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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2019, Collection 4

SSB+RM Annual Meeting 2019
22 - 23 May 2019

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Page 1: T Hefti, P Baumann-Zumstein
Resorbable magnesium scaffolds for coronary vascular intervention; from bench to clinics

Page 2: H Hornberger, J Wolker, H Kissel
Galvanic corrosion of magnesium materials

Page 3: T Imwinkelried, S Beck, B Schaller
Fixation of a mandible osteotomy with magnesium implants: does transferability to humans depend on the miniature pig breed?

Page 4: L Kind, U Pieles
Synthetic composite matrix for dental bone regeneration

Page 5: L Power, A Barbero, I Martin
Raman spectroscopy-based quality controls for tissue engineered cartilage

Page 6: A Müller, C Fessele, G Fortunato, RM Rossi, K Maniura-Weber, Q Ren, M Rottmar, AG Guex
Biodegradable, cytocompatible, antibacterial: electrospun wound dressings of Ga-PPIX-functionalised P4HB

Page 7: L Gili Sole, M Mytsyk, G Cerino, G Isu, M Grapow, F Eckstein, A Marsano
Human cell-based engineered tissues induce angiogenesis in healthy rat hearts

Page 8: G Born, P Saxena, MG Muraro, A Scherberich, M Fussenegger, I Martin
Engineering clinical-grade β-cell tissues for diabetes treatment

Page 9: Q Vallmajo-Martin, V Lysenko, D Alpern, B Deplancke, A Theocharides, M Ehrbar
Stiff synthetic modular hydrogels foster functional expansion of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

Page 10: T Serra, D Pellicciotta, V Basoli, E Della Bella, AR Armiento, RG Richards, M Alini, D Eglin
Spatially orchestrated micro-vessels networks via acoustic waves cell patterning

Page 11: I Berg, M Lee, M Zenobi-Wong
Enzymatically cross-linked cationic arginine-chitosan hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 12: F Roth, P Fisch, M Zenobi-Wong
Bioprinting of Osteochondral Grafts

Page 13: Y Maazouz, I Rentsch, B Le Gars Santoni, B Lu, M Bohner
The effect of confinement of β-Tricalcium phosphate granules immersed in SBF on local solution changes

Page 14: B Le Gars Santoni, M Gallo, T Douillard, C Stähli, N Döbelin, S Dolder, S Meille, W Hofstetter, J Chevalier2, S Tadier, M Bohner
Osteoclastic resorption of pure beta-tricalcium phosphate dense ceramics

Page 15: L Berger, F Bär, L Jauer, R Schäublin, JH Schleifenbaum, JF Löffler
Magnesium-based bone scaffolds fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion: microstructure analysis and surface coatings for degradation protection


Page P1: F Dalcanale, JP Kirchhofer, F Schuler, L Rubbert, P Renaud, M de Wild
Performance of metallic auxetic needle drives

Page P2: M Meier, F Schuler, M de Wild
In-situ fracture analysis of 3D-printed structures

Page P3: A Filippova, L Efremova, KH Krause, T Braschler
A cryogel platform for differentiation and transplantation of dopaminergic neurons in treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Page P4: J Guerrero, B Dasen, A Frismantiene, S Pigeot, TJ Resink, I Martin, A Scherberich
T-Cadherin (CDH13)-positive cells in the stromal vascular fraction of human adipose tissue are key players for vasculogenesis and osteogenesis

Page P5: F Itel, J Skovhus, B Städler
Alginate-based microreactors as support for osteoblasts to enhance biomineralization

Page P6: C Elschner, L Bittrich, A Breier, J Hahn, A Spickenheuer
Embroidered Medical Textiles - numerous possibilities for the creation of tailor-made mesh implants by technical embroidery

Page P7: E Tosoratti, P Fisch, MS Taylor, M Zenobi-Wong
Flexible lactide copolymer as hydrogel reinforcement

Page P8: A Carino, A Testino, E Mueller, M de Wild, F Dalcanale, P Gruner, W Moser, B Hoechst
Novel biomimetic approach for titanium surface treatment by calcium phosphate: towards the production of implants with improved bioactivity

Page P9: LT Dal Fabbro, R Lerf, B Schmid, D Baumgartner, L Vainieri
Biological response of Polycarbonate-Urethane articulation on cartilage – a pin-on-disc in vitro study

Page P10: F Koch, S Saxer, U Pieles, K Peters, B Kreikemeyer
Self-assembling peptide hydrogels and their versatile beneficial properties for the treatment of periodontal disease

Page P11: SS Saxer, L Kind
Peptide nanorod structures made by pH-induced self assembly process

Page P12: B Schwendele, R Guzman, M Gullo, D Trueb, P Kunz, M Schmid, J Koeser
Co-culturing of neural cell lines enables survival in serum-free conditions: towards 3D culture of mixed neural cell types

Page P13: L Mainardi, C Arrigoni, E Bianchi, G Talò, M Piergiovanni, G Dubini, C Candrian,M Moretti
Fiber geometry in 3D printed scaffolds modulates dynamic cell seeding

Page P14: A Bonato, G Barreto, A Gerstenberg, D Weber, M Zenobi-Wong
Use of infant chondrocytes for cartilage repair

Page P15: T Klein, J Bürgin, K Shankar, W Hoffmann, I Martin, A Scherberich
Development of a perfusion bioreactor-based in vitro model to evaluate the osteoinductive capacity of granular bone substitutes

Page P16: AF Renz, C Lewis, J Lee, K Tybrandt, F Helmchen, J Vörös
PDMS based multi electrode arrays for electrical and optical cortex recordings in vivo

Page P17: SG Rotman, DW Grijpma, RG Richards, TF Moriarty, D Eglin, O Guillaume
Surface modification of drug delivery microspheres to enhance affinity to bone

Page P18: TR Christiani, AJ Vernengo
Ex vivo repair of the degenerated bovine intervertebral disc using an injectable bioadhesive containing adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Page P19: A Schwab, L Ambrosio, M Alini, D Eglin, M D'Este
Hyaluronic acid collagen biomaterial ink with anisotropic properties to control cellular organization

Page P20: A Martyts, P Fisch, S Finkielsztein, M Zenobi-Wong
Effects of cell density and doubling number in engineered auricular cartilage

Page P21: LA Krattiger, U Blache, B Simona, MW Tibbitt, M Ehrbar
Establishment of a screening platform for the testing of pro- and anti-angiogenic compounds

Page P22: H Richter, I Bleeker, F Will, B Stolze
Imaging-guided laser based tissue and biomaterial preparation for histology and biochemical analysis

Page P23: K Gegenschatz-Schmid, S Buzzi, J Grossmann, B Roschitzki, D Glück, A Zucker, M Ehrbar
Differential protein adsorption of surface treated Nitinol alloys regulates blood activation

Page P24: AJ Vernengo, Z Li, S Grad, D Eglin, M Alini
Annulus fibrosus (AF) differentiation of human bone marrow stem cells on biofabricated polycaprolactone scaffolds with oriented multi-lamellar architecture

Page P25: J Graef, J Koeser
Blow-spun crosslinked gelatine scaffolds for tissue culture

Oral Presentationsclick here to download all the abstracts in one file

Poster Presentationsclick here to download all the abstracts in one file