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eCM Meeting Abstracts 2021, Collection 1

Scandinavian Society for Biomaterials (ScSB) 2021 virtual conference

Meeting Abstracts

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Oral presentations

Page 1: AR Atif, M Pujari-Palmer, M Tenje, G Mestres
Influence of flow in the adhesion and proliferation of cells on hydroxyapatite integrated in a microscale culture

Page 2: ND’Elía, R Rial Silva, J Sartuqui, D Ercoli, J Ruso, P Messina, G Mestres
Novel sodium alginate - hydroxyapatite nanoparticles bilayer membranes: synthesis and characterization

Page 3: M Gasik, A Zühlke, V Gribova, P Lavalle, NE Vrana
Properties and dynamics behaviour of novel antibacterial hydrogel coatings for implants

Page 4: AR Boyd, KP Rodzen, L Stipniece, K Salma-Ancane, JA Acheson, MJ Morton, A McIlhagger, BJ Meenan
3D printing of polyetheretherketone/hydroxyapatite composite materials for orthopaedic implant applications

Page 5: M Saranya, JT Kovisto, L Janssen, O Pitkänen, T Järvinen, M Kellomäki, K Kordas and GS Lorite
Alignment of carbon nanotubes into gellan gum hydrogel matrices via magnetic field

Page 6: J Vecstaudza, K Katkovska, J Locs
Strontium ion containing amorphous calcium phosphate

Page 7: E Uslu, S Odabaş, B Ercan
Enhanced cellular functions on nanophase tantalum oxide surfaces

Page 8: B Shaqour, A Vazquez-Rodriguez, C Guarch Pérez, J Aizawa, E Choińska, M Riool, B Verleije, K Beyers, L Ferrari, A Felici, SAJ Zaat, W Święszkowski, P Cos
Production and characterization of catheters capable of resisting device associated infection

Page 9: M Schroeder, A Eriksson Agger, J He, BH Skallerud, HJ Haugen, J E Reseland
Effect of vitamin K and D in a three-dimensional in vitro model of primary human periodontal ligament fibroblasts

Page 10: A Grzeszczak, S Lewin, O Eriksson, J Kreuger, C Persson
Mechanical and structural evaluation of synthetic trabecular bone models printed with stereolithography

Page 11: M Lejnieks, I Akota,, G Jakobsone,, I Salma, O Radzins, L Buss, M Lauskis
Success and survival rates of immature third molar autotransplantation 6-month observation period

Page 12: J Higuchi, A Chodara,, U Szałaj,, S Dąbrowska,, J Wojnarowicz, W Łojkowski
Electrospun fibrous implant sonocoated with antibacterial and osteoconductive nanoparticles

Poster presentation

Page P1: M Sayilekshmy, M Dambrova, A Sizovs
Cells and extracellular molecules involved in bone fracture healing

Page P2: M Gaile, E Papia, V Zalite, J Locs, U Soboleva
Resin cement residue removal techniques: analysis of marginal defects and discolouration intensity using micro-CT and stereomicroscopy

Page P3: S Grinberga, E Papia, V Zalite , J Locs, U Soboleva
Effect of initial temporary cementation on adhesively bonded overlays using a tensile strength test an in-vitro study

Page P4: S Batalova, L Stipniece, A Sceglovs, I Kreicberga, K Salma-Ancane
A comparative study of strontium-substituted and strontium ranelate -loaded nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite

Page P5: L Stīpniece, D Rezevska, J Kroiča, A Boyd, A Šešok
Silver and titanium co-doped calcium phosphate bioceramics: thermal stability, mechanical and antibacterial properties

Page P6: G Örlygsson, S Spriano, M S Massaro, G Riccucci, C Garau, M Cazzola, S Ferraris, FP Sehn, E Verné, P Tambasco, HB Janusson, C-H Ng
Attachment of chitosan to Ti6Al4V, bioglass and hydroxyapatite for improved biological response

Page P7: S Dąbrowska, A Chodara, U Szałaj, T Chudoba, W Łojkowski
Microwave-assisted synthesis of nanomaterials the series of MSS reactors for medical applications

Page P8: V Zalite, J Locs
Calcium phosphate nanoparticles for tooth enamel protection

Page P9: K Rubenis, S Zemjane, J Vecstaudza, J Locs
Densification of amorphous calcium phosphate by cold sintering process

Page P10: U Szałaj, B Woźniak, A Chodara, D Fudala, M Łojkowski, W Łojkowski
Nano-particle size as a factor with high impact on the kinetics of the sonocoating process and properties of hydroxyapatite layers

Page P11: A Brangule, D Bandere
Design of experiments (DoE) – an effective approach in the synthesis and analysis of doped calcium phosphates

Page P12: K Pajor, A Zgadzaj, Ł Pajchel, J Kolmas1
Synthesis of hydroxyapatite granules with antibacterial properties

Page P13: E Cichoń, A Zima, J Czechowska, S Skibiński, A Ślósarczyk
Foamed calcium phosphate cements obtained by the surfactant-assisted process

Page P14: S Skibiński, E Cichoń, J Czechowska, A Ślosarczyk, A Zima
The influence of β-tricalcium phosphate powder preparation on manufacturing of bioceramic scaffolds via the foam replica method

Page P15: M Skrinda, D Loca, Z Irbe, J Locs
Synthesis and characterization of low temperature alpha-TCP cements

Page P16: M Mosin, J Vecstaudza, J Locs
Controlled synthesis of amorphous calcium phosphate

Page P17: A Cerqueira, F Romero-Gavilán, I García-Arnáez, I Iloro, M Azkargorta, F Elortza, M Gurruchaga, I Goñi, J Suay
Zinc-doped sol-gel coating for bone tissue regeneration: protein adsorption and cellular responses

Page P18: A Chodara, S Kuśnieruk, S Dąbrowska, U Szałaj, W Łojkowski
Synthesis and characterization of nanohydroxyapatite for biomedical application

Page P19: S Rostami, U Kursat Ercan, A İlker Tekkeşin, B Garipcan
Antibacterial properties of sharkskin mimicked polymeric membranes

Page P20: CL Grigsby, H Taylor-Weiner, DMS Ferreira, JM Dias, JL Ruas, AI Teixeira, MM Stevens
Modeling myonuclear domains using nonviral gene delivery

Page P21: L Vojtova, L Michlovska, V Grezlova, J Dorazilova, K Smerkova, P Kopel, V Adam, K Valova, P Divis, V Lukasova, M Rampichova, T Suchy, M Barto, R Sedlacek, R Ballay, P Melichercik, E Klapkova, L Vistejnova, P Klein
Efficacy of various antimicrobial agents loaded in resorbable porous bone cement useful in the treatment of osteomyelitis

Page P22: I Kovrlija, J Ločs, D Loča
Octacalcium phosphate: a contemporary drug delivery system for local biologically active substances – a review

Page P23: I Skadins, I Salma, L Micko, A Dubnika, K Egle
Antibacterial properties of platelet-rich fibrin matrices saturated with vancomycin

Page P24: F Geissel, G A Sotiriou
Antibiofilm properties of nanostructured silver-based coatings made by flame spray pyrolysis

Page P25: K Lysáková, K Valová, J Brtníková, L Vojtová
“Smart” biodegradable hydrogel as carrier for pro-healing proteins applicable in regenerative medicine: synthesis, characterization and controlled release

Page P26: E Tracuma, D Loca
Hyaluronic acid based composites for local drug delivery

Page P27: A Sceglovs, A Reinis, K Salma-Ancane, D Loca
Antibacterial activity of chemically cross-linked hydrogels based on ε-polylysine and hyaluronic acid

Page P28: A S Goyal, C Salvador, C Mathe, A Candeias, AT Caldeira
Mesoporous silica based protein release systems

Page P29: A Svarca, D Loca
Hyaluronic acid containing hydrogels as strontium ranelate delivery systems

Page P30: A Stepulane, E Blomstrand, M Andersson
Antibacterial hydrogel particle surface-modified poly(dimethylsiloxane)

Page P31: K Egle, I Salma, I Skadins, A Dubnika
Study of autologous fibrin matrices for controlled drug delivery

Page P32: Y Liu, A Diez-Escudero, V Lançon, C Persson, M Hedhammar, M Widhe, G Mestres
Synergy of recombinant silk and sodium phosphate to improve macroporosity and cell adhesion in apatite cements

Page P33: A Indurkar, R Jain, P Dandekar
Bloom strength – a rapid method for screening hydrogels

Page P34: B Kołodziejska, A Hodun, Ł Pajchel, J Kolmas
Synthesis of a novel bioinspired apatite/collagen composite with potential use as a drug carrier 

Page P35: D Zaytseva-Zotova, H Haslene-Hox, Ø Arlov, A Vikenes, AD Hoel, AS Chahal, R Mjelle, WI Strand, A Akbarzadeh, G Klinkenberg, Ø Halaas, V Beisvåg, H Sletta, P Sætrom, BL Strand
Alginate hydrogel characteristics regulate dermal fibroblasts biology

Page P36: JS Kjesbu, BL Strand, OA Aarstad, G Skjåk-Bræk, FL Aachmann, WI Strand
Acetylation of alginate in the gel state

Page P37: K Belune, D Loca
Injectable hydrogels for bone tissue regeneration

Page P38: A Grava, A Dubnika
In situ synthesis of calcium phosphate in silk solution

Page P39: D.R Stamov, T Müller, A Körnig, T Neumann, J Barner, H Haschke
Investigating biomaterials, structure and cell mechanics in tissue engineering scaffolds

Page P40: S.S D Carter, L Barbe, M Tenje, G Mestres
A comparison of two approaches to integrate medical grade titanium on-chip

Page P41: F Weber, E Sagstuen, H Tiainen
Influence of monovalent ions on the coating formation of tannic acid

Page P42: HT Halonen, TO Ihalainen, S Miettinen, JAK Hyttinen
Building in vitro cell models with HF vibration platforms

Page P43: PE Merk, GA Sotiriou
Measuring the pH of Biofilms by luminescent calcium phosphate nanoparticle films

Page P44: L Honkamäki, T Joki, N Grigoryev, K Levon, L Ylä-Outinen, S Narkilahti
Novel method to produce a layered 3d scaffold for human pluripotent stem cell-derived neuronal cells

Page P45: A Çakır, B Garipcan, K Tuzlakoglu
Design and characterization of biomimetic ca-p coated 3d printed scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page P46: K Valová, E.B Montufar, K Lysáková, J Petruš, P Poláček, M Espanol, M P Ginebra, L Čelko, J Kaiser, L Vojtová
Thixotropic copolymer as binder for the robocasting of self-setting bone tissue engineering scaffolds

Page P47: J Allkja, AE Parker, NF Azevedo, DM Goeres
Down the rabbit hole: the journey to reproducible biofilm experimental methods

Page P48: A Cerqueira, F Romero-Gavilán, N Araújo-Gomes, M Muriach, P Baliño, R Romero, C Martinez-Ramos, I García-Arnáez, M Azkargorta, F Elortza, S Ozturan, M Gurruchaga, I Goñi, J Suay
Correlation between proteomics, macrophage polarization, and oxidative stress in biomaterials

Page P49: C Guarch Pérez, D Martínez Pérez, M Riool, Jan W Drijfhout, W Święszkowski, SAJ Zaata
Local delivery of the antimicrobial peptide SAAP-148 from PLGA to prevent orthopaedic infections

Oral presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file

Poster presentations: click here to download all the abstracts in one file