro mechanical stimulation mimic in vivo loading of the Achilles tendon in mice? Pilot study

Page 843: VP Baklaushev, VG Bogush, OV Durov, VA Kalsin, MA Konoplyannikov, JE Ahlfors
Tissue engineered constructs for the treatment of spinal cord injury. The results of in vivo study on nonhuman primates

Page 844: V Parfenov, Y Khesuani, S Petrov, E Koudan, E Nezhurina, F Pereira, A Krokhmal, A Gryadunova, E Bulanova, M Vasiliev, K Brakke, S Belousov, T Grigoriev, E Osidak, P Karalkin, O Petrov, V Mironov
Magnetic levitational bioassembly in space

Page 845: WL Huang, TY Chen, A Higuchi
Establishment of patient-specific cancer cell lines from colon cancer tissues by membrane filtration method via nylon mesh filter and PLGA-silk screen membranes

Page 846: W Li, X Li, T Liu, K Song
Comparison and evaluation of tissue-engineered 3D tumor model based on different resources of biomaterials

Page 847: Controlled delivery of IL-1Ra to enhance long bone healing
W Lackington, M Hildebrand, M Alini, S Zeiter, M Stoddart, K Thompson

Page 848: W Yingnan, V Deslin, X Ren, CS Lee, FL Yap, Y Zheng, LE Hin
Nanotopography and substrate stiffness enhances mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis for articular cartilage regeneration

Page 849: X Wan, M Hill, D Ebner
Physiomimicking tumour microenvironment for phenotypic screening facilitated via 3D in vitro models

Page 850: XH Qin, R Müller
In situ photopatterning of 3D osteocyte microenvironments

Page 851: X Li, W Wang
Functionalised chondroitin sulfate based injectable hydrogel system for cartilage regeneration

Page 852: X Liu, MJ Song, S Michael, M Ferrer
Human reconstructed epidermis and vascularized bioprinted skin tissues as tissue-in-a-dish models for drug screening

Page 853: X Wang, M Li, Z Bian, C Hou, L Cao L Zhu
Icariin protects annulus fibrosus cells in a rat model of intervertebral disc degeneration by MAPK signaling inhibition

Page 854: X Hu, X Li, T Liu, K Song
A biomimetic cartilage gradient hybrid scaffolds for functional tissue engineering of cartilage

Page 855: Y Nossin, C Gorgun, R Tasso, JLM Koevoet, E Farrell, GJVM van Osch
Secretome of cartilage tissue engineered from chondrocytes or bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells induce angiogenesis

Page 856: Y Jeong, YK Jo, HJ Cha
Mussel protein nanoparticle-mediated photo-responsive system for cancer-specific photothermal-chemotherapy

Page 857: YC Chen
Designing materials to control stem cell-based blood vessel network formation for vascular tissue engineering

Page 858: Y Li, S Zhao, H Wei, Y Zhang
Stearic acid assisted poly(1,3-trimethylene carbonate) deposited on boiled-AZ31 for biodegradable bone implants application

Page 859: Y Torres, N Da Silva, N Chellaoui, A Grémare, R Siadous, N L’Heureux
Towards the production of a new animal model of tissue engineered vascular graft (TEVG): The production of CAM sheets from large animal skin fibroblasts

Page 860: YJ Lee, JW Rhie
Wound healing of adipose stem cell-derived extracellular matrix sheet on full thickness skin defect in diabetic rat model

Page 861: Y-E Park, M Watson, K Callon, M Zhu, D Tuari, B Matthews, D Naot, J Cornish, DS Musson
The effect of Lactoferrin delivered in absorbable collagen sponge on bone regeneration in a rat calvarial defect model

Page 862: YR Huang, NY Ku, A Higuchi
Differentiation of human amniotic fluid stem cells cultured on biomaterials having nanosegments

Page 863: Y Pang, CJ Zhao, W Sun
Implantable cervix with protein sustained release functionality by 3D printing

Page 864: YC Lee, NJ Ku, A Higuchi
A hybrid-membrane migration method to isolate high-purity of adipose-derived stem cells from fat tissues through membranes coated with extracellular matrices

Page 865: Y Wang, K Kanie, K Kaneko, A Ogata, Y Narita, T Takezawa, R Kato
Cell-selective peptide functionalized polysaccharide-collagen hybrid material for medical application

Page 866: F Liu, G Li, Y Yang
Synergistic effect of surface elasticity and topology of nerve implants on peripheral nerve regeneration

Page 867: Y Polo, J Luzuriaga, I Irastorza, JM Encinas, JR Pineda, G Ibarretxe, F Unda, A Larrañaga, JR Sarasua
Nanostructured scaffolds based on bioresorbable polymers and graphene oxide to promote neurodifferentiation of dental pulp-derived stem cells

Page 868: Y Yoshinoya, AH Böcker, T Ruhl, B-S Kim, JP Beier
The influence of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the biology of adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells

Page 869: Y Imai, K Yoshida, K Kanie, R Kato
In-process evaluation of cell manufacturing process using morphology-based image analysis

Page 870: Z Keskin-Erdogan, JC Knowles
The utilisation of bioprinted tissue constructs oriented with phosphate glass fibres for repair of neural injuries

Page 871: Z Bal, K Takashi, H Ishiguro, R Okada, J Kushioka, J Kodama, P Korkusuz, E Ciftci Dede, H Yoshikawa, F Korkusuz
A novel composite of nanohydroxyapatite (nHAp), synthetic polymer (PLA-PEG) and bone morphogenetic protein 2 (rhBMP-2) for bone regeneration

Page 872: J Du, RG Long, D Sakai, LM Benneker, JC Iatridis, M Alini, S Grad, Z Li
Cell seeded collagen-polyurethane scaffold supplemented with TGFβ for annulus fibrosus repair


Page 873: A Flis, F Koper, W Kasprzyk, E Pamuła
Poly(diol citrates) as versatile biomaterials: synthesis,  surface properties and cytocompatibility studies

Page 874: M Lemoine, D Brennan, C O’Brien, F O’Brien, A Hibbitts
A modified hyaluronic acid hydrogel for enhancing trabeculectomy recovery in glaucoma patients

Page 875: S Zigon-Branc, M Markovic, J Van Hoorick, S Van Vlierberghe, P Dubruel, E Zerobin, S Baudis, A Ovsianikov
Impact of hydrogel stiffness on differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cell microspheroids

Page 876: AV Butenko, AV Pekshev, AF Vanin, AL Fayzullin, TG Rudenko, AB Shekhter
The application of gaseous nitric oxide and nitric oxide donors for wound healing

Page 877: A Krawczenko, A Bielawska-Pohl, M Paprocka, H Kraśkiewicz, A Klimczak
Microvesicles released by human endothelial progenitor cells and adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells support cells involved in wound healing process

Page 878: S Gromolak, A Krawczenko, A Antonczyk, J Biezynski, B Liszka, Z Kielbowicz, A Klimczak
Osteogenic potential and deposition of ovine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells onto 3D-scaffold for bone repair

Page 879: AL Cartaxo, MF Estrada, G Domenici, C Pinto, R Roque, S André, C Brito
A patient-based 3D breast cancer cell model to tackle ER signalling

Page 880: VH Santosa, JP Pfeifera, JB Souzaa, MA Golim, E Deffunec, CA Hussnia, ALG Alves
Evaluation of encapsulated mesenchymal stem cell joint migration in horses

Page 881: AV Tsvetkova, IV Vakhrushev, AA Gryadunova, YB Basok, AM Grigoriev, SA Khorkova, EK Nezhurina, EV Koudan, EA Bulanova, YG Hesuani, VA Mironov, KN Yarygin1
Changes in mechanical properties of chondrogenically differentiating MSC spheroids

Page 882: AA Kiss, N Popovics, Z Boldogkői, K Csiszár, M Mink
Z-disc streaming and incorrect sarcomere assembly in Drosophila col4a1 mutants

Page 883: A Schwab, L Ambrosio, M Alini, D Eglin, M D`Este
Anisotropic properties of a hyaluronic acid collagen biomaterial ink to control cellular behavior

Page 884: T Klein, A Garcia-Garcia, PE Bourgine, I Martin
Building a standardized human hematopoietic stem cell niche in vitro

Page 885: A Zaszczynska, PŁ Sajkiewicz, A Gradys
Piezoelectric polymeric nanofibers as smart scaffolds for tissue engineering

Page 886: A Diez-Escudero, J Bohlin, P Procter, J Hilborn, C Persson
Bone augmentation using non-setting injectable materials

Page 887: AM Tryba, M Krok-Borkowicz, C Paluszkiewicz, E Pamuła
Surface functionalization of poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide) membranes with amphiphilic poly(2-oxazolines)

Page 888: A Consalus, J Arivalagan, F Poirier, A Boccon, H Guibourt, D Lutomski
Proteomic approach for bone tissue engineering

Page 889: A Ahmadi, SS Ebadi, R Mazloomnejad-Meybodi, N Halvaei, H Niknejad
Recent advances on application of small molecules as osteogenic inducers

Page 890: A Richard, RS Verma
Electrospun nanofiber yarns as sutures to repair wounds

Page 891: G Vagropoulou, M Trentsiou, A Bakopoulou, A Georgopoulou, M Chatzinikolaidou, P Koidis
Translational study on dentin regeneration by means of bio-inspired scaffolds and stem cells

Page 892: M Bousnaki, A Bakopoulou, E Vereroudakis, A Georgopoulou, A Kritis, M Chatzinikolaidou, P Koidis
Perfusion bioreactor enhances fibrochondrogenic differentiation of Dental Stem Cells/Chitosan-Gelatin constructs under hypoxic conditions

Page 893: DSDC Avelino, I-S Choi, K Park
Stromal cells behavior during artificial wound healing via a novel 3D microgap model

Page 894: L Ouyang, A Moore, JA Burdick, W Sun
Practical guide to extrusion-based 3D bioprinting

Page 895: B Woźniak, J Rogowska-Tylman, A Chodara, USzałaj, W Łojkowski1, R. Mrugas
Sonocoating of polymeric orthopaedic textiles with bioactive nanoparticles

Page 896: B Niemczyk, P Sajkiewicz, A Gradys
Methylcellulose as a smart thermosensitive scaffold material for tissue engineering

Page 897: B Engel, J Suppan, S Nürnberger, M Marchetti-Deschmann
An insight into the bioadhesives of the ixodid ticks Amblyomma hebraeum and Dermacentor marginatus

Page 898: DA Frauchiger, RD May, E Džafo, X Zhang, J Stoyanov, A Bertolo, LM Benneker, D Sakai, S Grad, MA Tryfonidou, B Gantenbein
FACS reveals more Pluripotent Intervertebral Disc Progenitor Cells compared to MACS and pluriSelect

Page 899: E Džafo, RD May, EJ Müller, S Baertschi, O Naveiras, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
Investigation of the effect of nicotinamide riboside on primary human bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells in vitro

Page 900: BA Dikici, GC Reilly, F Claeyssens
Development of Emulsion Templated Scaffolds Manufactured from Photocurable Polycaprolactone

Page 901: F Will, H Richter, I Bleeker, B Stolze
Optical coherence guided laser based preparation of tissue, scaffolds and biomaterials for analysis in regenerative medicine

Page 902: B Ghosh, J Chatterjee
Scarring in an arecanut-induced fibrotic skin tissue environment

Page 903: C Paoletti, C Divieto, F Di Meglio, D Nurzynska, V Chiono
Direct reprogramming of human cardiac fibroblasts to cardiomyocytes using microRNA mimics

Page 904: C Couture, E Gillard, P Desjardins, L Germain, SL Guérin
Gene repression of the CREB transcription factor promotes the healing of wounded human tissue-engineered corneas

Page 905: C Marijon, JPK Armstrong, SC Skaalure, I Mylonaki, R El Laham, DJ Stuckey, SE Harding, MM Stevens
Development of a microgel-based extracellular vesicle delivery system for heart repair

Page 906: F Bolan, I Louca, C Heal, CJ Cunningham
The potential of biomaterial-based approaches as therapies for ischaemic stroke: A systematic review of preclinical studies

Page 907: F Bolan, I Louca, C Heal, CJ Cunningham
The potential of biomaterial-based approaches as therapies for ischaemic stroke: A systematic review of preclinical studies

Page 908: D Lee, C Cha
Combined effects of co-culture and substrate mechanics on 3D tumor spheroid formation within microgels prepared via flow-focusing microfluidic fabrication

Page 909: M Li, C Zhang, Z Fan
PRMT6 inhibits the migration ability of stem cells from the apical papilla

Page 910: C.-S Kim, H Choi, SW Kim, D-I Sun
The ability of conditioned media from stem cells to repair vocal fold injuries

Page 911: C Chappell, C Deans, O Tsigkou, B Derby
Investigation of endothelial cell viability and growth on 3D printed GelMa vascular networks

Page 912: L Caballero-Aguilar, C Onofrillo, C O’Connell, S Duchi, S Moulton, C Di Bella
Chondrogenic hydrogel for cartilage bioprinting

Page 913: C Di Bella, C Onofrillo, S Doyle, C O’Connell, S Duchi
In situ bioprinting for cartilage regeneration is superior to standard bench-based biofabrication techniques

Page 914: D Loca, M Skrinda, Z Irbe, J Loc
α-TCP bone cements for bone tissue regeneration

Page 915: D Akilbekova, H David, M Rubert, XH Qin, R Müller
A double-crosslinking approach for high-fidelity 3D bioprinting of cell-laden scaffolds

Page 916: M García-Arranz, AI García-Guillén, CM Martínez, D García-Olmo, AG Zapata, R Sackstein, JM Moraleda, D García-Bernal2
Cell surface glycan engineering of CD44 potentiates the immunomodulatory properties of adipose mesenchymal stem cells

Page 917: D Porrelli, M Mardirossian, F Vecchies, M Pacor, F Berton, C Stacchi, R Di Lenarda, G Turco
Antibacterial and bioactive nanofibrous membranes for tissue engineering applications

Page 918: D Bakkalci, S Fedele, U Cheema
Development of 3D Tumour Models for Ameloblastoma

Page 919: AM Pavlou, D Andreadis, A Bakopoulou, I Bonovolias, A Kritis, A Poulopoulos
Differentiation of stem cells from minor salivary glands of oral mucosa into insulin-producing b-cells of pancreas. Science fiction or reality? 

Page 920: R Vasyliev, V Oksymets, A Rodnichenko, A Zlatska, О Gubar, I Gordiienko, V Khadzhinova, N Oliinyk, D Zubov
Avascular necrosis of the femoral head: retrospective analysis of tissue-engineered bone equivalent applications

Page 921: A Zlatska, A Rodnichenko, I Gordiienko, О Gubar, L Litvinova, V Shupletsova, K Yurova, N Todosenko, D Zubov, R Vasyliev
Analysis of human Cultured endometrial mesenchymal stromal cell properties under xeno-free conditions

Page 922: D Kolbuk-Konieczny, O Urbanek-Swiderska, O Jeznach
Hybrid scaffold to anterior cruciate ligament regeneration

Page 923: E Yeo, H Markedies, J Oliver, A El Haj, S Waters
Mathematical modeling of magnetically targeted stem cell delivery

Page 924: M Markou, D Kouroupis, E Barka, F Badounas, D Stellas, T Fotsis, E Bagli, C Murphy
Generation of 3D vascular units for tissue engineering applications

Page 925: D Loca, E Tracuma, J Locs
Controlled release gentamicin delivery systems for bone regeneration applications

Page 926: K Shankar, E Dory, A Hegglin, J Gao, C Sfeir
Comparison of pre-osteoconductive characteristics of commercially available xenografts and a novel xenograft

Page 927: E Andrés Sastre, GJVMvan Osch, JW Bouma, E Farrell
COMP’s derived potential matricryptins show no role on specific aspects of joint regeneration

Page 928: E Karabulut, L Stridh Orrhult, P Gatenholm
3D bioprinting of soft tissue models using nanocellulose-based cell instructive bioinks

Page 929: E Karabulut, DM Pedrotty, V Kuzmenko, AM Sugrue, C Livia, V Vaidya, CJ McLeod, SJ Asirvatham, P Gatenholm, S Kapa
3D printed conductive biopatches for cardiac conduction

Page 930: E Bakirci, O Dahri, E Cebellos, A Hrynevich, J Groll, N Schäfer, C Villmann, PD Dalton
Design and development of a melt electrowritten in vitro radial migration assay

Page 931: F Alhamoudi, AA Chaudhry, GC Reilly, IU Rehman
Bioactive composite polyurethane/hydroxyapatite (PU/HA) for orbital floor repair

Page 932: F Biniazan, F Rajaei, A Manzari-Tavakoli, F Safaeinejad, H Niknejad
Signaling pathways involved in regulation of keratinocyte differentiation of stem cells

Page 933: A Manzari-Tavakoli, F Biniazan, A Moghimi, H Niknejad, F Safaeinejad
BMP Signaling cross-talk with other pathways in neural differentiation

Page 934: F Campos, M Carmona, MA Martín-Piedra, A Irastorza, D Sánchez-Porras, S Oyonarte, I Garzón, A Campos, M Alaminos, V Carriel
In vivo biocompatibility analysis of crosslinked fibrin-agarose hydrogels for tissue engineering applications

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Biomechanical characterization of human skin substitutes developed by tissue engineering

Page 936: FE Freeman, P Pitacco, J Nulty, DC Browe, J Shin, E Alsberg, DJ Kelly
Printing spatio-temporally defined patterns of growth factors for controlled tissue regeneration

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Identification of candidate adhesive proteins in Drosophila melanogaster saliva

Page 938: A Silva, G Perrod, L Pidial, C Wilhelm, O Clément, F Gazeau, G Rahmi
Digestive fistula healing via a thermoresponsive hydrogel (and adipose stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles): from pre-clinical to clinical investigation

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Improvement of a 3-layered in vitro skin model for topical application of irritating substances

Page 940: S Tamburaci, C Kimna, S Deger, F Tihminlioglu
Fabrication of silica nanocage incorporated composite scaffolds coated with drug loaded chitosan/MMT nanospheres for tissue regeneration at bone-cartilage interface

Page 941: G Le-Bel, P Desjardins, C Couture, S Cortez Ghio, E Gillard, L Germain, SL Guérin
Influence of the human cornea post-mortem time on human corneal epithelial cells used for tissue-engineered cornea

Page 942: G Della Porta, N Maffulli
Controlled Delivery of hBMP-2 within a 3D Matrix Bioengineered with human-Mesenchymal Stem Cells: a FEM approach for growth factor mass transfer simulation

Page 943: G Reinfeldt Engberg, M Fossum, A Nordenskjöld
Quality of life in urogenital congenital malformations with existing lack of tissue

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Dental pulp stem cells and their extracellular vesicles as proangiogenic tool for tooth regeneration

Page 945: G Günal, A Tevlek, HM Aydin
Elastomer reinforced decellularized myocardium constructs

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Designing of cell laden nanofibers reinforced peptide conjugated hydrogel for vascularized bone tissue

Page 947: G Kim, J Lee, DH Woo, HJ Park, K Park, DS Ko, JH Kim
Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cell lines with cytochrome P450 enzyme polymorphisms (CYP2C19*2/CYP3A5*3C) and defective CYP activities

Page 948: H Rammal, M Dubus, N Bercu, SC Gongloff, F Quilès, H Kerdjoudj
Micro/nanoscale biochemical characterization of human stem cells mechanobiologically induced bone-like nodules

Page 949: H Rammal, N Akilal, SC Gangloff, Y Khelfaoui, H Kerdjoudj1
Cowries derived aragonite as raw biomaterials for bone regenerative medicine

Page 950: H Pirmahboub, M Vierthaler, S Traub, E Ade, R Horlacher, J Utikal, C Lee-Thedieck
Biomimetic hydrogels for human induced pluripotent stem cells

Page 951: G Baysan, RB Husemoglu, H Havitcioglu
Coating of hydroxyapatite, aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide by sol-gel method on 3D printed polylactic acid structures: Pilot study

Page 952: H-J Kang, AR Padalhin, B-T Lee
In-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of TCP loaded Hya-gel/BCP bone grafts with hemostatic ability

Page 953: H-W Liu, C-Y Liu, W-T Su
Gelatin-poly (γ-glutamic acid) scaffolds fabricated by flow focusing microfluidic devices for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 954: H-W Liu, W-C Hsu, C-C Hu
Bevacizumab inhibits choroid-retinal endothelial cells proliferation in three-dimensional modeling of angiogenesis

Page 955: H Mishbak, G Cooper, P Bartolo
Hybrid photocurable alginate/gelatin macromers bioink toward for cartilage applications

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Enhancing pancreatic islet-like cluster differentiation from hPSC by nanotopographical regulation using a gradient-pattern chip

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Direct conversion of fibroblasts into cardiomyocytes using exosomes derived from the process of cardiomyocytes differentiation

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A novel hydrogel for tissue engineering: remodeling and neovasculatization

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Comparison of various sources of MSCs in regard to their potential use in cartilage bioprinting

Page 960: I Apsite, S Salehi, L Ionov
Electrospun stimuli-responsive mats for muscle tissue regeneration

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Generation of prevascularized oral mucosa substitutes: A functionalized approach for oral mucosa and palate regeneration

Page 963: I Carmagnola, A Scalzone, P Gentile, V Chiono, G Ciardelli
Bioartificial gelatin coated PLGA membranes for wound healing

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In vitro study of composite µ-gels for hard tissues regeneration

Page 965: EV Dzhussoeva, IN Saburina, AA Gorkun, IM Zurina, NV Kosheleva, TD Kolokoltsova, SG Morozov
Spheroids from human melanocytes as a test-system for drug screening and as a cellular module for tissue engineering

Page 966: J Seiler, K Loger, L Cyganek, SN Gorb, G Lutter, I Haben
Induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells seeded on electrospun PCL nanofibers as matrix for tissue engineering

Page 967: M Freytag, J Seiler, A Paur, SN Gorb, G Lutter, I Haben
Shortened decellularization protocol for porcine pulmonary heart valves as matrix for seeding with human and ovine progenitor cells

Page 968: I Calejo, R Costa-Almeida, RL Reis, ME Gomes
Engineering continuous textured composite microfibers for tendon-to-bone mimicry

Page 969: R Costa-Almeida, I Calejo, RMA Domingues, RL Reis, ME Gomes
Multi-compartment multifunctional composite living fibers for tendon tissue engineering and regeneration

Page 970: A Kurowska, E Menaszek, I Rajzer
Layered scaffolds for nasal cartilages reconstruction fabricated by 3D printing and electrospinning

Page 971: JY Kim, WJ Kim, M Kim, JY Lee, GH Kim
Micro-fibrous multilayered PCL/gelatin scaffold with aligned topological cue using MEHD for skeletal muscle regeneration

Page 972: J Pyszkowski, E Breel
Development and validation of a new integrated nanoindentation imaging and incubation mechanobiology platform for the characterization of bio-samples

Page 973: P Domalik-Pyzik, K Kosowska, M Hunger, J Chlopek
Polysaccharides-based hydrogels for osteochondral defects regeneration

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Production of cytokines by injured cornea in in vitro and in vivo experimental models after the treatment with mesenchymal stem cells

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Decellularized human pericardium crosslinked and coated with bioactive molecular assemblies - Comparison for applications in cardiovascular surgery

Page 976: J Sogorkova, S Karel, M Flegel, V Velebny
Novel scaffold for TE/RM based on hyaluronic acid-peptide conjugate

Page 977: J Tomasch, B Maleiner, C Hromada, A Teuschl, D Rünzler, C Fuchs
Effects of type, duration and time point of mechanical stimulation in myogenesis

Page 978: JS Son, JH Kim
Functional correction of hemophilia A phenotype using patient-derived iPSCs and genome editing

Page 979: JY Park, SJ Uhm, J Han, JS Son, G Lee, HJ Kim, KJ Park, G Kim, GS Cho, JS Kim, J-H Kim
Production of a highly purified hepatocytes derived from various human pluripotent stem cell lines using a chemically modified compound

Page 980: J Zhang, P Padmanaban, J Rouwkema
Patterning vasculature within individual tissue building blocks

Page 981: J Idaszek, M Volpi, M Nguyen Quoc, M Constantini, N Contessi, S Farè, W Święszkowski
The effect of secondary crosslinking on material and biological properties of alginate and alginate-based 3D fibrous scaffolds

Page 982: JMM Rodrigues, AMS Costa, JF Mano
Injectable Hhydrogels with self-healing ability for tissue regeneration

Page 983: J Kucerova, Z Riedelova, E Brynda, T Riedel
Fibrin-heparin coatings of cardiovascular implants serving as a reservoir of growth factor promoting endothelialization

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Biomimetic cartilage/bone interface

Page 985: J Buschmann, Y Yamada, K Schulz-Schönhagen, SC Hess, WJ Stark, C Opelz, W Weder, W Jungraithmayr
Stem cell-seeded hybrid nanocomposite for chest wall repair in a murine model

Page 986: M Hackl, I Lämmermann, O Kanzler, R Grillari-Voglauer, J Grillari
From replicative senescence to cell models, diagnostics and therapies of age-associated diseases: stories of translation

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Isolation of single donor fibrinogen (sDFib) from single donor blood plasma bags

Page 988: JW Rhie, YJ Lee, SH Moon, JH Shim, HH Han, DW Cho
Maxillofacial reconstruction using patient-specific 3D-printed biodegradable scaffold

Page 989: J Jeon, MS Kim, J-W Kim, JK Hyun
Effectiveness of microchannel-based nerve conduit for peripheral nerve regeneration of rats

Page 990: J Jose, V Muthuvijayan
A novel, rapid and cost-effective method for separating drug-loaded liposomes

Page 991: J Snuggs, C Rustenberg, K Emanuel, S Partridge, C Sammon, T Smit, C Le Maitre
A caprine model of intervertebral disc degeneration: a testing platform for an injectable hydrogel

Page 992: J Snuggs, A Thorpe, C Hutson, S Partridge, C Sammon, C Le Maitre
Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in an injectable hydrogel under the conditions of the degenerate intervertebral disc

Page 993: W Guo, J Du
ALK5 is essential for tooth germ differentiation during tooth development

Page 994: J Dulnik, P Sajkiewicz
Optimisation of gelatin crosslinking in bicomponent electrospun nanofibres with the use of EDC/NHS

Page 995: J Higuchi, B Woźniak, A Chodara, G Fortunato, A Dommann, W Łojkowski
Novel electrospun implant ultrasonically coated with nHA particles for tissue engineering applications

Page 996: L Bourguet, C Kuoshe, C Muller, NE Vrana, J Barthès
3D printing of pluronic sacrificial scaffolds to develop gelatin prevascularized hydrogels

Page 997: J-H Choi, MS Kim, J-W Kim, JK Hyun
Enhancement of axonal outgrowth after spinal cord transection of rats using neurotrophic factor-containing microchannel scaffold

Page 998: P Umprasert, J Ratanavaraporn
Silk fibroin/gelatin film incorporating antibiotic silver sulfadiazine for medical application

Page 999: KS Strobel, J Stegemann, B Walters, B Rolauffs
Are cyclic stretch-induced cell and nucleus deformations mechanical input-energy-dependent?

Page 1000: K Neumannova, L Machova-Urdzikova, JCF Kwok, JW Fawcett, P Jendelova
Adaptation of tape removal test for sensation measurement in perineal area of rat

Page 1001: KV Timms, JL Tipper, RM Ichiyama, JB Phillips, JCF Kwok, L Urdzikova, RM Hall
Modelling non-traumatic spinal cord injury in-vitro

Page 1002: W Li, X Li, T Liu, K Song
A novel tissue-engineered 3D tumor model for anti-cancer drug discovery

Page 1003: K Nesporova, H Vagnerova, V Velebny
Pyrogenity evaluation of biodegradable material based on hyaluronan using monocyte activation test

Page 1004: K Salma-Ancane, A Sceglovs, J Vecstaudza, D Loca
Bioactive Composite Hydrogels Based on Hydroxyapatite/ε-Polylysine/Hyaluronic Acid

Page 1005: A Mauroux, P Joncour, B Closs, S Germain, S Bordes, F Ruggiero, L Muller
Papillary and reticular fibroblasts differentially regulate angiogenesis in tissue-engineered cell sheets

Page 1006: L Paasonen, J Spencer-Fry
Plant-derived cellulose hydrogel as a matrix for 3D human stem cell proliferation and differentiation

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In situ gelation by UV curing in nasal cavity for multiple sclerosis treatment

Page 1008: L Moreira Teixeira, C Paggi, S Piluso, J Leijten, J Malda, R van Weeren, S Le Gac, M Karperien
A modular joint-on-chip approach to study cellular cross-communication in a simulated osteoarthritic micro-environment

Page 1009: L Elowsson Rendin, A Löfdahl, C Müller, H Isaksson, L Bjermer, E Åhrman, J Malmström, G Westergen-Thorsson
Repopulated healthy and IPF lung scaffolds show temporal differences in ECM turnover

Page 1010: L Karlsson, O Rosmark, A-K Larsson Callerfelt, L Elowsson Rendin, G Westergen-Thorsson
A novel bioreactor for studies of lung regeneration

Page 1011: L De Moor, S Fernandez, M Minne, C Vercruysse, L Tytgat, S Van Vlierberghe, P Dubruel, H Declercq
Bioprinting of (fibro)cartilage microtissues using a photocrosslinkable gelatin

Page 1012: LW Hsu, WJ Huang, YJ Chang, WL Chen, SM Hwang
Generation of functional corneal endothelial cells from human embryonic stem cells for cornea regeneration medicine

Page 1013: C McQuitty, D Natarajan, WT Ma, L Sassi, RR Siena, O Ajayi, A Pellegata, P De Coppi, A Riva, S Chokshi, L Urbani
Cross-talk between immune cells, ECM and hepatic cells in a bioengineered model of liver fibrosis

Page 1014: L Vidal, S Krissian, MA Brennan, Y Massouz, S Raymond, MP Ginebra, J De Lima, P Humbert, C Kampleitner, P Rosset, P Layrolle
Reconstruction of large bone defect in sheep with customized 3D printed calcium phosphate scaffolds

Page 1015: L Vidal, M Maillard, L Marchandet, B Brulin, J De Lima, P Humbert, G Louarn, E Courtial, L Pourchet, C Mandon, CA Marquette, P Layrolle
An innovative bioink for 3D bioprinting of mesenchymal stem cells

Page 1016: L Wolfová, V Lukášová, V Sofková, M Šupová, T Suchý
Materials based on human bone extracellular matrix for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Page 1017: M Malki, A Shapira, T Dvir
Controlled release systems based on increase the conductivity of natural materials

Page 1018: M Mata, L Milián, M Oliver-Ferrandiz, MF Mínguez, C Carda, M Sancho Tello
Alginate/agarose scaffolds induce gene expression of cartilage-related genes in vitro

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Novel potential polymeric nanostructurated scaffolds for guided bone regeneration processes

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Elastin-like recombinamers-coated surfaces for smart cell harvesting

Page 1021: M Lindner, DD Stöbener, A Hoppensack, L Elomaa, M Weinhart
Are dynamic culture conditions influencing the detachment of confluent cell sheets from thermoresponsive surfaces?

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In vitro degradation of collagen-nanohydroxyapatite membranes

Page 1023: K Parkatzidis, M Kaliva, M Chatzinikolaidou, M Farsari, M Vamvakaki
Biopolymer-based, BMP-2 functionalized laser fabricated 3D scaffolds promotes mineralized matrix formation

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Bio-inspired, biocompatible thymol-functionalized 3D scaffolds with antimicrobial activity

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Near infrared light-activated drug delivery

Page 1026: K Márquez-Flórez, D Garzón-Alvarado, C Carda, M Sancho Tello
Computational model for the cartilage regeneration process induced by scaffold implantation

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Chondrocytes maintain their phenotype and viability after exposed to a magnetic field in vitro

Page 1028: L Casarrubios, N Gómez-Cerezo, MJ Feito, M Vallet-Regí, D Arcos, MT Portolés
Nanotherapeutic strategy to promote bone regeneration. Effects of ipriflavone-loaded mesoporous nanospheres on in vitro osteogenesis

Page 1029: K Parkatzidis, G Noirbent, D Ladika, M Chatzinikolaidou, F Dumur, M Farsari, M Vamvakaki
Highly efficient and biocompatible photoinitiators for multi-photon polymerization

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Multi-functional antimicrobial surface coatings

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Structural and histochemical properties of the attachment cement from Dermacentor marginatus

Page 1032: M Fürsatz, C Gahleitner, B Schädl, H Redl, S Nürnberger
A culturing system for induction of autonomous pellet formation for chondrogenic differentiation

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In vitro Study of Ti-34Nb-6Sn alloy in mesenchymal stem cell culture for biomedical applications

Page 1034: M Assunção, A Blocki
Mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular matrices assembled in the presence of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid exhibit anti-inflammatory properties

Page 1035: M Pravda, L Kovarova, I Scigalkova, V Velebny
In situ gellable hyaluronan based hydrogels with antimicrobial activity

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Chitosan/hyaluronate blends and their modification as gradient materials for osteochondral tissue regeneration

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Novel decellularization techniques for peripheral nerves

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Engineering of in vitro vascular anastomosis under vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) gradients in a microfluidic device

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3D extracellular matrix derived model of alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma

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Microsphere-mediated delivery of anti-inflammatory cytokines in inflammatory in vitro chondrocyte models

Page 1041: ML Monaco, P Gervois, J Beaumont, P Clegg, A Bronckaers, J-M Vandeweerd, I Lambrichts
Dental pulp stem cells and leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin for articular cartilage repair

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MSC metabolimaging to discern the influence of substrate elasticity and perfusion flow using fluorescent lifetime imaging microscopy with a miniaturised optically accessible bioreactor

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Generation of novel models of artificial human skin functionalized with differentiated mesenchymal stem cells

Page 1045: MJ Ainsworth, CHG Metz, AK Braat, JPG Sluijter, J Malda, A van Mil, M Castilho
Engineered melt-electrowritten myocardial patches using co-cultured human-derived cardiac cells

Page 1046: M de Ruijter, P Diloksumpan, I Dokter, H Brommer, FM Braganca, R Levato, PR van Weeren, M Castilho, J Malda
Multi-scale fabrication of an osteochondral implant with hierarchy in fiber orientation and cell distribution

Page 1047: MJS Ferreira, S Moxon, SJ Kimber, A Gloria, AC Fonseca, JFJ Coelho, NM Hooper, M Domingos
Enhanced chondrogenic activity of 3D Bioprinted poly(ester urea) scaffolds

Page 1048: C Gonçalves, SS Silva, JM Gomes, IM Oliveira, FR Maia, H Radhouani, RL Reis, JM Oliveira
Green processing of SAIB-chitin scaffolds for tissue engineering applications

Page 1049: S Vieira, P Strymecka, L Stanaszek, J Silva-Correia, B Lukomska, RL Reis, P Walczak, JM Oliveira
Manganese-based methacrylated gellan gum hydrogels as injectable system for image-guided cell delivery

Page 1050: M Brown, NYK Li-Jessen
Mechanical suitability of a decellularized extracellular matrix (dECM) hydrogel for vocal fold tissue engineering

Page 1051: M Chudickova, I Vackova, L Urdzikova-Machova, S Kubinova
The effect of Wharton jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells and their conditioned media in the treatment of rat spinal cord injury

Page 1052: M-C Tsai, N-H Tai, Y-C Chen
Viscous finger as pattern of vasculogenesis

Page 1053: M-J Choi, B-T Lee
Endothelization in the recellularized rat kidney

Page 1054: K Amirzadeh gougheri, MH Farjoo, H Niknejad
Exosomes in diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Hype or hope?

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Recent advances in placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells and their exosomes in cancer therapy

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How ex vivo vascular human-based models can give new insights in the study of vascular diseases

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Multi-compartment hydrogel capsules for topological 3D co-culture studies

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PHLDA3 overexpression in astrocytes causes endoplasmic reticulum stress

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STARSTEM: NanoSTARs imaging for stem cell therapy

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Animal moldels for investigation of gold storage solution in organ transplantation

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The current approaches on angiogenesis in decellularized scaffolds

Page 1062: N Kohli, P Sawadkar, S Ho, V Sharma, M Snow, S Powell, M Woodruff, L Hook, E García-Gareta
A proof of concept for scaffold testing: ex ovo chorioallantoic membrane assay for pre-screening scaffolds intended for clinical application

Page 1063: O Deryabina, M Skok, O Lykhmus, N Shuvalova, O Toporova, V Kordium
Intravenously injected human mesenchymal stem cells restore brain damage and memory impairment in mice

Page 1064: O Cegielska, P Sajkiewicz
Mucoadhesive nanofibers for brinzolamide delivery

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Expression and activity of TRPA1 and TRPV1 in the intervertebral disc: association with inflammation and matrix remodeling

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Hyperacute serum therapy: the evaluation of regenerative potential in osteoarthritis treatment - In-vitro and in-vivo study

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Surface functionalization of polyesters nanofibers via aminolysis and gelatin immobilization

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The recent advances on the ingredients of cold storage solutions for liver transplantation

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Human dental pulp stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles stimulate the expression of microglial TREM2

Page 1071: P Desjardins, C Couture, L Germain, S Guérin
A new role for the WNK1 kinase in corneal wound healing

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The effect of simulated microgravity on 3D Bioprinted vascular construct

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3D Bioprinting of autologous adipose tissue for wound healing

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Auxetic and composite scaffolds show potential for use in tissue engineering

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Tecoflex-based electrospun vascular grafts: in vitro and in vivo study

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Diclofenac and paclitaxel release from electrospun 3D matrices

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Effect of pore microarchitecture in extracellular matrix derived scaffolds on chondrogenesis of bone marrow cells

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Page 1079: Á Borque-Fernando, Á Gutiérrez-Dalmau, Á García de Jalón, LM Esteban, V Alastrué, P Moreo
Assessing the effect of vasodilator in preservation and resuscitation experiments in an ex-vivo normothermic kidney perfusion porcine model

Page 1080: P Wolint, A Bopp, A Woloszyk, Y Tian, O Evrova, M Hilbe, P Giovanoli, M Calcagni, SP Hoerstrup, J Buschmann, MY Emmert
Cellular self-assembly into 3D microtissues enhances the angiogenic activity and functional neovascularization capacity of human cardiopoietic stem cells

Page 1081: P Wolint, L Otto, A Woloszyk, A Becker, A Boss, R Böni, P Giovanoli, M Calcagni, SP Hoerstrup, MY Emmert, J Buschmann
Calcification capacity and angiogenic potential of human mesenchymal stem cell-based 3D microtissues seeded on a collagen OptimaixTM scaffold: Advanced therapy for bone regeneration

Page 1082: P Denis, P Sajkiewicz, M Wrzecionek, A Gadomska-Gajadhur
Poly(glycerol sebacate) – Poly(L-Lactide) nonwovens. Towards attractive electrospun material for tissue engineering

Page 1083: P Sawadkar, N Mandakhbayar, P Rajasekar, JH Lee, HW Kim, J Knowles, E García-Gareta
Development of a natural polymer-based novel tissue engineered breast scaffolds

Page 1084: P Gupta, P Campagnolo, A Nisbet, R Webb, G Schettino, EG Velliou
A novel scaffold based multicellular model for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma – towards a better mimicry of the in vivo niche

Page 1085: QB Yang, XN Sun, RJ Liu, Y Liu, ZL Zhang
Characteristic of the bacteria population involved in infection of periodontal guided tissue regeneration in dogs

Page 1086: R Reichsöllner, S Orman, C Hofstetter, M Schwentenwein, G Russmüller, J Stampfl, R Liska, S Baudis
3D-printed, tough and biocompatible photopolymers for in vivo bone tissue regeneration

Page 1087: RD May, DA Frauchiger, CE Albers, LM Benneker, W Hofstetter, B Gantenbein
Changes in gene expression of discs from diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) patients compared to traumatic/degenerative discs

Page 1088: R Abdelgaber, A Lode, M Gelinsky
3D bioprinting of hepatocytes co-culture systems – towards biofabrication of liver models

Page 1089: RF Canadas, T Ren, A Tocchio, AP Marques, JM Oliveira, RL Reis, U Demirci
3-D structures with tunable porosity for in vitro anisotropic neural models

Page 1090: R Osorio, M Toledano-Osorio, E Osorio, AL Medina-Castillo, M Toledano
Surface characterization of polymeric nanostructurated scaffolds for periodontal regeneration

Page 1091: R Beninatto, L Gao, C Barbera, M Pavan, M Cucchiarini, D Galesso, H Madry
Hyaluronan photocrosslinked hydrogels for improved osteochondral repair: a 8 weeks pre-clinical study on a mini-pig model

Page 1092: M Rikkers, K Dijkstra, R Levato, DBF Saris, J Malda, LA Vonk
Platelet lysate paradox: Loss of phenotype, but improved redifferentiation of articular chondrocytes

Page 1093: C Voskamp, WJLM Koevoet, GJVM van Osch, R Narcisi
TNFα pretreatment increased the chondrogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells under inflamed condition

Page 1094: R Simsa, A Teuschl, N Bergh, P Fogelstrand
Biomechanics of decellularized blood vessels

Page 1095: R Simsa, T Rothenbücher, C Salado, A Martínez Serrano, JM Canals Coll, P Fogelstrand
Decellularized brain extracellular matrix as a hydrogel for neuronal stem cell growth and differentiation

Page 1096: R Dong, X Lin, ZP Fan
BARX1 enhanced the dentinogenic and repressed osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from dental root apical papilla (SCAPs) in vitro

Page 1097: PS Babo, CR Silva, AL Silva, RMA Domingues, J Rouwkema, RL Reis, ME Gomes
Revascularization promoted by platelet pro-angiogenic factors or hyaluronan oligomers – A step towards endodontic regeneration using injectable systems

Page 1098: T Nunokawa, N Namba, R Sudo
Three-dimensional invasion assay of glioma stem cells under interstitial flow conditions in a microfluidic device

Page 1099: S Nebel, T Machacek, H Redl, D Rünzler
Different roles for MEK isotypes in ESWT signal response

Page 1100: S Suárez-García, J Sedó, J Saiz-Poseu, S Nürnberger, D Ruiz-Molina
Catechol-based free-standing film for tissue regeneration

Page 1101: S Camarero-Espinosa, J Cooper-White
Combinatorial presentation of peptide sequences allows differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells towards distinct chondrogenic phenotypes

Page 1102: S. Cruciani, S Santaniello, A Fadda, G Sarais, M Mulas, M Maioli
Myrtus extracts and its bioactive molecules orchestrate stem cell pluripotency in stressing conditions

Page 1103: S Al-Maawi, R Sader, CJ Kirkpatrick, S Ghanaati
Reduction of the initial blood volume in the preparation of platelet rich fibrin (PRF): A proof of the low speed centrifugation concept and a new perspective for in vitro research

Page 1104: S Kubinová, K Kekulová, K Výborný, Z Koci
Characterization of extracellular matrix hydrogels from different tissues with the focus on neural tissue repair

Page 1105: MJ Kim, JS Kim, JH Lee, HC Lee, JH Lee, KM Huh, SH Oh
Intervertebral disc regeneration using bioactive microparticles with leaf-stacked structure

Page 1106: HY Kim, SY Kim, HY Lee, JH Lee, JH Byun, KM Huh, SH Oh
Oxygen-releasing hollow microparticles for effective bone regeneration

Page 1107: DH Kim, SH Hwang, SW Kim
Evaluation of polycaprolactone-associated human nasal septum-derived chondrocytes as a therapeutic agent for cartilage defect repair

Page 1108: Y Inceoglu, MB Akolpoglu, S Kizilel
Lipid functional microgels for the coating of insulin secreting β-cell organoids

Page 1109: NO Dogan, U Bozuyuk, A Cingoz, F Seker, T Bagci-Onder, S Kizilel
Bioadhesive PEGylated chitosan nanoparticles for TRAIL induced gene therapy in glioblastoma (GBM)

Page 1110: S-S Park, BT Lee
Stromal vascular fraction delivery in hyaluronic acid-gelatin loaded biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds for enhanced bone regeneration

Page 1111: S Oliveira Formoso, LA Fielding
Macroporous polymer-based hydrogels for applications in peripheral nerve regeneration

Page 1112: S Dikici, BA Dikici, GC Reilly, S MacNeil, F Claeyssens
Development of a bifunctional PCL-based barrier membrane for guided tissue engineering

Page 1113: SC Choi, JH Choi, JH Kim, CY Park, HJ Joo, SJ Hong, DS Lim
Maturation and subtype specification of cardiomyocytes differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells

Page 1114: SY Ku, YY Kim, YJ Ryu, YJ Kim, H Kim, CS Suh
Establishment of optimal cryopreservation condition of murine ovarian follicles

Page 1115: SS Ebadi, A Ahmadi, H Niknejad
Bone morphogenic proteins and osteogenic differentiation of stem cells

Page 1116: A Esfandpour, S Motamedi, SS Ebadi, H Niknejad
Cell Spray and Wound Healing: current approaches and technology

Page 1117: A Manzari-Tavakoli, S Shafiee, A Moghimi, B Farhadihosseinabadi, H Niknejad
Biocompatible conducting nanochitosan/polypyrrole–alginate scaffold for nerve tissue engineering

Page 1118: MR Malekpour, S Shafiee, M Abbasi-Kangevari, B Jambar -Nooshin, R Mazloomnejad-Meybodi, H Niknejad
Recent advances on tissue and whole-organ decellularization protocols

Page 1119: S Ghanaati, S Al-Maawi, C Herrera-Vizcaino, R Sader, CJ Kirkpatrick
Proof of the low speed centrifugation concept in rodents: New perspectives for in vivo research

Page 1120: M Kazemzadeh Hemmesi, S Shariatzadeh, H Niknejad
The recent advances on the role of placenta stem cell and comparison with other sources in cell therapy of wound healing

Page 1121: D Hayati1, M Valizadeh, S Shariatzadeh, A Jafari, H Rajabi-Maham, H Niknejad
The effect of human amnion-derived exosomes on angiogenesis

Page 1122: S Shanbhag, S Suliman, K Mustafa
Secretome of 3-D and 2-D cultured MSCs in xeno-free conditions

Page 1123: S Castro-Piedra, J Morales-Sanchez
Agarose as a potential scaffold for adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells.

Page 1124: A Grivet Brancot, O Lima, M Boffito, S Sartori, G Ciardelli, S Bronco
Design of injectable thermosensitive gels for the localized and controlled delivery of biomolecules in chronic wounds treatment

Page 1125: S Carluccio, ME Palamà, C Gentili
3D-printing of platelet rich plasma based ink for cartilage tissue regeneration

Page 1126: S Kulesza, LR Constantin, A Vladescu, V Pruna, I Titorencu, M Bramowicz, CM Cotrut
Improvement in interfacial performance of titania doped hydroxyapatite onto Ti6Al4V alloy substrate with carbide adhesion layers

Page 1127: S Diederichs, V Tonnier, W Richter
Elevated WNT5A and WNT11 during MSC chondrogenesis: WNT inhibition lowers BMP and Hedgehog activity and reduces hypertrophy

Page 1128: DH Kim, SH Kim
The effect of substance P/Heparin conjugated PLCL polymer coating of bioinert ePTFE vascular grafts on the recruitment of both ECs and SMCs for accelerated regeneration

Page 1129: S Salemi, D Mohr-Haralampieva, C Millan, B Kranzbühler, T Sulser, D Eberli
Autophagy is needed during the differentiation of adipose derived stem cells to functional smooth muscle cells for use in bladder engineering

Page 1130: K Prautsch, L Degrugillier, D Schaefer, R Guzman, D Kalbermatten, S Madduri
Distinct effect of neurotrophic factors on neuronal protection and axonal outgrowth

Page 1131: K Prautsch, L Degrugillier, D Schaefer, R Guzman, D Kalbermatten, S Madduri
Bioactive fibrin conduits for long gap peripheral nerve regeneration

Page 1132: Z Wu, S Korntner, AM Mullen, I Skoufos, A Tzora, DI Zeugolis
Assessing the properties of collagen II scaffolds as a function of species, tissue and gender

Page 1133: SJ Lee, KJ Kim, SH Moon, YH Ryu, YN Han, EJ Kim, WH Jang, JW. Rhie
Optimal Isolated condition of adipose derived stromal vascular fraction for the development of automated systems

Page 1134: SA Minaeva, EN Antonov, AV Vasilyev, TB Bukharova, VK Popov
BMP-2 release from PLGA scaffolds fabricated by supercritical carbon dioxide and surface-selective laser sintering

Page 1135: S Rodimova, D Reunov, E Kalabusheva, E Dashinimaev, A Meleshina
Metabolic imaging of IPS cells during dermal differentiation

Page 1136: S Rodimova, D Kuznetsova, N Bobrov, D Reunov, V Zagainov, E Zagaynova
Multiphoton microscopy and FLIM analysis of liver structure and function during regeneration

Page 1137: S Grabska, A Sionkowska1
The characterization of collagen, silk fibroin and chitosan based materials for biomedical applications

Page 1138: PY Bikmulina, NV Kosheleva, AI Shpichka, IM Zurina, TM Zharikova, PS Timashev, YA Rochev
Low-intensity LED irradiation as a therapeutic agent on the in vitro model of Parkinson’s disease

Page 1139: T Nieto-Miguel, S Galindo, M López-Paniagua, JM Herreras, C García-Vázquez, E Rey, M Calonge
Bone marrow- versus adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of corneal failure in a rabbit model of limbal stem cell deficiency

Page 1140: TE Paterson, K Zheng, P Balasubramanian, A Bari, S Fiorilli, AJ Bullock, AR Boccaccini, C Vitale-Brovarone, S MacNeil, J Shepherd
Therapeutic ion loaded mesoporous nanoparticles for treating infections and biofilms in chronic skin wounds

Page 1141: L Li, T Liu, X Li, K Song
Biophysical characterization of poly (l-lactic) acid microcarriers with and without modification of chitosan and nanohydroxyapatite

Page 1142: T Robinson, JM Huyghe
Development of an alginate hydrogel for 3D printing

Page 1143: T Vangansewinkel, P Gervois, M Lo Monaco, Y Dillen, RB Driesen, G Merckx, H Kemps, A Bronckaers, E Wolfs, I Lambrichts
Leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin is an autologous biomaterial that improves survival and neurite outgrowth of dorsal root ganglion neurons

Page 1144: T Bobula, P Boháčová, L Kovářová, H Vágnerová, V Hrobař, S Karel, M Pravda, V Velebný
Visible light crosslinking of RGD modified hyaluronan

Page 1145: H-W Lee, Y-C Hsiao, T-H Young, T-L Yang
Regulation of spheroid cavitation in the in vitro cultivation of salivary gland progenitor cells

Page 1146: A Chodara, U Szałaj, S Kuśnieruk, J Wojnarowicz, T Chudoba, W Łojkowski
Hydrothermal microwave synthesis and characterization of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for biomedical applications

Page 1147: V Sharma, D Moulding, E García-Gareta, L Hook
Novel approach for quantification of pore-size for scaffolds (>16 cm2) using ImageJ software for quality control

Page 1148: V Sharma, D Moulding, N Kohli, L Hook, E García-Gareta
Microscopic challenges to understand structural characteristics of protein based scaffolds for research and translational applications

Page 1149: E Bertoli, VE Bosio
Silk fibroin and argentine clays for bone reconstruction: a novel hybrid material for bones

Page 1150: V Di Lollo, M Orsini, M Ancora, C Cammà, N Bernabó, A Canciello, V Russo, M Mattioli, B Barboni
Ovine amniotic epithelial cells transcriptome portrait

Page 1151: V Alonso-Camino, B Clarke, J Nielsen, L Smith, J Vanderwielen, W Mirsch
In vitro expansion of mesenchymal stem/stromal cells using media supplemented with unfractionated heparin-free platelet lysate

Page 1152: V Alonso-Camino, W Mirsch
In vitro expansion of human primary endothelial cells for clinical use using PLTGold® human platelet lysate

Page 1153: V Štěpánková, J Chmelař, V Velebný
Mucoadhesive oromucosal slowly disintegrating bilayered patch with octenidine for oral ulcers treatment

Page 1154: V Carriel, J Chato-Astrain, OD García-García, D Durand-Herrera, E Miralles, F Campos, MA Martín-Piedra, I Garzón, M Alaminos, A Campos
In vivo assessment of cell-based bioartificial nerve substitutes for peripheral nerve repair

Page 1155: D Durand-Herrera, D Sánchez-Porras, AB Páez, J Chato-Astrain, OD García-García, F Campos, MA Martín-Piedra, I Garzón, M Alaminos, V Carriel
Differential behavior of human hyaline and elastic cartilage-derived chondrocytes during aggregates formation using agarose microchips

Page 1156: V Palomares Cabeza, MJ Hoogduijn, R Kraaijeveld, M Franquesa, E Wolvius, E Farrell, P Brama
IFN-γ primed mesenchymal stem cells from paediatric patients (pMSCs) exhibit immunomodulatory abilities towards allogeneic B and T cells

Page 1157: V Kordium. O Toporova, O Deriabina, V Fishchenko, I Pokholenko, N Shuvalova, O Botsul, P Morgunov, A Totchilovski
Genetically modified human mesenchymal stem cells for articular cartilage repair

Page 1158: W Hyon, K Matsumura, S-H Hyon
A novel anti-adhesion material using LYDEX

Page 1159: Q Wang, Y Zhou, C Sun, Y Yang, X Tang
Indium tin oxide-coated glass modified with carbon nanotubes as disposable working electrodes for dopamine sensing in brain tissue

Page 1160: Y Nossin, JLM Koevoet, R Somoza, A Caplan, B Brachvogel, E Farrell, GJVM van Osch
PAI1 and IHH reduce the pro-angiogenic potential of transient cartilage secretome

Page 1161: Y Choi, D Lee, E Lih, M Kim, S Lee, JH Lee, K Park, H-H Jung
Development of the bioactive scaffold with cell-derived extracellular matrix (CECM) for wound healing

Page 1162: YH Ryu, K-J Kim, SJ Lee, Y-N Han, EJ Kim, S-H Moon, J-W Rhie
Isolation, culture, and characterization of human adipose derived microvascular endothelial cells

Page 1163: Y Jeong, YK Jo, BJ Kim, B Yang, KI Joo, HJ Cha
Sprayable adhesive nanoparticles for efficient locoregional cancer therapy

Page 1164: Y Liu, X Li
TGF-β1-induced Connexin43 promotes scar formation via the Erk/MMP-1/collagen III pathway

Page 1165: Y Li, E Baumann, J Huang, A Jezierski
Application of alginate-based bioinks in 3D bioprinting of the human blood-brain barrier model 

Page 1166: Y-S Shen, Y-C Chen, C-H Chang, F-H Lin
Mimic clinical used of platelet-rich plasma with different leukocytes concentration and combined with bone marrow-mesenchymal stem cell treat on damaged chondrocytes

Page 1167: YK Noh, IH Kim, SW Kim, K Park
Human nasal septal chondrocyte (NSC) expansion via NSC-derived matrix and their chondrogenic potential

Page 1168: Y Jang, J Kim, Y Park
Advanced cardiac tissues from human embryonic stem cells by employing Layer-By-Layer and growth factor treatment

Page 1169: Y.Zhao, X Tang, C Sun, Y Yang
Preparation of polypyrole/silk fibroin conductive composite scaffolds for peripheral nerve regeneration

Page 1170: Y Lee, SC Kim, IK Shim
Three-dimensional cell culture enhances the differentiation efficiency of insulin producing cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells

Page 1171: Y Kuroda, T Kawai, K Goto, Y Tabata, S Matsuda
Bone regeneration using injectable rhFGF-2 gelatin hydrogel for osteonecrosis of the femoral head

Page 1172: YM Bastiaansen-Jenniskens, S Çapar, W Wei, JAN Verhaar, LB Creemers, GJVM van Osch
Anti-inflammatory drug triamcinolone acetonide inhibits cartilage defect repair

Page 1173: Z Soderlund, LE Rendin, S Hajizadeh, E Tykesson, A Ibáñez-Fonseca, JC Rodríguez-Cabello, L Ye, G Westergren-Thorsson
Elastin -like-recombimer hydrogel as a platform for lung regeneration

Page 1174: M Csöbönyeiová, Š Polák, R Zamborský, Z Varchulová Nováková, Ľ Danišovič
Regenerative potential of iPSCs for musculoskeletal diseases therapy

Page 1175: C Gryparis, A Maragkaki, V Raptis, C Bouki, C Tsobanidis, V Harmandaris, T Manios, K Velonia
Optimized synthesis of polylactide (PLA) from food-waste

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